The Bride [Chapter 7]


Sensation bolted through her and a delicious orgasm gripped her body. She caught her lip, fighting back the cry that worked its way up her throat, the same way she fought back the strange fear cooking inside her for hanging out with a bad man. She knew that Her boss Vincent wasn’t a good man. He was a badass millionaire, handsome yet very adventurous. He was a drug dealer and it was risky hanging out or traveling with such a person. But she loved having sex with him, she loved being with him despite that she was aware of all his bad dealings.

The feeling intensified as he stared deeply into her eyes.

She closed her eyes, shutting him out effectively refocusing her thoughts on the hard  muscle and warm skin pressed against her. She kissed him, tasted him, stroked him until he cried out this time.

He was close. So close. But she knew he wanted to be inside her. And she wanted him, hoisting her legs  up on either side of him, his joystick poised for entry.

But he slide her down, stepped out of the shower and set her down on the bathroom rug. Reaching over, he rummaged in his pants pocket and retrieved a condom.

They were at Saint James Albany In Paris. She accompanied him for his usual vacation that he observed three times in a year. It was the first time he was going with just one woman. He used to go with three of his girls from the strippers club in Texas.

She watched as he slid the latex over his bulging erection. He turned her around then urged her hands on the countertop, and  entered her from behind. She closed her eyes, catching her bottom lip as an exquisite climax ripped through her, wave upon wave of sensation pounding her. And she was floating. For long moments, he made love to her and they both moaned softly in unison. He was the first Caucasian she ever made love to and she never regretted it.

Their stay in Paris was for just two weeks, but Vincent wanted them to stay longer. She was afraid he was going to fall In love with her. She heard about these people when they love a woman. They get obsessed and might kill you if you try to leave them. And she didn’t want any man to be in control of her life. She wanted to sleep with anyone she wanted to without having a feeling of betrayal.

Vincent gave her all she wanted in Paris: perfumes. Designer clothes and shoes. She loved them all. She shopped for Ida too. He gave her thousands of dollars, and promised he wasn’t going to cheat on her.

“Why? Why won’t you cheat on me?”  She asked. Vincent paused, he was disappointed by the question.

“I love you.” He said.

“No. You can’t love me. You can’t.” She said bitterly.

“Why? Why don’t you want me to love you?”

Addie paused for a moment, “I just want to be free. I don’t wanna belong to anyone. You owe me nothing, absolutely nothing.”

Vincent chuckled. “You’re saying this because you think i’m a bad guy and you don’t wanna get into trouble huh?”

She relished the feeling for several long seconds before she gathered her control and pulled away from him.

“Are you okay?”

“I don’t want too much intimacy anymore.” She murmured as she reached for her bathrobe.

“Okay, if you don’t want us to be lovers, fine. It’s okay.” He ran a hand through his hair.

“I don’t wanna be anyone’s lover now.” She retorted calmly.

Vincent was calm, yet he was angry.

When she noticed his sad countenance, she laid gently by his side and cuddled his soft curly hair. “You’re my boss. I give you sex because you’re worthy to handle my sexuality and feminine wants.” She kissed him softly. “Don’t fall In love with me Vin. I am not the love girl, even though I feel you’re the only man that can handle me so perfectly.” Vincent opened his eyes and met hers. He kissed her.

“I sent all those women away. I used to pay them to have sex with me. But I sent them away because of you.” He said.