The Sunday Gentleman [Chapter 12]


Arinze was sitting by the bedside his wife laid. On Naomi’s bed.

Naomi had texted him that Chidimma was at her place. Her hand was in his, he’d kissed it several times while he watched her sleep. She had been sleeping for almost five hours, and when she finally opened her eyes and saw that Arinze was by her side, she was overwhelmed by his presence, even though she never wanted him to know where she was at first.

She sat up and hugged him, “I missed you, my queen.” He whispered to her ears.

“I knew that Naomi was up to something.” She giggled.

“Let’s go home, I have a lot to discuss with you.” He said.

“Tell me here.” She retorted as she left his arms and sat upright on the bed, facing him.

He smiled down at her. “Did you accept the woman your mother gave you as a wife?”

He laughed, “will you believe it, even if you were told that I would ever want to be with any other woman for some circumstances?”

“No.” She replied in soft whispers.

“Then why would you think so?”

“I was just kidding.”

“Tomorrow, I will be resuming work at the company.” He said, holding her hands.

“Let’s go home.”

“Did you hear what your uncle said about your wealth?”


“You mean you didn’t hear him when he said that if I don’t give you children all your hard work and property will go to his sons?”

“He was kidding…”

“He wasn’t kidding Arinze.” She called him by his name for the first time after a long while.

“He was kidding…”

“I said he wasn’t. You don’t have a will, you should call your lawyer to Will your property to whoever you wish, nobody knows tomorrow obim.”

He was calm and stared at her for a few moments. “You know, if not that you are the one that is saying this to me, I would think someone is wishing me dead.”

“God forbid!”

“I will think about the will. I will talk to Barrister Ekong about it. For now, let’s go home.” He said as he rose to his feet. “We are having dinner at Molumbus, then I will make love to you in the sky.” He winked at her, she covered her face with her slender fingers.

“You’re spoiling me too much Dim.”

“Of course, you’re my queen.”

Chidimma’s mouth pressed into a hard line as he helped keep her on her feet. He kissed her, holding her to himself. “Not here…” she murmured. He rubbed his wrists reflexively. He couldn’t take his eyes off her as she led him to Naomi’s sitting room. Naomi and Ubokobong quickly rose to their feet, smiling at them. “Ah, Bossman, you have come to carry my friend,” Ubokobong said with a grin.

“I missed her,” Arinze said and then turned to Naomi, “thank you.”

“You’re welcome, brother,” Naomi said, rubbing her hands together. Arinze searched through his wallet partitions and counted some dollars and handed to Naomi, “Buy yourself food.” He said.

Naomi widened her eyes at the dollars and collected it in a haste. “Jesus! This will buy me food for a whole year! Thank you, brother Arinze.” She said excitedly.

The two women led Arinze and Chidimma out of the house and to where his car was parked.

“Whenever you and oga are quarreling, come to my house o,” Naomi whispered to the ears of Chidimma who burst into a loud laugh. 

Arinze opened the car door of the Lexus jeep for his wife and she got in, quietly she settled. They waved at Naomi and Ubokobong while the driver, Mr. David drove away.


The private dinner was at Molumbus. A luxury fancy restaurant meant for the affluent. Chidimma felt very shy as they walked in. She looked disorganized – her hair looked unkempt, even with her expensive hair regimen. A few people came to shake hands with Arinze and greeted him. He always asked them to meet his wife.

“Hello ma’am, nice to meet you…”

Chidimma’s face lit up with a radiant smile. She took a moment to admire her husband who was looking so hot in his Versace jeans and polo.

Chidimma ordered grilled potatoes and chicken while her husband ordered Oha soup and pounded yam. They ate quietly; unable to take their eyes off each other.

“I will like us to visit Greece next month”, he said; breaking the silence.


“I want to make love to you by the seaside of Lake Voiliagmeni.”

Chidinma chuckled.

“Why are you shy? You should be used to me by now, obim.”

He stretched his right toe until it fondled her feet.

“You’re crazy. You know that?”

He smiled in response.

“Yes, I am crazy for you.”

Chidinma shook her head. She was blushing very hard.

“I think you should invest more in your business and stop taking me around the world.”

Arinze feigned surprise and he shook his head.

“Why am I working? It’s for you, baby.”

“Just let me work too so that I will be leaving the house every morning.”

“I don’t want you to work under anyone.”

“I have saved lots of money, I can open my own business instead of lending Uby the whole money.”

“Save your money, baby.” He said softly as he washed his hands.”

Chidimma swallowed.

“Write me your business plans, and I will think about it,” Arinze said suddenly.

Chidinma widened her eyes in amazement.

“You will give me capital for my business?” She asked.

“Yes, on 1 condition.” He said as he gazed at her innocent face.

“What condition?” Chidinma dropped her cutlery and put her hands under her cheek as she stared into his deep eyes.

He leaned forward, held her chin a spoke is a familiar husky voice; “you will fuck me in the car.” 

Chidimma let out a long breath. She could see the excitement in his eyes. “Is that all?”

“Yes.” He winked at her.

“Nothing else?” She asked.

“Nothing else, baby.”

Her heart slammed against her chest and the butterflies escape from her stomach into her constricting throat. He ordered champagne and filled her cup with it. She gulped down all of it. Chastened, she stared up at him.

“Let’s talk about how we met.” He said.

“It was at the bank. You used to be my client.” She said boldly.

“And our first kiss…”

“It was at your office at Babangida Avenue…”

“Our first sex….” He smiled a knowing smile.

“In your bedroom. Our wedding night.”

“Our first Fellatio…”

She lowered her eyelids.

“Can’t recall…”

“Answer me.” He said softly. She swallowed and smiled at him.

“Seriously, I can’t recall.”

“Well, I remember. It was very pleasurable.”

He continued.

“Really? Why can’t you recall? It was at my bachelor’s party. I wanted you so bad but you refused because we weren’t wedded in the church, just yet. You were so resolute, I am a lucky man!” He smiled down at her. Chidinma pursed her lips and said;

“You spoilt me; you spoilt me…”, she said in between bouts of laughter.

“I apologize, Mrs. Arinze ” His countenance was serious now but his eyes were still dancing with humor.