The Sunday Gentleman [Chapter 13]


It rained softly that evening as they stepped out of Molumbus. When one of the waiters asked to take them to their car with an umbrella, Arinze resisted his kind gesture.

He grabbed Chidimma by her right shoulder and led her to the car.  Mr. David hurriedly sat up when he saw them.

“Sorry sir, I didn’t see when you were coming,” he said.

“It’s fine, David. My wife and I love to be in the rain. You can go home from here.” Arinze said as he handed some money over to Mr. David.

“Take a cab home; my wife and I are going somewhere.” He said.

“Okay Oga, goodnight. Goodnight madam.”

“Good night…” Arinze responded as he took the car keys from him and headed to the driver’s seat.  Chidinma joined him in front. The ride through Victoria Island to Ikoyi was punctuated with heave sexual tension.

As they drove Into Ikoyi, he parked by a corner and slowly took off his jean trousers. The realization hit Chidimma that this was happening. She gazed at him; her eyes widening.

“Kiss me.” He said quietly after staring at her for a few seconds.

“You’re such a bad boy.” She whispered aloud. He changed the boring hip hop to classic romance music that matched the mood in the car.

“I won’t mind if you can give me fellatio I will never forget.” He said in a small voice.

“As long as you won’t ejaculate into my mouth, it’s fine.” She said as she held his joystick firmly and licked it for a moment. He carried her head up to his lips and kissed her passionately.

His blood heated immediately as she returned the kiss with her own passion. She wanted him badly, and it didn’t matter how long they’d been married, the love, the passion, the bond, and the urge for each other was like fire. “Baby, common baby….” He growled. He planted a swift rough kiss on her. His gaze was impassive; his eyes cold shards of smoky glass.

“You’re my sunshine; my only sunshine. You are my best friend, my only best friend. You are my sweetheart, my only love.” Arinze sang in soft whispers.

“It’s scary out here. Everywhere is so quiet.” The only sound surrounding them was the splattering of the heavy rainfall. Arinze brought her mind back to him.

“I want you to get yourself out of that dress.” He whispered to her. Obediently, Chidimma turned; her heart thumping as she carefully took off everything; with eyes still fixed on her husband. Arinze ran his hands on her back. Desire; dark and yearning, settled below her belly. He scooped her hair off her back and hung it down by her left side while his fingers curling over her breast.

“I could forsake wealth for you, my love.” 

He inhaled her hair and said, “you smell good baby; so sweet.” His nose skimmed past her ear down her neck as he trailed soft, featherlight kisses along her shoulder.

Her breathing changed, becoming shallow, rushed, full of expectations. His fingers were on her zipper. Achingly slow, once more he eased it down while his lips moved, licking and kissing and sucking their way across to her other shoulder. He was so tantalizingly good at doing this to Chidimma. It was as if he was created just for her body alone. Her body resonated, and she started to squirm languidly beneath his touch.

“I . will. spend. all. my .hard. earned. money. on you my queen,” he whispered; punctuating each word with kisses planted on her nape

His hands cupped her breasts and her nipples puckered at his touch.

Her fingers weaved into his hair and very gently, she tugged at the soft curls soft. She rolled her head to one side to give him easier access to her neck.

“Oh shit, baby… your body is so succulent. I feel like driving into you,” he murmured into space behind her ear as he started to extend her nipples with his long fingers, just as she did with her hands in his hair.

They both groaned as the sensation of sweet desire registered in their loins.

“Do you want to cum first?” He asked in soft whispers. She couldn’t say a word. Her eyes were closed as she reveled in her husband’s passionate touches. Her senses were gone and she knew that she wasn’t going to last for that long when he goes inside of her.

“Tell me.” He continued the slow, sensuous torture pulling gently. He bit her softly on the nipples and her body writhed convulsively against his front.

She gasped at the exquisite, acute pleasure. She felt him. She moaned and her hands held him firmly. When he finally put his joystick inside of her, she moaned so loud he covered her mouth with his hands.


“Where are you coming from by this time?”, Phoenix asked as he opened the door of the house for Ubokobong. It was past 11 in the night and the kids had gone to bed. Ubokobong stood there in her bump shorts and a polo top; reeking of masculine perfume.

“Can’t I enter my house?”, she asked.  She wore a mean look on her face as she attempted to walk past him.

“Wait there, my friend!” He yelled; pushing her out.

“Why are you pushing me? What is wrong with you? Why are you pushing me?”

“Until you tell me where you are coming from, and I must confirm that you are telling me the truth before I let you pass through this door.” He tried to close the door but Ubokobong held it firmly.

“The children are sleeping now”, a familiar female voice announced from the sitting room. Ubokobong hurriedly switched on her phone; pointing its light directly in the lady’s eyes. She was shocked to see Caroline in her house. The same woman she caught her husband with, was now in her own house, announcing that her children had gone to bed.

“Wait, you brought a girl into my home to take care of own children? You brought this same girl into my home?” She asked, her head waxing with anger and anguish. She threw her phone at Caroline, hitting her head with it. “How dare you! How dare you touch her!” Phoenix screamed; giving Ubokobong multiple slaps. “You go out every day and come back here at midnights after prostituting! Whore!” He spat on her face. She wiped the saliva off her face, her eyes were blurry. She couldn’t even see when Caroline sneaked out.

“God will punish you. God will punish you. I will make sure I deal with you!” She pushed him aside and walked to the children’s bedroom, packing their luggage.

“Listen, if you don’t want me to kill you this night, pack your things and leave my children alone,” Phoenix said.

“Which children? Children that your family members said aren’t real because we had them through IVF? Which children are you talking about? I am going with my children!” Ubokobong yelled.

Phoenix rushed at her and held her by her braids and dragged her on the floor to the verandah. He slammed the door against her. “Damn you bitch!” He screamed.

“Mommy, mommy, mommy….”, the children had woken up and we’re now standing in front of her bruised figure. Her head was spinning as she held on to the door.

“Dani Girl, Dani boy.” She called their names softly amidst soft sobs and running tears.

Ubokobong didn’t realize how deep her injuries were until later in the morning when Caroline’s elder sister Martha came to enquire about what had happened. She was shocked to hear that her younger sister was the cause of all the problems.

 She managed to raise Ubokobong who was in severe pain. She rushed her to the hospital that morning when she saw that she was losing a lot of blood.