To Love And To Cherish [Chapter 10]


Everyday, he visited her with food. Even when it was against the ritual rules.

Every night, while he slept on his bed, he would hear the whispers of her cry, he would hear her soft sobs.

He walked around the house and he’d missed her so much. But each time he remembered that She’d slept with Okoye, his heart hardened.

It was getting close to the day he would be visiting baba boys to get the result of his ritual. His heart ached tremendously, and he sat at a corner of the house and wept like a child.

Okoye reminded him always to let her die a natural death. But he didn’t have a heart to that extent.

When he arrived Baba boy’s house, and got to his sitting room. He stood to his feet when he approached him. Baba boys turned his head in disapproval of something he wasn’t aware of just yet.

“It wasn’t accepted.” He said.

“what wasn’t accepted Baba?” Chibuzor asked in amazement.

“The pubic hairs wasn’t accepted. And it won’t be accepted anywhere.”

“Why?” There was a deep surprise in his tone.

“She was laid by someone who has the code. It won’t work.” He closed his eyes lightly and shook his head.

“I do not understand.” Chibuzor said.

“None of the charms will ever work on her my boy. Free her.” He said and disposed the pubic hairs before him and walked away. He packed the scanty pubic hairs and walked away angrily. His chest rose and fell, as he drove to his uncompleted building. He disposed the pubic hairs and shook his head before he walked into the building.

He met her sleeping, then he yelled at her “Wake up bitch! Whore! prostitute! You’re all of that, all of that!” Tears streamed from his eyes. Her eyes were open, she sobbed quietly.

“What have I done to you?” She asked weakly.

“So, it’s true that you slept with Okoye? You slept with him huh? You’re lucky that the baba didnt take your pubic hairs, by now, you would be vomiting the same money that Okoye Is having now right now. I would have used you for rituals you whore!”

She laughed, a painful laugh. Then she cried and screamed, “Yes, I slept with him, asshole!” She sobbed, “I slept with Okoye and got the money I used in bailing your poverty stricken self some months ago. It’s the same money I used in getting us a new apartment. You’re so daft! Okoye used you and you think you have finally reached a point where you can discard me this way. Kill me at once, If I live, I will make sure I kill you with my bare hands, ungrateful bastard!” She screamed.

Chibuzor cried and yelled so hard before her. He didn’t know what to say or do. He pushed a ladder down and she held it firmly and climbed up, before she could reach the exit point, he’d gone, leaving the car and the car keys on it.
She didn’t drive the car.

When she got to her house, she wept so bitterly in the bathtub as the water from the shower tap poured scantily on her. Then she packed her things and left the house to Unoma’s apartment.

When Unoma saw her, she held her firmly and asked, “What happened to you? We have been searching everywhere for you. We even went to your house, but they said you don’t live there anymore.”

“I almost died.” She said weakly and sat on a chair. Then she narrated the story to Unoma.
Unoma stared at her with her mouth gasping. She hugged her tight to himself and said, “I’m really sorry this happened.”

That night, she couldn’t sleep. She held her rosary in her hand and stared at it for a long while. She thought of all the things Chibuzor said to her and then she muttered to herself, “I would have been long gone by now if I didn’t sleep with that useless Okoye.” She sobbed, then turned off the lights and lay down in bed, staring into the darkness. Tears trickled out of the corners of her eyes, sliding into her hair. She didn’t have the energy to wipe them away.

Sleep finally came, a relief, a sodden, a restless time of forgetting.

When she woke up, she’d planned on leaving for Abuja to see her brother whom she hadn’t seen for years.

Things of course, looked different in the morning, the lemon yellow sun slanted into her room, and Unoma sang ‘I am free’ as she showered in the bathroom.

“I am free, from the past that held me back, I am free…” Unoma sang to herself heartily, scrubbing shampoo into her hair.

Nnedi knew the song was for her, she was free indeed. Free from a dangerous relationship. Free from Chibuzor.

She’d made up her mind, life was going to be much simpler for now after she would go to the church to make confessions to father Timothy. It was going to be her last confession before lent. She was going to drop the whole subject of Chibuzor and his barbaric ways and tell God to forgive her of all her sins. She’d done so many bad things for the man she’d loved.

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