The Bride [Chapter 6]


“Sit here and wait, I want us to talk confidentially.” Vincent said to Addie as he went to bring  files from his cabinet.

She could see that he loved having the power to make people wait.

With a fake smile, she took the files from him when he handed them to her. She opened them carefully and read through. Everything in the paper was written in simple plain English, but she didn’t understand what it meant.

“I am sending you money, money I can’t keep because if I do, I might get caught and sent to jail. I want to trust you, and I hope you will never betray me. This is the first time I’m doing this.” He said boldly, staring into her eyes as if his words were showing on her face.

“I don’t understand.” She said, looking confused.”

“I am sure you have a foreign account, not here, I mean your home country. I am sending you money. A big sum of money. I want you to keep it safe for me in your Nigerian account. Please.”

“Is it bad money? Or drug money?”

“Yes.” He replied.

“If you put me in trouble, it’s not fine. But this is risky.”

“Yes. I know it’s risky. Do it for me Addie please.”

“Okay.” She said, shrugging.

“I will explain to you what is written on that file later. Give them to me.” He said as he took it from her.

Addie sat there, looking at his mouth as he mentioned the amount of money he was sending to her account. “Twenty three million dollars.”

She had a pretty face, and her long neck curved gracefully down to wide, strong shoulders, then small breasts atop a stomach that looked as though it could flip coins over. Slim, strong hips topped legs that had to be seen to be believed: long, muscular, graceful. Even the way she was sitting seemed like it had been choreographed, with elegant feet pointed on the ground in expensive high heels.

Astonishing woman. Vincent thought;

“Will you accompany me to Paris?” He asked. Looking at her eyes pleadingly. She nodded.

“Thank you. I am sending Santiago to send the money to your account. Write it down for me and I will forward it later.”


“Thank you Addie, you have saved me from the hands of something that would have been so terrible.”

“It’s okay.”

“Don’t worry, I will give you a huge percentage in appreciation. That is the money I am saving for my mom.”

“Okay sir.” She said.

“If anything happens to me, you will get to her.”

“Nothing will happen to you.” She said reassuringly.


The night was filled with magic of nature as snow fell slowly. Addie had just woken up to take some coffee when she heard footsteps heading to her apartment. She  rushed to the window and when she saw that it was Ida, she screamed so loud. Carefully dropping the teacup on the reading table and wearing her winter coat. She opened the door and when Ida saw her, she yelled, “surprise!”

They hugged each other excitedly before they carried all the luggage she had brought back home.

“I missed you Ida, this house has been so boring, very boring I can’t even say how I despised being alone. You stayed for too long.”

“Work! Work! Work! And by the way, this one that you’re talking about boredom, don’t you have a boyfriend? don’t lie to me that you haven’t been laid since I left,” pointing hands at her, “you that I know will never stay even two weeks without sex.”

Addie chuckled.

“I don’t wanna talk about any man now Ida. Let’s talk about us. How is that your fine bobo?”

“I thought you said you don’t wanna talk about man?” Ida asked smiling widely at her.

“How is he?”

“I don’t know. All I can remember about Tag is that he is good with sex. And that’s all.” Ida said and winked at her.

“You’re trying to do me longer throat abi?”

“Abeg, leave Tag jare, how is the club business?”

“Fine. My boss is now using our club as his new office. The work is just too much.”

“Oyibo man?”

“Yes. Columbian.”

Ida sighed, “oh those people.  They are business conscious and always work too much.”

Addie nodded.She remembered that she had not told Ida about her affair with her boss, and the money he’d saved in her Nigerian bank account. The two women talked about many things including visiting Las Vegas for the first time but when Addie told Ida that she is accompanying her boss to Paris, Ida widened her eyes and smiled suspiciously at her.

“It’s not what you think, it’s a business meeting please.” Addie said.

“Addie! Business meeting Ko, business meeting ni.” Ida said and laughed out so loud.