To Love And To Cherish [Chapter 2]


Chibuzor was a great electrician. He was almost the best graduating student in his department when the university expelled him for writing exams for Nnedi. Since the Vice chancellor was a family friend to Nnedi’s family, he could not grant her an expulsion.

And from that day henceforth, she promised never to leave him for any other man. He’d sacrificed his future for her, and she wasn’t going to take it for granted.

He sat up into the night, soldering, wiring, testing until he was satisfied with his latest creation of a manual torchlight. Finally, he stood, stretching cramped muscles, and walked around it, surveying it critically.

His face creased in a slow smile when he lighted the torchlight and everywhere became bright.

“NEPA!” Nnedi exclaimed excitedly.

“It’s not NEPA, it’s the torch I have been constructing since.” He said calmly and smiling.

She sat up from the bed and stared at him. “You’re still doing your magic, I had thought that when you leave for Canada, the whites won’t let you come back home for your brilliance in things like this.” She said.

“It’s not as simple as you think.” He retorted.

She stepped out from the bed and walked to him, her night gown was filmy and short. He hugged him and said, “Tomorrow, I will be paid my three months salary.”

“Three months? How have you been coping?” He asked.

“From my savings,” She left him and stretched her hands, ” I want to give you all of it to find something and do.

Maybe sell electrical appliances.” He grabbed her and hugged her tight to himself. “You’ve done so much already for me my love.” He said, “Leave me to hustle on my own.”

“Where will you get the Money from? You have to start from somewhere. This is Nigeria, and we do not have so much opportunities for people who don’t have degrees. I caused all of these, I should have been the one to be expelled.” Her voice quivered now.

“Stop it my love. God has reasons for everything. You and I will make it.”

“The money I will be receiving tomorrow is over six hundred thousand naira. I wanted to use it to get us a bigger apartment, but you need to be established first.” She said, holding his face.

He smiled down at her.

She continued, “You can repair electronics and get a small shop to start with.” She touched his mouth, the little lines that laugher had put there.

“I have heard you. Thank you so much for being everything to me.” He said and began to kiss her passionately, the torchlight went off abruptly and he chuckled, “Oh shit!”

She held his face and said, “Don’t worry, you will discover the best lightning bulbs in the world. The white people will discover you soon.” He laughed and kissed her dearly.

“You don’t know how happy you’ve made me. You’re my world Nnedi.” He said with a baritone voice that got her horny, she began to remove his clothes and kissed his chest. He swung her around, so their bodies touched, lifting her chin with a knuckle, slanting his mouth over hers.

He made love to her and she let him ride her gently.


The next day after she’d return from work, she handed him the money after work in piles.

He stared at the money in amazement and said to her, “thank you.” He laughed heartily and hugged her.

She took him around the environ in search of a small affordable store. And after they’d searched for so long, they finally found a place near a bank.

He made payments immediately and in few days he’d traveled to Ariaria market to buy his electrical devices for sell.

Chibuzor took his business seriously. He woke up every morning to his shop and whatever he sold for the day, he would tell Nnedi of it.

“We should get a new house. This place is too small for us.” He said as they strolled back from evening mass. She glanced over him and saw his profile, dark and shadowed, strong and evocative. She smiled at him. “We still have three more months before our rent expires.” She said.

“I really want us to get a bigger apartment. At least, a two bedroom apartment.” Chibuzor said, “after that, we can then plan on seeing your elder brother. Before we go to see your mother at the village.” He said proudly.

She took a very deep breath. “Seeing Ebuka first? I think we should see mama first, Ebuka and I still haven’t seen each other for years now.”

He said absolutely nothing. When they got back home, he assisted her in washing her dirty clothes while she made Noddles and sardine sauce for dinner.

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