The Sunday Gentleman [Chapter 11]


Chidimma found it hard to sleep as she laid on Naomi’s bed, her eyes were gritty and teary. Her head was buzzing with various options.

“I think you should advise your husband to start writing his will, he should get to talk to his lawyers.”

Naomi said as she dropped a cup of green tea by the bedside were Chidimma lay.

“Why? I thought will writing is for aged people who are ready to die.”

Naomi laughed, “nobody is ever ready to Die Chidimma. In short, nobody wants to die and leave this sweet world.”

“Is this world sweet as it is now?”

Naomi paused and looked at her cousin’s face, there was sadness written all over it. “Cous,” she called her softly and settled by her side. “I just hope you are not depressed from all the nonsenses your in-laws have been saying to you, sis? You know these people are village people. As far as Arinze loves you, you should think of him whenever you want to dive into depression.”

“He is a man. What if he changes? What if? What if one morning he wakes up and tells me he wants to accept his family’s offer, that they are right? They brought him a beautiful yellow woman. I am sure he rejected her because I was sitting there.”

“Haba Chidimma, what of the ones he rejects when you are not with him? Stop thinking this way. Arinze loves you. Just advise him to get his lawyer for his will. This one that his family people have already started telling him the numbers of people who will share his wealth, he needs a will.”

Naomi’s phone rang and she rushed at it when she saw that it was Arinze.

“It’s your husband.”

“Don’t pick,” Chidimma whispered.

“Abeg o, I have to pick.”  Naomi muttered and placed the phone to her ears. “ hello? Brother nno.”

“Yes, how are you, Naomi?”

“Fine sir.”

“Have you seen my wife today?”

Naomi paused for a while and said, “No sir o. Is she alright?”

“I don’t know what to say. But please if you see her, let me know.”

“Okay. I will.”

The call hung up and she smiled, “I love the way Arinze loves you. He adores you, Chi.” She fell on the bed, lying by her side.

“You know how I have been fantasizing about marrying a white man. If only my dreams can just come true, I will be the happiest woman on earth.”

“Why do you want a white man?”

“Ah! See you, Chidimma. White men love the way your husband is loving you now. If you were married to a typical Igbo man, you see all those tears you are shedding? They will leave you and marry another woman. A white man is romantic and loves deeply.”

“I wish you good luck in your search.”

“Wish me o, because as you see me so, immediately I get my visa en, I am selling off everything in this house and resigning from my job. I can’t wait!” She screamed and started dancing dramatically.

“Bikonu, Naomi, I am having a headache!” She pushed her out of the bed.

“You see this my small bed now, you left your comfort zone to come to sleep on it. Ngwanu, apologize or I will call brother and tell him that you are in my house.”

“Sorry, sorry please,” Chidimma said. The doorbell rang and Chidimma immediately asked in soft whispers, “are you expecting anyone?”

“Mbanu. Maybe it’s my colleague, let me check.” She hurried to the sitting room, and then looked through the window to see that it was Ubokobong. She opened the door and smiled at her, “you this girl, where are you coming from looking this hot!”

“I went to see man,” Ubokobong said as she walked into the sitting room. Is Chidimma still around, shebi her car is outside?”

“She is in the room,” Naomi said as she led her to the sitting room.

“What happened to you? Why are tears in your eyes, Chidimma? Did Arinze beat you?”

“Beat ke, you know that my brother-in-law can never do that. It is only broke and useless men that beat their wives.”  Naomi said as she sat on the chair by the bed.

“Broke and useless men like Phoenix; that goat!”

Naomi acted like she didn’t hear the last sentence Ubokobong made about her husband, she quickly switched the subject. “Cous, you haven’t sipped your tea o. It will help you sleep. Please just drink it.” Naomi said pleadingly. She carefully carried the tea from the stool and handed it to Chidimma, “take, just drink.”

Chidimma managed to sit up, she perceived the tea and turned to Naomi, “not Bournvita?”

“Mbanu, it’s green tea, I told you before now. It works when it’s hot, sip small, small.”

Chidimma immediately gulped down the tea. She carefully dropped the empty cup on the table and turned her back on Naomi and Ubokobong. She was listening to their conversations and laughter when she dived into a deep sleep.


“Yes baby, I miss you too hun.” Ubokobong was conversing with Olufemi on the phone. They were in the sitting room,

Watching a movie when her phone rang.

“Is that your husband? I thought you two were quarreling?” Naomi asked as she took chin-chin from the saucer.

“Which husband?”

“How many men are you married to? Phoenix of course!”

“Hmm. Naomi abeg. Maybe in this physical world, I might be married to Phoenix, but in my heart, I don’t know who he is besides the fact that he is the father of my children.”

“What he did to you really got to you o.”

“The words hurt me even deeper. And that he compared me to that riffraff hurts even more.”

“I can cope with a cheating man but a stingy and poor man, I can’t cope.”

“See you. Don’t pray to marry a cheating man o. He will bring you all kinds of STDs and be saying sorry sorry, till you die. The worst kind of men are men like Phoenix. They manage to have money, and the money isn’t genuine. They are poor and wife beaters. God forbid!”

Ubokobong laughed.

“Yes o. Suddenly I just started hating him so much.”

“Why did you marry him at first? Think of that thing and the love will be revived.”

“I can’t think straight. I am trying to remember and it’s not coming. I made a mistake, walai.” Ubokobong said, turning her head. 

“So you are seeing someone else now? I mean the man you were talking to.”

“Yes.” She said, grinning.


“Why do you think it’s okay for a man to cheat, and when we cheat back it turns out bad?”

“Are you seriously cheating?”


“I can’t believe It.”

“Don’t believe nau. Until you see that I have divorced that useless idiot called Phoenix.”

“Whatever you are doing, think of your kids. That’s my own concern.” Naomi said.

Ubokobong rolled her eyes. She wasn’t bothered. She was loving a lawyer, and she knew that if she was going to divorce Phoenix, the kids will be all hers with the legal powers of Olufemi.