The Bride [Chapter 14]


She wasn’t going to do it again.

That’s what she told herself as soon as she alighted from Tag’s car.

Strong, warm hands brushed gently along the planes of her face and tangled in her  hair, cradling her head. His lips were soft and coaxing as she withdrew reluctantly. “Thank you for hanging out with me.”

Addie opened her mouth to speak, but she was so furious and so aroused that no words came out. She narrowed her eyes, and strode across the small aisle that led to the house.

As she got into the house and changed to her night gown, she sucked in her breath when her bare feet hit the cold floor and cold air swirled up her loose fitting night gown. She quickly pulled out her drawer and took out a grey woolen socks.

Her phone rang and she picked it up immediately.

It was Tag who had called to tell her that he was home. In his sitting room, thinking of her.

He was in his large sitting room, admiring the colorful lights that blinked from his chandelier as he talked with Addie over the phone. “Thank you for hanging out with me.” He said.

“You have said that before.” Addie retorted.

“What will you be doing tomorrow?” He asked.

“Nothing.” She shrugged.

“That means you could accompany me to Jessie’s place?”

“Who’s Jessie?”

“My younger sister. She stays in New York.”

“So you and I will have to go to New York?” She asked.

“Yeah. It’s just gonna be a small rest vacation for me until I resume work.” He said.

“Okay. Tomorrow what time should I be ready?” She asked, without even remembering that she had thought of not hanging out with him anymore.

“Be ready by 10am.” He said and hung up.


Tag hurriedly opened his WhatsApp chat, and when he saw Ida’s messages, he laughed.

Ida: what’s going on in California? Have you and Addie done it yet??

Tag:  yeah babe

Ida: she agreed?

Tag: yeah. ☺

Ida: ? You mean it? Tell me how did it go?

Tag: She was attracted to me. We had hot sex at your house today

Ida: you’re kidding?

Tag: I am so damn serious. We had sex. She couldn’t resist me. I couldn’t resist her body either. She stripped before I could say jack!

Ida: oh so shameless! How did it feel?

Tag: banging her?

Ida: yeah?

Tag: normal. Like having sex with a normal girl. It’s always special with you and I.

Ida: damn boy. I am shocked. I knew that Addie was a cheap slut, I never really believed she was gonna fall for you.

Tag: well, she did

Ida: ??‍♀

Tag: when are you coming back?

Ida: you missing me already?

Tag: yeah! ?

Ida: (laughs) enjoy your new girl while it last. When am back, I am giving no bitch a chance with my man.

Tag:? jealous?

Ida: Hell no. I know that nobody can take you away from me. Absolutely no one. Except I want it to happen.

Tag:☺ okay.

Ida: I am sleeping off. I have lectures later today.

Tag: okay baby. I forgot to say, I am going to New York tomorrow to see my sister.

Ida: oh. My regards to her. Your new bitch is gonna be so horny and lonely.

Tag: ? goodnight babes. I love you.

Ida: I love you too.

Addie couldn’t go back to sleep anymore. Her thoughts raged like a tornado. Ida was her best friend, and she had set a trap for her which she couldn’t resist. But she was going to pretend as if she didn’t know what was happening.