The Bride [Chapter 8]


Ida widened her eyes at the boxes Addie brought back from Paris.

“You left with just one small box and now you’re back with over five boxes. Wow!” Ida exclaimed as she checked out the shoes in the box.

“My boss got them for me.”

Ida paused. “Hmm. This your boss that is buying you all these things, I hope there is no string attached o.”

“Nothing serious. Just wanna have fun and that’s all.” Addie said.

“I knew it! This your boss matter ehn. E go soon burst.” Ida said, checking out the clothes.

“The other box is for you.” Addie said, pointing at the yellow box.

Ida disposed the clothes and rushed at the yellow box. “Oh my God! Paris!” She exclaimed excitedly. When she saw the price tag on the clothes, she gasped. “This is a fucken $300 oh my God!” She exclaimed as she placed the blouse on her body.

“Yeah…” Addie retorted.

“Thank you so much Addie!” She hugged her firmly.

“What are best friends for?”

“But you will soon tell me about this your boss o.”

“I don hear you.” Addie said as she opened one of the boxes and brought out new shoes from it. Testing  and admiring them.


Addie had no idea why she felt so compelled to go to the club even when it wasn’t work day for her. Vincent had told her that Friday mornings are rest days for her. It was weird, This urge that wanted her to visit the club.

She took her car keys and hurried out of the house without telling Ida where she was going to.

She drove speedily to the club, and as she stepped down from the car, the whole place was quiet.

All round her, the 4th street San Francisco was silent, a beautiful sleepy street killed into rest. She walked hastily into the club house and when she saw Vincent, she rushed at him, “Let’s talk at your office boss.”

“You’re not supposed to be here now. You’re supposed to be sleeping, we have club tonight.” He said.

“I feel something is wrong in my heart. I don’t know what it is, but something is wrong.” She said hastily in soft whispers.

Vincent turned to the instrumentalists, “carry on guys, I am coming.” He made a few calls and went to see her in his office.

“What is wrong with you?” He asked as he stood before her.

“I have this feeling. My heart isn’t at peace with me.”

“It has to do with me?” He asked.

“I don’t know, I am confused…” She kissed him. “Vin, run. Runaway and leave here now please.”

“Why?” He chuckled.

She paced around. “I don’t know. Find somewhere and hide.”

He laughed. “Hide, why?”

There was a loud noise from the workers outside.

“Police!” Someone screamed.

“Lie down everyone!” Loud voices came in.

Addie fell to the floor immediately. One of the police men held Addie and put handcuffs around her. “Take me please! Take me and leave her alone she isn’t in this!” He screamed.

They left Addie and held only Vincent’s hand. Addie rushed to his feet and held it, “No, No!” She screamed.

“Don’t forget to reach out to mom In Columbia if anything happens to me. Call Santiago!” He said.

Addie watched as they took him away. She cried out so bitterly. Her instincts is always right. It was the same instincts that warned her mother not to go on the Aba trip. Something bad was going to happen to her mother and she knew it.

Her father died when she was 8months old, and even as a baby, her mother said the day her father died, she cried all through and had refused to eat or suck breast.

The clubhouse was locked down. Addie managed to walk out of the club weakly. She cried herself home.


When Ida saw the tears in her eyes, she knew that all wasn’t well.

She stood to her feet and held Addie’s hands.

“What happened?”

“My boss was arrested today.”

“How? Why?”

“I don’t know.”

“Does that mean you won’t work again?”

“Maybe. Yeah. For now.” She replied sadly.

“I am really sorry Addie, this country isn’t a place that you might just wanna stay without working.”

“The bills isn’t my problem. I am bothered about my boss.” Addie said.