To Love And To Cherish [Chapter 4]


Nnedi and Chibuzor stared at broken the stones and pillars of the shop. Tears welled up in their eyes; tears of wants, needs and frustrations. The question hammered at her again, ‘Why?’ They were very close to getting to another level until this happened. Another blow at Chibuzor’s face.

When he called her and told her of what happened over the phone, she’d cried for several hours before she made up her mind to go see for herself.

“We will rise again.” She said to him tearily and held his hands.

“I had goods I bought on credit in that shop for over eight hundred thousand.” He screamed. She hugged him without any sign or warning and she forced him home.

They’d started again from square one. Nnedi’s salary was delayed again. They hardly ate three square meal in a day.


Chibuzor decided to go to the bank to withdraw his last seventy thousand naira from the Automatic Teller machine to pay his dealer Nnamdi whom he was owning.

When it was his turn to use the automated teller machine, the bank security man approached him rudely, he was old, yet very agile, and lanky. “Wait dia!” He ordered. “No dey behave as if you no get home training, allow my oga to comot better money, so that e go dash me sometin” He said, grinning.

Chibuzor was amused, “but I was in the queue since, he just came now.”

“Abeg shift!” He ordered as he pushed Chibuzor aside and whistled at a young fine man who was standing by a red Ferrari luxury car.
The young man walked toward the security man, he was dressed in an expensive sassy attire, with gold and diamond chains mounted on his neck like a bunch of keys.

Chibuzor sighed and shook his head, “Nigeria!” He exclaimed softly.

The people behind him had started murmuring words.

“Bros, if you no wan collect money, tell us make we know o.”

Chibuzor was quiet. “Bros, you get conscience at all? You just came now and you want to get some cash. We have been here for over two hours, the sun scorching us.”

The young man stared deep into Chibuzor’s face and screamed “Chibuzor Nnana?”

Chibuzo blinked his eyes. “How did you know my name?” He asked.

“Okay, you and I were course-mates at the university of technology. Okoye? Remember me? Okoye Nduka that you once warned to stay away from one babe called Nnedi?”

Chibuzor recalled, then he chuckled and laughed when his face became clear. He hugged him and was amaze to see him that way, looking so rich and flamboyant.

They withdrew money accordingly, and Chibuzor watched as he got piles of money from the machine.

“So, where is your babe now? I’m sure she is married to one rich guy somewhere.” Okoye said laughingly.

“We are still dating. In short, we live together.”

“Wow!” He exclaimed shockingly. “Unbelievable! So what has been happening to you? There was a time I heard you were in Canada and all that…”

“Well, I came back some months ago and here I am starting from square one again.”

“What happened?” Okoye asked.

Chibuzor exhaled, then he said, “It’s a long story bro. Not easy at all.” He said.

They went out together and had several bottles of drinks gulped down. After Chibuzor told Okoye of his story, they talked about old school days and Okoye kept talking about how he’d wanted to date Nnedi.

After then, they drove back home that night and Okoye stayed at Nnedi’s place until she was back from work. She screamed when she saw Okoye. “See this troublemaker!” She exclaimed and turned to Chibuzor, “Where did you see this troublemaker?” She asked.

“You recognize him so quick. I had to zoom through his face and wait for him to explain himself thoroughly before I could remember him.” Chibuzor said.

“Okoye, welcome to our home.” Nnedi said.

“A small home indeed Nnedi, Your man should have been a millionaire by now, just like us, if not for you.” He said, giving a mocking smile. Nnedi’s countenance changed, she didn’t like what Okoye said. “You’re still badmouthed. Please don’t say such here.” She said meanly.

“Baby, he is joking, forgive him.” Chibuzor said playfully.

Nnedi made dinner, and they all ate and kept talking about old times.
Okoye boasted about all his money and then Chibuzor and Nnedi wondered where he got all his money from.


The next day when Nnedi had returned back from work, her neighbours greeted her suspiciously when she walked into the compound.

“Aunty Nne, na you?” Her next door neighbor asked when she heard her door click open.

“Yes, aunty Glory na me, Una good evening o.” Nnedi said.

“Police just come carry your Oga commot now.” Aunty Glory, who was heavily pregnant said as she held her belly firmly as if the baby was about to fall out.

“Enh?” Nnedi asked.

“Yes o. E be like na d’man wey him dey hold big money for business bring police, because I bin dey hear, ‘Give me my money or you go sleep for cell today.’

Nnedi’s eyes widened. She looked at Aunty Glory as if she was speaking gibberish.

“He sey make you call one Mr…Okoye for him phone to come help bail am for cell.”

Nnedi’s body shook so violently she began to cry.

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