The Bride [Chapter 13]


She went inside her bedroom, expecting that he would join her in there. And in no time he was searching his way to her bedroom. When he finally saw her, he sat upright by her bedside. He thought she was manipulative. Calmly manipulative in a way he did not understand.

She was covered with a duvet, her eyes open as she stared at his face.

The notion struck him the moment he trailed his fingertips down the side of her face, under the curve of her jaw, down the smooth column of her throat, until the furry duvet that she used in covering her whole body stopped him.

“I am sorry. This wasn’t meant to be. It’s…” he muttered.

“Shh…” She hushed him. “Don’t say anything. Come to bed with me.” She said. She licked her bottom lip and he had the urge to lean down and catch the plump flesh between her teeth and nibble. He pulled out his clothes, one after the other, while she watched him.

Addie didn’t search for the right words to say to him. She didn’t think before she said anything to him, from the moment she realized that she was being used, every word was developed from her brain. And everything he said to her, she didn’t believe them.

He pulled her close, plastering them together from chest to thigh, holding her securely with one hand tight around her waist.

“You’re a crazy girl.” He whispered to her.

“You’re too.” Her words slid into his ears, coaxing him to soften in her arms the way the warm heat of his body urged her to relax and let her guard down.

“What if Ida walks through that door and sees us now?” He asked.

“I don’t know what she would do.” She replied and shrugged. She became instantly aware of the hardness pressed against the soft cradle of her thighs. Heat flowed low in her belly, spreading through her body like a flame sweeping a dry bush.

He put her carefully on the bed and began to kiss her.

This wasn’t a bet. He wasn’t forced by Ida to do this. He did it because he wanted to. And the person involved (Addie) is a girl he was already attracted to.

He got into her and she closed her eyes while he rode her gently. Moaning into her ears. He plunged his tongue deep, tangling with hers in a fierce kiss that made her thighs quiver and her nipples ache and her hormones chant.

They tasted each other. Licking and exploring in a fast and furious rhythm that quickly calmed into something a little less frantic and a lot more dangerous.

The truth echoed in Addie’s head, again and again that this is a game plan to satisfy her sexual needs for a while. But it wasn’t enough to make her stop.

Reality hit her when Tag reached ejaculation.

It was over, she thought. He was going to go tell Ida everything: about how she moaned. About how moist and slippery she was. About how good she was at twisting her waist and holding unto him.

Tag stared down at her, deep into her eyes, and her heart did a double thump.

“I am hungry.” He said.

“Me too.” She retorted.

“Let’s get to Nkechi African Cafe. They have good foods there.”

“Where is that?”



“I will be driving.” He said as he rushed to the bathroom. He put on the shower and stood under it, washing his body. She joined him in the shower and as she was about picking the shower gel, he grabbed her and kissed her again. She closed her eyes, letting the water run down her face and fall half way in between his lips and hers.

“I am mad over you.” He whispered.

“Is it the sex that is making you talk this way?” She asked.

“No. Not the sex. It’s you. I have loved you before now. I wish you weren’t close to Ida.” He said. If she wasn’t careful, she would blow it to his face: the truth that she was aware of his game plan with Ida. A game plan that she liked and wanted it to remain that way. She was ready to act the fool.


When they were done having their bath, she wore a light chiffon dress and a winter jacket and joined him to eat lunch at Nkechi’s African cafe.

The admiration for each other was mutual. She knew he really liked her, but she didn’t get the game part of it. And the thoughts that she was being played kept running through her mind as she held the menu card and stared at it for a moment.

“Banga and starch.” She said calmly.