The Bride [Chapter 5]


The last man she had sex with was Donald; that was long ago.

Now she was sick, and her boss was right in her house, ready to do anything possible to make her well, including sex if she lets him. He ran a hand through his hair and eyed her.

“You can let yourself out of this sickness by letting me touch you.” He said.

“Mr Vincent, I don’t know if this is right. It’s not part of the plan…” She faltered, then added, “We can do it tomorrow if you want.”

“Tomorrow is a long time away.” He said, as he began to remove his sweater gently. His deep voice was bold, he drew her attention and her gaze met his. Heat smoldered in the dark gold depth of his eyes and an ache went through her. “I have waited too long for this already. I mean sex with you.” He said boldly.

Addie swallowed hard, afraid that this man might devour her if she didn’t let him.

“I want you.” He stepped towards her and removed the furry body wrap she used in covering her body, then he touched her nipple. It felt different somehow, being touched by a white man, her boss. Especially with his gaze locked with hers and his body so close, all she had to do was reach out and touch him.

“You like this, don’t you?” She nodded and he grinned, rasping the edge back and forth until she caught her lip between her teeth to keep from moaning. “I knew you weren’t half as good as you pretended to be.”

“I do have sex with men.” She managed to say.

“Good. But from today, it’s just me you’re gonna have sex with.” He murmured, and then caught her mouth with a hot deep kiss.

The sensation between her legs grew until she whimpered.

They almost fell the flower vase on the reading table but he held them firmly and pushed them to the center of the table, then he pushed her to the sofa, touched her, slicking his thumb over her clitoris and rubbing while his finger slid deep inside.

“I want to feel you when you go wild and insane.” His gaze caught and held hers. “ I want to see you naked too.” She said.

He stood to his feet and removed all he wore, revealing over thirty tattoos that he had from his chest to his belly.

He moved his fingers, plunging and stroking. The pleasure was intense, but it was nothing compared to the brightness of his gaze as he stared at her.

“Oh my God!” She exclaimed. He covered her mouth with his hands and had sex with her. He pressed a spot as she cried out, the sound barely muffled as he twisted her around and caught her mouth again with his own.


When everyone knew that he was going out with Addie the manager, the women who worked for him frowned. He used to sleep with all of them, until the black bitch from Nigeria came and took away the man who was giving them thousands of dollars.

Vincent and Addie had sex in his office at The Grand Night Club and in his car, and whenever and wherever she wanted it.

Their affair wasn’t a secret one anymore. He fired any woman who wanted to come between them.

There was no love between them, it was strictly sex.

That’s what Addie told herself the next morning as she stood up from the bed. She and Ida talked over the phone almost everyday, but she never told her about Vincent. It was going to sound weird if she told Ida she was sleeping with her boss.