The Sunday Gentleman [Chapter 18]


Arriving home, Chidimma quickly ate dinner while Arinze sat opposite her, waiting for her to be done. “Easy, before you choke.” He said as he poured water into a cup and handed it to her.

“Imela obim.” She said as she gulped down the water.

“It’s past eleven in the night, and David isn’t still back. Imagine the sleepless night you would have given to me if I didn’t send the pilot or pick you.”

“Thank you.” She gave him a mischievous smile and kept eating. She could feel his eyes on her, studying her profile, traveling down the length of her body. She couldn’t know what he was looking at, but that didn’t stop her from imagining that his gaze was first fixed on her lips, and then moved on her neck, shoulders and her hard nipples which were poking the dress covering them. She felt a strange tingling on her toes, and then sudden urge to raise her eyes back to his face. Despite her desire to look at him again, she held her impulse under control and drank the water again.

“Tomorrow, I am going jogging,” Arinze said as he rose to his feet. “Join me in the room, I am exhausted.” He said.

“When did you start jogging?” Chidimma asked.

“Tomorrow is when I will start. I have to keep fit.” He said and winked at her.

She chuckled and shook her head. “You better stay in your house. No jogging please.”


“Because you’re not used to it, and it might hurt your whole body. My late brother Oliver was a gym instructor. I can tell you that exercise hurts. Your birthday is a day after tomorrow, I don’t want anything to happen to your body.”

“Hmm. There is always a first time in everything my love.” He said and walked away. Walking up the stairs, Chidimma wondered why he would just decide to Keep fit.

He waited for her to be done so that they could bathe together.

When she got into the bathroom, she took off her clothes. She was floating, her limbs soft and languid, utterly spent. She carefully got into the jacuzzi bathtub and laid on him, her head on his chest, and he smelt divine: freshly clean and some expensive body mist on his head, it was the most seductive scent in the world. She nuzzled him and stretched her hands out to his chest. He was firm and strong, his hands swooped and caught hers, but she pulled him closer to herself and sweetly kissing him.

“Let me give you a baby now.” He whispered, staring into her eyes.

“Amen.” She said.

He giggled, “now you are sounding like those Pentecostals.” He said as he stared down at her.

“I believe in your words.” She said as she began to kiss him roughly, then she paused and gazed at him, his lips twitched into a smile.

“You’re so beautiful without makeup and lipstick.” His voice is soft, menacing, and it’s damned hot.

Chidimma’s insides practically contort with potent, needy, liquid, desire. He gazed at her, waiting, eyes blazing a tentatively, she uncurled her legs. Blood pounding through her body, as he placed his hands behind, fondling her, stroking around and around with his palm.

And then he kissed her, going inside and quickly filling her. She moaned loudly. He moved, pounding hard into her. She was lying down, while he was on top. The feeling was beyond exquisite, raw, and debasing and mind-blowing. Her senses were ravaged, disconnected, solely concentrating on what he was doing to her. Her traitorous body exploded in an intense, body shattering orgasm.

“Oh, sweetheart…” he moaned loudly as he found his release, holding her in place as he poured himself inside her. He collapsed, panting hard inside her.

They laid there in the jacuzzi, panting together, waiting for their breathing to slow. He gently stroked her hair, and then she is back to his chest. He used his feet to open the tap, letting the running water flow into the jacuzzi. Arinze nuzzled her hair again, inhaling deeply. “I love you very much.” He whispered, quiet joy in his voice. His words curl around her like a soft, fluffy towel from a 5-star hotel, and she is so please that he is happy.

They quickly had their bathe and they slept naked in each other’s arms, warmth beneath the fluffy white duvet.


It was 6:30 AM when Arinze woke up. The alarm didn’t wake him, it was his normal waking time on days he had lots of calls to make. The first person he called that morning was the chief driver, Mr. David. He found out what type he got home the previous night, and he said past 12. He told him to rest and alert two drivers to take him on jogging. He talked at length with his lawyer Barrister Akim, he had just retired and was on a vacation with his family in Brazil. Akim told Arinze that he was going to be off the internet for over six months. Arinze wondered how Akim was going to cope without the internet and phone for over six months.

He hung the call, brushed his mouth, and wore his Nike polo and a pair of sneakers he’d bought in America since two years ago. It was brand new and he took out the tag and smiled at it.

“You’re still going jogging?” Chidimma asked.

“Yes, love.” He said as he forcefully wore his sneakers.

He rushed at her and kissed her briefly, “good morning baby.” He said and ran off quickly.

Before he got to the garage, the other two drivers, Mr. Ajayi and Mr. Israel had set the Range Rover and Mercedes ready. He jogged out of the gate and they drove slowly behind him.

Chidimma woke up with a severe heartache. She needed to know what the cause was. She was suddenly feeling unwell and it wasn’t good. The next day was going to be her husband’s birthday, and she had to be agile enough to run around. She ordered the cooks to make him Moimoi and boiled egg. It was his favorite breakfast meal.

As she walked into the bathroom to brush her mouth, she slipped.

“What the heck!” She screamed. Ngozi had just walked in with piles of new towels. “Madam!” She said aloud as she ran and helped Chidimma stand to her feet.

“Sorry, ndo o.”

Chidimma nodded.

“Most times, it’s pregnant women that fall this way.” She said, smiling at Chidimma.

“I am pregnant in Jesus name.”

“Amen.” Ngozi retorted. “I brought you fresh towels.” She said.

“Thank you, Ngozi.” She said.

A few hours later and Chidimma had freshened up and wore Arinze’s shirt and leggings. The doorbell rang and she overheard Ngozi talking heartily with someone. It was a woman’s voice, she paid attention to the conversation and recognized it; it was Ugonna, her husband’s elder sister. There was no need going down to greet her, she won’t respond to her greetings. Ugomma only visited when she needed money from her brother Arinze. Arinze took care of her children – he sponsored their schooling and even had her first son sent to the UK for university.

“Is his wife around?” She asked.

“Yes,” Ngozi replied calmly.

“Chidimma, has she not heard my voice? En, Nwuyem? Biko come and greet your wife, it’s been years I saw you.” Ugomma said. Chidimma wondered if it was really from her heart, what could make her so happy to even remember that she existed?

Chidimma calmly walked downstairs and when she saw Ugomma, she looked different. She was no longer the chubby beautiful woman she used to know. She looked pale and worn out.

“I didn’t hear your horn sister,” Chidimma said, looking at her with a worrisome face.

“Hmm. I sold it.” Ugomma said as she hugged Chidimma to herself.

“Why? You don’t look, cool sister.” They held each other’s hands as they settled on the couch. “Udenzi is sick. Very sick. He is having cancer, and the doctor says if we don’t fly him to India as soon as possible, we might lose him.”

“Tufia kwa!” Chidimma exclaimed.

“Yes o. That is what I have been going through. I spent almost all my money. And you know how this God is? When Udenzi had money, he was spending it everywhere with women. Carrying girls with big buttocks and full breasts. Instead of saving money for rainy days like this. Now see, wherever he got his sickness I don’t know. I am now the one suffering, all those his numerous girlfriends have run away.” Ugomma said, shrugging her shoulders.

“What about the kids?”

“Those ones? They aren’t kids again o. Akudo is writing jamb next year. While the younger brother will be in SS2 this September. It is the Lord’s doing o.”

“Wow,”. Chidimma muttered softly as she held her chest.

“Ogini?” Ugomma asked, her eyes widened.

“My chest. I am having this sudden pains.”

“Ah! Bikonu, don’t fall sick o. Sickness isn’t good. Any sickness that wants to come now should be good sickness.” Ugomma said.

The rain suddenly began and Chidimma sighed, “today that my husband decided to go jogging, it is now raining.” She sighed again.

“My brother wants to keep fit!” Ugomma laughed heartily.

The gate got opened and Chidimma smiled when she saw the two cars drive in, “He is back.” She said.

“Ah, my brother…”

They suddenly heard the running steps of the drivers, running helter-skelter toward the sitting room. “Oga o, oga oooo!” Ajayi screamed.

Chidimma rose to her feet immediately, “what happened?” She asked, her heart beating so fast.

“Oga faint for road, he just touched his chest and said ‘my chest, my chest.’  Before we knew it, he slumped.” Me Ajayi said in a shaky tone.

“Jesus! Where is he?”

“In the car.” “Call the ambulance, call doctor Edem, call the hospital please!” Chidimma said as she ran to the car. She got In immediately and carried Arinze on his chest. “Ajayi! Take me to the nearest hospital please!” She screamed. Holding Arinze’s face and kissing his forehead, “baby, please don’t do this…” she cried on as Ajayi drove speedily into the main road.