The Bride [Chapter 15]


New York City was a typical busy town.

It had twice the population, as well as the number of grocery stores, food stores and movie theaters.

When Tag held her hands as they got into a taxi, she exhaled at the beautiful city. She wore her usual jean and a small pink top. Her navy blue sweater was soft and thin and fell in soft folds to her mid calf. Her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She looked so sweet and wholesome as she smiled at everything.

“You like the City?” Tag asked.

“Not yet, I am just excited to be here.” She said. He held her hands and kissed it.

“We will head to our hotel room first, before we go see my sister.” He said.

“We aren’t sleeping over at her house?”



“Because I don’t want us to.”


“I want my freedom.” He muttered.

“Oh I see…”

“We will be lodging at New York Marriott Marquis. It’s on broadway. Near my sister’s house.” He said.

Addie knew his reasons. He knew why he would choose to sleep in a hotel when he had a sister who owned a house right on the same street.

When they got to the luxurious large hotel, Addie thought it was the most beautiful structure she had ever seen. She calmly alighted from the taxi as Tag and the hotel guards helped in taking their boxes out from the car.

“This is breathtaking.” Addie finally said. They headed to the reception, their boxes placed on the gold trolley.

“Hello, I made a reservation here yesterday.” Tag said to the Caucasian receptionist who seemed rude, but smiled as soon as she saw that he looked rich.

“Welcome to Marriot Marquis sir.” She said, shunning Addie who was staring at her with a warm smile. And Addie wondered if the receptionist knew that she was sleeping with her best friend’s boyfriend.

“What’s your name please?” The receptionist asked as she stared at the computer.

“Tag…” he went on.

Not long, his name was found and he made payment for the hotel.

Addie fell on the luxurious large bed as soon as the door was open.

“Thank you.” Tag said nicely to the Waiter who accompanied them to their room with their luggage.

“Where is your sister’s place?” Addie asked.

“We aren’t seeing her today. Tomorrow, today is resting day.”

“It’s hard to explain how I feel right now. So excited to travel. It would have been another boring week in California.” She said.

Tag sat up and threw his legs over the side of the bed. His phone rang, and he thought it was his sister, he rushed at it and when he saw, ‘Ida calling’ he ignored it.

“Who is the caller?” Addie asked.

“No one.” He retorted and went back to the bed, lying down beside her.

He’d anticipated spending the nights, and any other free time, burning up the sheets and sating his lust with Addie.

They lapsed into an uneasy silence, then he held her hands and looked at her face. “I can’t believe I am here with you. I was planning to come on this trip with your friend. But she isn’t available now.” He said, but the words held no enthusiasm.

She held his face and kissed him. His gaze locked with hers for a heart pounding moment.


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