The Sunday Gentleman [Chapter 16]


Chidimma was amazed that she could still know how to pray after so many years.

Most times, she drove alone to Reverend Adenuga’s fellowship and prayed there for a few hours. She donated to the church most of the time and within a short period of time, she was known for her kindness. The pastor laid hands on her belly and prayed that a seed is planted inside there.

“Amen!” Chidimma would exclaim.

Her sister-in-law had stopped calling since the last time Lebechi stormed into her. And she wished that the cry of a baby could come to unite everyone together again.

From the church, she had gone to see Smith’s event planners.

Arinze’s birthday was drawing near and she wanted to plan a big surprise party for him.

Chidimma had never climbed so many stairs in her life. The stairs that led to Smith’s event planners were carved into the styles. In some places, they climbed straight up, in others, they followed a zigzag pattern that shortened the rise but doubled the distance required to walk. And she wondered why there was no elevator in such a tall building. She stopped several times along the way to shake the kinks out of her calves and was huffing long before she reached the office.

Frowning, Chidimma glanced at her watch, she had missed a date with Ubokobong; she really wanted her to see Daniela and her new house, and of course, they were going to talk for a while about what has been going on.

Adjusting her sunglasses, she forced out a smile at the happy Smith event boss who was already too excited to see her.

“Welcome Madam, I am so happy to have you back this year.” A lanky, tall woman said as she led her to a seat.

“My husband’s birthday is coming up in a few days. He will be back tomorrow morning, so I won’t want so many calls coming in from you people. I don’t want to give him any idea about what is going to happen. So every arrangement should be made here and now.” She said authoritatively. The lanky lady nodded at her words. She stood up and described how the party would be, speaking British English in a glamorous manner that Chidimma admired.

She was ready to make her husband happy, do anything he wanted. Arinze was a lover of good sex and romance, she drove down to a gift shop and purchased varieties of scented candles and spices. Aware of the effect it has in the bathroom, she knew just what Arinze was obsessed about. She’d spent over a hundred thousand shopping his designer’s undies and boxers, shopping chocolates and lollipops, they were things that excited him, small things made him happy, as far as Chidimma was involved.

When he was back from Dubai, he arrived at the airport with over seven suitcases, yet he traveled with just one. Chidimma knew that everything else was hers.

“I have been going to church.” She said to him immediately he got into the car.

“I hope it’s not all those churches I don’t like?” He asked.

“No. A good church. Naomi took me there. It’s near her house on the mainland.”

“Nice.” He said with a smile. He dived his fingers into her skirt and when he saw that she wasn’t wearing panty, he grinned, “Aw, good girl!” They were at the back seat, while David drove them quietly with soft music playing in the background. Arinze joined in muttering some of the lyrics of the song. His hands slowly inserted into her private part and he whispered with a smile, “you are ready for me.” She was on her ovulation, and she was sure that this was the time that child she had always wanted would come in. Out of millions of sperm that he was going to inject into her, God was going to let just one be her miracle. Her pastor had told them to declare every positive word, and so she did.

Arinze took one of her hands and placed it on his erection. “You see what you have done to me?” He asked.

She gasps and flexes her fingers around his girth, and he grinned.

“I want to be inside of you, I want you to take control of my body. Undress me.” He said quietly, his eyes hooded. They were already on long traffic, and Chidimma was excited that they would have enough time to make out. And it was one of the reasons she told Mr. David to make sure the car that was going to be used for the airport journey must be tinted.

“You can make me cum inside of you before we get home right?” He asked, cajoling. She nodded at him. She began to kiss him, his eyes were alive with excitement. “Take me and eat baby, I am your dinner tonight.”

Her inner goddess roared, and from somewhere born of frustration, need, and sheer bravery, she pushed him and he fell back. He laughed.

Her inner goddess was going to explode. She yanked off her shoes, quickly clumsily. He stared up at her, his eyes luminous with amusement and desire. He looked glorious as she pulled out his Jean. He was feeling happy. He closed his eyes and flexed his hips. His breath hitched and he grinned at her.

“Baby…” he muttered with humor in his tone when he nibbled on his joystick.

She felt powerful; it was such an exhilarating feeling as she teased and tested him with her mouth and tongue. He tensed underneath her as she ran her mouth up and down him, “Chineke, You are killing me.” He growled, and briefly closed his eyes.

Their mouths were hanging open in surprise at the sweet, sublime, agonizing, feeling.

When he got inside her, sheathed to the hilt, he held her in one place for seconds staring intently into her eyes. Moaning, she threw her head up, her hair tumbling down her back, and very slowly he ejaculated inside of her.

“Gala, gala, gala! Buy gala!” A young boy said in a loud voice, fixing his face in their car window. They sat there, weak, as they smiled at the boy who couldn’t see them. They clasp their hands, holding on for life. Gently, she pushed him off, his eyes were burning with wild anticipation. His breathing was ragged, matching hers.


Ubokobong had not seen her son for over a month. Anytime she went to pick him for the weekend, she only heard him cry, or he was never around. She visited his school so many times but the teachers said he hadn’t been to school for over a month. Calling Phoenix to worsen the situation, he either gave the phone to Caroline to insult her for being a useless lawyer fucker or for they laughed so loud over the phone, burning her airtime. As she drove out of the compound, she saw Martha, Caroline’s elder sister driving toward the compound. She’d thought that Ubokobong was never going to talk to her again, so she put up a straight face and tried to take her face away. But Ubokobong blew a loud horn and called her, “hello?”

“Hi, my sister, Long time o,” Martha said, grinning.

“I Dey. Thank you for the other day. For saving my life.”

“It’s okay. We are women, we should support each other.”


“Yes o. You came to see your son?”


“Oh good.”

“I haven’t seen him since I moved out,” Ubokobong said. Martha looked around her and then put off her car. “Let me come and talk to you.” She said and hurried out of her car. She quickly opened Ubokobong’s car and entered inside it, then she turned and faced her, “if I had your number, I would have called you since. It doesn’t matter if my sister spoilt your home, I didn’t send her to do that, I am not a part of her nonsense, she left my house and moved to stay with your husband.” She paused for a while. “My sister beats your son like a mess. That is why I asked you if you have seen him because his whole body is messed up. The other day I saw him carrying five liters on his head, I heard that she sent your son to go buy palm oil at the store opposite us there.” She said, pointing at the store. “This is a child I know that you used to take care of very well. And I have come to know that it is only a mother that knows how to take care of her child. My sister beats your son every day. And I am telling you this with a church mind, go and carry your son please.”

There were tears in Ubokobong’s eyes as she blinked. Her lips trembled, “I went to his school and they said he doesn’t come to school. Does he even eat?”

“Hmm. He looks pale. He doesn’t go to that school anymore. He goes to the same school my children go to now.  I can take you there tomorrow. But I won’t let the teachers see me so that they won’t put me into trouble.”

“Thank you very much. God bless you. What time should I come please?”

“By eleven in the morning. I will text you, let me have your number.” Martha said as she hurriedly took out a small Nokia phone and handed it to Ubokobong who quickly typed in her phone number.

“Sister Martha, Thank you for this. I am sincerely happy.”

“I am a mother, if I don’t tell you this, even God himself won’t be happy with me.” She said and opened the car door. “Please take care of yourself, don’t mind Oga Phoenix.”

“It’s okay. Thank you and bye.” She said and drove off. She couldn’t stop thinking of the things Martha said to her about Daniel, if all she said were true, then she had no other option than to run away with her kids.