To Love And To Cherish [Chapter 8]


Okoye laughed when Chibuzor asked him to link him up with a good business or a job. He laughed so hard that Chibuzor wondered what was funny.

“Oboy, how I make my money is quite a mystery. See,” He tapped his shoulders. “I have taken lots of risks in this life. I have made mistakes.” He chuckled. “When people see me in my expensive luxurious cars, they think it’s easy for me to just dash them money like that. But I work hard for my money, and money that I work hard for can’t be given away like that.” He sipped his wine.

“Teach me Okoye, teach me how to make this money. Show me the way.” Chibuzor said insistently.

“You go fit do yahoo-yahoo?” Okoye asked, rubbing his beards.

“What’s that?”

“You don’t know what Yahoo is?” He asked.

“Yeah I do know.” He stared at him meanly, “Wait a minute, don’t tell me this is yahoo. I mean all these wealth?” He asked amazingly.

“Of course.”

“If it’s easy mehn, I’m gonna do it. Teach me. I did drugs when I was overseas, I got caught. I have done genuine jobs, yet no good cash. My woman has been taking care of me for a year now. I am tired of her feeding me. I am becoming a liability to her, and it’s not good. I need to make my own money mehn, whether genuine or not, I will try.”

“That’s the spirit!” Okoye hit his chest playfully. “See, if you wanna be earning over ten million naira on a weekly basis…”

“Ten million what?” Chibuzor asked unbelievably.

“Ten million Naira, guy. It’s easy. No work. No stress. Just come let me take you to the man who will help you get everything done.” He said. “But, you won’t tell Nnedi of this.”

“No I won’t. I will frame up something else, don’t worry about that.” Chibuzor said.


The day came when Okoye took Chibuzor to go see Baba boys. He was a funny looking old man with a bald head and wrinkled face.

Chibuzor was afraid at first when he saw Baba boys. His heart fell when he said to him, “If you want to be rich, you have to have the mind of a lion.” Baba boys said disdainfully.

“You will bring me the pubic hair of the woman you’ve slept with more than thirty times, and after the sacrifice has been made, you’ll bury her alive after six months and have her vomit money for you in any currency you want.”

Chibuzor’s mind had gone insane. The only woman he had slept with more than thirty times was Nnedi, and he couldn’t even think of using her to make money in a barbaric way.

He was saddened as he went back home that evening. His mind had gone far in thoughts. Baba boy’s voice kept ringing in his ears. And even the image of money and luxuries superseded every other thing he thought of.

“Baby,” Nnedi called him, “You’ve been here for hours, looking at nothing. What are you thinking of?” She asked.

He gripped her shoulders, and there was that leashed intensity that he kept tightly reined. “You will never understand what it will cost me to honor you.” He said to her in a tone that he has never used before. He slowly brought her to him, dipping his head to kiss her breast through the thin material of her night gown. “I am thinking of how to make money, so I would make you happy.” Her heart rose to her throat, before she could reply, he kissed her lips.

“Have you shaved?” He asked.

“Do I even have the time to shave?” She giggled.

“Maybe I should do it.” He said as he kissed her forehead.

She held his hands and they went back into the house. She stripped off and laid naked on the bed, widening her legs. She pointed to him where the shaving stick was, he carried it and began to shave her gently. She was tickled, but she smiled when he tried to seduce her.

After he’d shaved her, he poured her Pubic hairs into a small polythene bag and kept it under the bed with no iota of regret. He made love to her afterwards.

His heart told him he was wrong and even if he’d tried so hard to ignore his conscience, memories of all the good things she’d done for him kept going through his mind.

He raised his head in the dim moonlight, wondering if he was doing the right thing.

The next day, he would go meet baba boys and he would tell him that he prefers giving just her pubic hairs and nothing will be added. He won’t bury the love of his life alive because of wealth.

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