The Love Beyond Me [Chapter 32]


Roberta could no longer contain the hurt. She knew better than everyone else who was standing right at that kitchen at that moment. It wasn’t up to a year, and everything changed in an unexpected twist.

“Wait a minute, let me get this right? Is she the owner of the house?” Uko asked, looking confused.

“Well, this house is one of the property of the minister, Baseka Jonathan. He bought it for her some months ago.”

“I see,” Uko said softly.

“Where are my daughters?” Roberta finally asked, her eyes were red, yet, there were no tears coming out of them.

“Let’s leave here please,” he helped Ayomide who was confused about what was happening to stand on her feet. He was about walking away, when Roberta blocked his way.

“Where are my daughters?” she asked again.

“What’s happening here?” Tiffany asked, confused and startled.

“You abandoned your daughters with me, and ran away with a politician and you’re here, asking me stupid questions. Get off my way this second!” he exclaimed.

She held the collar of his shirt and began to scream; “Tell me where my daughters are!”

“Can someone take this mad woman off my body before I kill her here?”

“Take your hands off him!” Ayomide said as she led Uko away.

“I started life with you. I was with you when you had nothing. Now see what you have done to me because of oyibo. You let her push me away Uko!” she cried and walked hastily toward him.

“Where are my daughters?” she screamed louder. “Please tell me where they are.” She knelt down by his side.

“I visited our old neigbour. They said you moved, even Ugochi didn’t know where you went to. I wanted to see the girls. Please tell me where they are!” she cried.

“Mr. Uko,” Tiffany called out. “Please tell her,” she said softly.

But Uko stared at her for long moments and shook his head.

“I don’t want her to see my children. I am even ashamed to call her my children’s mom. Was I insane when I met this woman?” he asked in confusion.

“They are at Melina’s place,” Ayomide said and swallowed.

Uko was angry. So angry he couldn’t hold himself. He turned and stared at Ayomide who was afraid he might also yell at her.

Ayomide hastily ran out of the gate, and he ran after her.

There was a pause before he spoke;

“I am not gonna hurt you,” he said calmly. Ayomide wanted to put her hands on him and hold him until he came to his senses. She turned to him and said;

“Let her see her children.”

Tiffany tried to talk to Roberta, and while she was trying to explain to her how Uko was so broke he only gave her 100k in a month, Tiffany thought she was having mental order.

“I am a lawyer. My boyfriend still pays me 80k allowance. I am always grateful. I work. Go work your ass off girl and see what it feels to give out a penny to someone,” Tiffany said softly before Ayomide and Uko walked in.

“I am leaving here now. We will resell the house Tiffany,” Uko said angrily as he got into the car.

“Go to hell!” Roberta said bitterly. “Go! Betrayer! All you men are the same, scums!” Things were bad enough. She wasn’t going to let him see her cry.

“If you dare try to take my girls from me, I will deal with you myself!”

It was a stupid threat, but one he must have known would work with her. He drove off and left Roberta standing there alone.

Tiffany left too.

Roberta wiped the tears on her cheeks, took a deep breath to calm herself and did as he asked. She was never going to take the girls away, she only wanted to see them.

Baseka had paid her off. The only thing that linked them together was their unborn child. He was going to send money for her upkeep, and make the child visit him too.

Roberta had sold everything he gave to her, including the car. She was heading to Surulere to see her girls. She had almost missed her way to Bode Thomas, Melina’s former house. She remembered she’d visited her twice in 2008.

The security man gave her the address to Melina’s new house, and when the cab guy could quickly identify the place, she exhaled. The knock at the door was with a shaky hand. She didn’t know who was going to open the door first, Kiki or Keke.

When the door opened, her heart sank.

“Jesus!” Melina exclaimed. “Who gave you the address to my house?” she asked sternly.

“Please Melina, let me see my children,” she said as tears dropped from her eyes.