To Love And To Cherish [Chapter 11]


And above all, she was going to forget Chibuzor Nnana, erase him, wipe the memories of him away and start all over.

There were a lot of men in the world, tall ones, handsome, genuinely wealthy. Men who appreciated heartwarming women like her.

As she entered the church, she knelt before the altar and prayed before the statute of the blessed mother Mary. After she’d prayed softly in her heart, she did the sign of the cross and was about to rise when his perfume hit her hard on the nose. When she turned to her right, he was there, kneeling by her. She stood to her feet, and rushed to write her name for a session with the priest for the confession.

Then she saw his name on the list, just before her, her heart was beating so hard, she could hear it.

When she knelt before the priest for confessions, she did the sign of the cross and began.

There were tears in her eyes when she made her confessions.

As she was about to leave, her heart trembled again, when her eyes met with his as he walked passed her. He didn’t say a word to her, he didn’t blink an eye.


After the confessions, father Timothy had asked him to go return the remaining Part of Okoye’s money and to kneel before Nnedi and apologize to her. “She is very afraid now because you’re a man who almost killed her. Yet, she loved you.” Father Timothy said to Chibuzor in his soft, apprehensive voice.

He got up to his feet and went to see Okoye, but when he got close to his house, he saw police vans, lined up before his house, crowds of people gathering before Okoye’s house.

“No vex, please, what is happening over there?” He asked a woman who was folding her arms across her chest and watching.

The woman shrugged, “Na this popular Yahoo boy, Okoye, him gateman tell people say him bury woman for the house.

And the woman na him brother wife wey everybody dey find for almost three years now. Before we know, police enter.”

“Oh my God.” Chibuzor said softly and reversed the car and sped up.


When Ebuka saw his sister at the entrance of his house, tears fell from his eyes. He stared at her for long moments and then they walked hastily toward each other and hugged themselves so tight. They both cried in each other’s arms. He stared at her face several times and hugged her again.

He held her hands and led her to his son’s bedroom, he was sleeping peacefully. “He is eight months old.” Ebuka said admiringly.

“Where is his mother?” Nnedi asked as she lowered herself to the bed smiling, she carried her nephew in her arms and cuddled him with her eyes closed.

“She is at work. Works with a private hospital. She is a doctor, and will be delighted to see you.” Ebuka said.

They ate lunch together, Ebuka held her hands and said, “We will visit mama tomorrow.”

“I used to send some money to her.” Nnedi said.

“She doesn’t need your money. She needs you.”

She nodded approvingly, yet calmly.

Ebuka raised his hand and tiredly massaged the back of his neck. “When my wife comes back, she will be so happy to see that we’ve reunited. She’d been praying for this day for so long.” Ebuka said.

Nnedi gave him a slight glare and smiled. “She must be a good woman,” She said.


“Where is she from?” She asked.

“I’m from Akwa ibom.” A lady’s voice came in from behind her. Nnedi turned immediately and stood to her feet. She hugged her sister in-law firmly and said to her, “It’s nice to have you in our family.” She said firmly.

“Her name is Agnes, We got married two years ago. Mama said she called you, but you were afraid to come.” Ebuka said.

Nnedi became shy and said, “I had so many reasons for not coming. It’s something that will be discussed some other time. I don’t want to ruin this joyful moment.”

Ebuka rose and with a smile, laid his hand on her shoulder. “Let me leave you ladies to talk, I’m off to check on my son.”


When Nnedi was done talking and laughing with her brother’s wife, she went to the guest room and sat herself on the bed. She just wanted to sleep in the heavy total, darkness of the room, drowned in the glottal underwater song of the air conditioner. But what she couldn’t do was to stop thinking of Chibuzor.

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