The Satantress [Chapter 34]


When Taiwo managed to get to the frontage of Udom’s family house, Kokomma ordered him to take her to see her father.

When Udom heard, he immediately took the car keys and walked away.

“Nsemeke and Taiwo, follow me.” He ordered as he got Akaniyene from Nsemeke’s hands, leaving Kokomma outside the car.

Kokomma angrily tossed the box aside, “bring me my son!” She yelled. But Udom didn’t respondto her. He settled on the couch and bowed his head to the floor. He was angry, it was written all over him as he sat there, tapping the floor continuously with his foot.

“Sir…” Taiwo said as he knelt down before Udom. Nsemeke slowly joined him in kneeling down too. “I am in love with your sister and I want to be married to her.”

“Do you hear yourself?” He laughed. “How do you young men think nowadays? From your anus? You want to marry a girl who hasn’t even written WAEC?”

“My mother married in that way.” Taiwo said.

“My sister isn’t your mother! And this isn’t the Yoruba land. This is Annang land.”

“If they love each other and want to be married, you let them please. This ain’t the time to waste their precious time.” Kokomma said as she walked into the house and settled on the couch.

“The both of you should leave my presence.” Udom waved them away, watching disgustingly as they both rose to their feet and walked out of the sitting room. Nsemeke returned back and took Akaniyene from his arms, “I want to feed him.” She said and took him away.

“I should have just shot that bastard were his brains are, between his legs!” He lifted his head and looked at Kokomma. Kokomma’s face was drawn into a tight mask of anger and regret. She looked tired. They had a long day, bumping and jostling their way to the village. She lifted her face and looked at Udom, she was angry that he wasn’t on his knees begging to be with her. She had planned to go to her father’s house at night, to avoid the orange sun that blazed above her, and also the fear of being followed or held gnawed at her nerves, and they kept staring at each other.

She suddenly stood to her feet and hurried outside to carry her box. Udom rushed after her and held her hands.

“You can’t leave me now.” He said simply.

“My heart left you long ago.” She retorted.

“You lie, you lie, I know.”

Kokomma nodded, her hair loosened and is flowing in the scant breeze afforded them. “I swear, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I don’t understand how these all happened.”

“You will come and say that to my father.” She said and tried to carry the box on her head. He held the box firmly and forcefully took it down from her head.

“Leave me alone.” She said softly.

“And If I don’t leave you?”

“If you don’t leave me I will slap your face.”

Udom laughed.

Kokomma was silent for a moment. She watched him laugh so loud, it was becoming quite annoying.

“If you dare try to stop me again, I will slap you.” She finally said.

Udom chuckled, “you will slap your own husband?”

“You’re not my husband. Go to your wife at the north, she is waiting for you to be married…”

“Stop it Koko. You’re my one and only.”

“I am nothing to you. Absolutely nothing. I will not have anything to do with you anymore. I will come back for my son.” She said and wanted to carry the box when he held her hands firmly and dragged her to a corner of the house. “Leave me alone!” She yelled, struggling to leave his arms. But he was quite too strong and agile. He nailed her to the wall and tried kissing her. “Take your hands off me.” She said angrily. But he insisted on trying to kiss her. “I am sorry, I was manipulated…” he managed to say as he kissed her softly. She didn’t give out her lips willingly, he only forced the kiss on her. Even when she rejected him, telling him as firmly as she could that she didn’t love him anymore, Udom was still relentless. It hadn’t mattered to Him all the bad words she said to him. His interest only seem to grow with every no. Every time he looked into her eyes, he saw controlled tears in there. He suddenly knelt before her and held her hands even firmer. Anytime she managed to look at him too, she cringed, waiting for an inappropriate look or word. The violence she went through in the past had shaken her to her core. She knew she’d exploded in a furious burst of energy out of jealousy. She was being swept up in a vortex of rage and pain and unbearable heartache. But she  loved her Husband still.

In the end, when he seemed to realize that she was giving him so much hard time, and darkness was falling on them, he immediately fell to his knees.

“No other woman deserves my heart, only you my queen. I was manipulated, I swear. I don’t believe in charms, but I believe I was charmed. On a normal day, I won’t ever want to leave you my beloved wife for some stupid ex girlfriend. If she was that good, why didn’t I marry her at first with all her wealth and influence? Why did I have to come all the way back home for you my first love?” His voice was quivering now. “ I swear to God, it’s you I love Koko. It’s you that matters and no one else.”

He held her hands and kissed it. “I can’t believe I watched that bitch stab you my wife. I can’t even imagine all you went through because of this my love.”

“You threw my things away.” Kokomma said in tears.

“I wasn’t in the right frame of mind. I was stupid, foolish, charmed, I was under a spell. I will do whatever you ask of me.” He said, breathing heavily.

“You will leave the barracks. And we will move to town. That house will remind me of all the bitter things I went through…”

“I will do all that.”

“You will grant my father’s wish, by wedding me at saint Theresa Catholic Church.”

“I will.” Udom nodded. His knees were soaked in the muddy floor but he didn’t care. All he wanted was to fix his marriage and that was all that mattered.


That night, they made love like it was their first time. Her moans of satisfaction swiftly turned into tears of joy. They moaned against each other’s ears, licking, kissing, caressing and sweating. It was the best night of their lives as they reunited and bonded even stronger. They couldn’t hold back the oceantide of feelings that seemed to gather strength inside them until there was nowhere else to go. Instead, it got caught up in a passionate Udom that made her release a cry of wonder and indescribable pleasure as it reached its zenith.

Kissing her tears away, Udom drove hard into her and finally fell against her, his breathing harsh and his forehead lightly sheened with sweat. As the erotic scents from their skin mingled and the fragile harmattan scent started to edge its way towards their space. Udom wrapped his arms around Kokomma and willed his tears of regret away. Instead of dwelling on the past, he would hold these precious moments to his heart like an unexpected precious gifts. And nobody would take that away from them.

The next day, Mma was discharged from the hospital. She smiled when she saw Udom holding Kokomma’s hands firmly.

“It’s a day to new year. You should go apologize to your father inlaw.” Mma said to Udom as she managed to step into the car.

“We are all heading there from here.” Udom said.

When they all got to Kokomma’s father’s compound, Udom knelt before his father Inlaw like he was god. He pleaded and begged him for all the pains he caused him and his daughter. He forgave him and put him on his feet. Everyone reunited except Udom who held grudges against Taiwo for impregnating his sister.

The plan on marrying Nsemeke began, it was going to be a small wedding in March, just after Akaniyene’s birthday.