The Bride [Chapter 3]


When Addie was done for the day at the club, she drove home as usual. When she got to the front of her house, she checked through her phone, the money Donald had ordered Muyiwa to send to her account was Sent. She smiled. She was now $10,000 richer.

She sent an appreciation message to Donald immediately she got the money, sitting in the car and thinking about what she was going to do with all that money. She had no mother, no father. Her only brother was doing well in Nigeria, and had no need for money at all. She alighted from the car excitedly, anxious to share the news with Ida.

When she opened the door of the sitting room, she heard moaning. Ida was making love with a man on the couch!

Addie widened her eyes at the scene. Ida knew that she was home, but didn’t make any attempt to get off the man. Addie walked into her bedroom. She became horny instantly. Ida had to be so loud! It affected her.

When she came out of the bathroom, she could hear boisterous laughter from the sitting room. She hurriedly wore her pyjamas and hurried to the sitting room. The sight of this fine black man took her senses away. Where did Ida get such a fine man?

“Meet my best friend and roommate Addie, Addie, this is my boyfriend and boss Captain Tag Jalade.” Ida said.

Addie gasped at Tag. She was amazed at such cuteness.

“Hi Captain Tag, you are so cute!” Addie said sweetly and shook his hands.

“Thank you, Addie, you’re beautiful too.”

“Thank you, I’m impressed.” Addie said and went away.

All through the night, Ida’s moanful sounds echoed through the walls of the house and to Addie’s ears. She felt like punching Ida’s face with her bare hands and telling her to shut the fuck up. The next morning, Addie woke up to see Ida packing her Bags.

“You bitch!” Addie screamed excitedly.


“You had good sex last night and wouldn’t want me to sleep in peace.” Addie said as she turned coffee from the dispenser.

Ida exhaled. “That dude had been crushing on me since I joined Emirate. He is the cutest pilot on Emirate. So cute women just die for him. I was surprised when he started asking me out for dinner and all that. We first had sex in Dubai. And then we got to Australia he wanted to just dive right into my panties. He came into America yesterday and asked me to be his permanent girlfriend. Who wouldn’t want to fuck such a bloody cute thing? Did you see his lips? He curled them into my hmm!” Ida closed her eyes as she spoke. “He has a House here in California!” She added.

“Oh my God! Ida!” Addie exclaimed as she covered her mouth.

“I have changed his name in my phone from captain Tag Jalade to Captain of my body.”

“What the fak! You have killed yourself finally!”

“Before nkor? You know how hard it is to get a dude that cute that can just give you all you want in bed? He is so freaking cute. He gives me so many orgasms.”

“Cool.” Addie said shyly. “So why are you packing?”

“We are going to Mumbai.”



“You air hostesses travel a lot. I wish I was one.”

“Of course! It’s our job.”

“My regards to your boyfriend.”

“I know you like him and would want him to do you.”

“Me? No o. I don’t want that abeg. Seriously I don’t.

He is your man.”

“Na you talk am o.” Ida said.

“Donald sent me $10,000 yesterday.”

Ida covered her mouth, bewildered. “You’re kidding right?”

“Kidding for what? Come see,” She handed her phone to Ida, Ida rushed over the phone and widened her eyes over it.


“Oh well…” Addie smiled.