Wasted Years [Chapter 18]


“Ola, don’t tell me Ifure is the girl you’ve been talking about all these while. I forbid her in your life!” she yelled from the sitting room as she held her protruding stomach.

Olamide became confused, he didn’t know what to say.

“Tell your sister to watch her tongue, I’ve got a temper of a bobcat, I could claw her eyes out. She shouldn’t remind me of something I am trying hard to let go,” I said calmly and walked away hastily to the bedroom. I could still hear her yelling.

“You used juju to cause problems in my home, and now you’re here to destroy my brother’s life, my only brother. God forbid, I won’t let you.”

“Just let me have peace Yemi, what is wrong with you? If you and Ifure had issues in the past, it should never affect my relationship with her,” I could hear Olamide say to her.

She shook her head. “You don’t have a clue about that girl’s life, someone that has done abortion so many times at my hospital can never be married to my only brother, the heir to the Otedola dynasty.”

My mind ran amok. I wanted to fly at her in anguish and tear her apart, but I couldn’t. I became suddenly weak as I packed my things into my bag and walked down the staircase.

“Where are you going?” Olamide asked as soon as he saw me. I didn’t reply, I held my bag firmly in one hand, my cellphone on the other hand and walked out of their midst.

I glared at the closed door for several seconds before I opened it.  He held my hands immediately, “Babe, please, this is me holding your hands love. Let’s sort this out.”

Yemi heaved a loud sigh. “Unbelievable,” she muttered. “This world is indeed small,” she said.

I comported myself and turned to her.

“Yemisi, I don’t care who and what you’re, I will come for you and I will get justice,” I said boldly, shook my hands off Olamide and walked away.

“What did you do to her?”

I could hear Olamide ask her from the gate. I walked out of the gate into the streets, miserably looking and sad. The lines of grief or anger had permanently creased my face.

I took a taxi back home, crying hard like I was about to die. I called Inyene on the phone, but she didn’t pick nor return my call.

‘Call me as soon as you get this,’ I sent a text message.

I walked recklessly to my refrigerator, opened it and stared at the drinks in it for a while, contemplating on which one to take. Then I decided on taking the brandy I had bought one time from my way back home sometime ago.

I opened it and gulped it down my throat like it was water. Then I sat down beside the refrigerator and drank more.  I stripped off the nightgown I had on, and sipped the liquor the more. My eyes became blurry, and it suddenly seemed as if someone was walking down to me.

“Ifure,” he called out, I turned, and my heart trembled at the sight of Olamide. His face was sad. I stared blankly at him. I knew that he’d heard something that put despair in his eyes.

“I never expected you,” I said drunkenly.

“You’re drunk. Why should you be drinking this,” he said with a look of concern on his face. He squatted before me and ran his hands over my neck. I panicked as though I had been electrocuted. He ran his hand through my hair and I watched the way his chest muscles rippled with the movement.

He forced a smile. “I can’t believe the only girl I have been in love with doesn’t have a womb.”

I lifted my face slowly to him. He stood to his feet, feeling as though he finally had his body under control.

“My sister says you’re a diabolical person and that you did several abortions, and that you have no womb…”

“Your sister doesn’t have a conscience,” I cut in angrily as I dropped the bottle of brandy gently on the floor. “Your sister will carry that burden in her belly all through her life time, except there is no God,” I cried out.

“Don’t say that. Stop it! That’s my only sister.”

I nodded painfully in agreement, then forced a smile.

“Did your beloved sister tell you that her husband used to be my boyfriend?”

“No?” he replied as if he was asking me a question.

“Did she tell you that I dated him for more than eight years and that she used to be his casual friend who knew of us, but was dating him behind my back? She used to be our friend.”


“Did she also tell you that she did all the abortions I did for her husband and that he paid her to remove my womb without my consent?”

“No, no. Are you kidding?” he asked in shock.

“Kidding? Is your sister not Doctor Yemisi?”

“Yeah, but she never told me of how she knew you.”

“Why didn’t she tell you of all of these?” To ease the tension, I laughed. “On the day I knew of their affair, I cursed your sister and her husband. God saw my heart, I was good to him. I was a good friend to her.”

I tried to control the tears from running out of my eyes.

“Your sister made my life miserable. And she still came to you to castigate me. Does Yemisi have a heart at all?” I shot him a grin.

Olamide shook his head as he folded his arms across his chest.

“I can’t believe this,” he muttered. “I can’t believe my sister will do such a thing.”

“I would have arrested your sister long ago. But she is pregnant. I don’t even have a proof. She is going to use her pregnancy to get pity from the police. She even told me to my face, that her father will never let her go to jail,” I shrugged, “I gave up. I handed her to God the moment she betrayed me, and my God is dealing with her.

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