The Bride [Chapter 12]


Tag got Addie’s phone number, and when he got to his house he called her and informed that he was home and that he enjoyed his time with her.

He talked about his vacation and how boring it was because Ida wasn’t around. The next day he would visit her again, and they would play computer games together, sip coffee and eat broccoli soup.

“I have something to show you. I think you would love it.” Tag said as he stood to his feet and walked to his car. Addie didn’t say anything. When she saw his phone on the couch, she rushed through it and opened his WhatsApp messages immediately. She searched through for Ida’s chats and read through it carefully.

Ida: hey, are you still with her? Have you two fucked yet?”

Tag: no. But she is giving green light. She likes me a lot.

Ida: ? I told you. She told me she does. I just want you to fuck her as much as you want. No pity at all, you will leave her when I ask you to.

Tag: okay baby. You’re a bad girl.

Ida: Yeah. I know right. I just wanna make sure you have her to your fill until I come back.

Tag: okay. It’s fine. I am in London. I will be back in no time.

When Addie heard the car door slam, she put the phone screen lights off and kept it back on the couch. Pain splintered through her. Rage piled on top of despair, putting unbearable pressure on her chest. She couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t imagine that her friend would want to set her up this way, making her look like a cheap slut.

When Tag opened the door and saw her, her countenance had changed.

He had a bottle of whiskey in his hands.

“It’s getting cold, so I brought whiskey.” He said.

The sound of his voice pierced the fury in her heart.

“Okay. That’s good.” She said and stood to go get tiny glasses from the kitchen. He poured the drink into the glass cup, still looking at her face and wondering if something had gone wrong.

“Are you okay?” He asked as he handed the glass of whiskey to her.

“Yes. I am fine.” She said, faking a smile, yet her eyes still showed sadness that was quite unexplainable.

“Cheers” She added as she hit the glass up gently to his.

“Cheers…” he retorted and gulped the hot drink down his throat. She was getting colder when she walked to her room and took a brown sweater from her basket. She wore it and then walked back to the sitting room.

She had thought of telling him that she was aware of what his intentions were, and that she knew that it was a set up between him and her best friend. But she couldn’t. She wanted him so bad. Ida was right.

Tag sat upright on the couch when she walked in.

“I want us to have sex.” Addie blurted out as she pulled out her sweater.

“You want us to have sex?” Tag asked. Just to make sure he’d heard her correctly and this wasn’t just an extension of the very erotic dream he’d been having about her.

“I want us to have real sex. Make me moan, just as you do to Ida. I want it in the shower, a cinema, a public rest room, elevator, kitchen and the car. Once we do all these, we will stop when Ida returns.” He heard in her voice that she felt the same heat he did, burning her up from the inside out. He would have told her of the nights he made love to Ida, it was her face he imagined before he could reach ejaculation.

“Which means we should get started already?” He asked. His body throbbed at the prospect.

“We’ll start now.” She replied. There was no way she could stay another entire night without him. She needed a really good orgasm in a really bad day as this. This day that she’d realized that she was being played.

She didn’t know why she had to go ahead with the romantic affair even when she knew that she was being played by two lovers who thought her to be a cheap horny slut. But she was intimately attracted to Tag, and she couldn’t hold herself for that long.

He rushed at her and kissed her passionately, his mouth smelling of alcohol.

If only Ida knew that Tag had been wishing for this moment. This moment that he would hold Addie in his hands and do magic to her dark shiny skin. Unfortunately he wasn’t lusting over her, he was really in need of this moment, where he would kiss her and tell her ‘I wish I’d met you first before her.’

She was real. With eyes as warm as the hot fudge he loved to pour on his favorite strawberry ice cream, and just as decadent. And he was already kissing her, and that’s just what he did. He couldn’t even run his hands around her round breast. He couldn’t even tell her that he wanted her too. He couldn’t even push her to the couch and ride her just as she wanted. He couldn’t . He was satisfied already. Being in her arms and feeling this warmth was enough.

He was getting slower each and every time his lips met hers.

“You don’t want sex?” A soft sweet voice drifted right before him.

“I do. I can’t just believe I am kissing you.” He said.

She pushed away slowly and gave him her full attention. His face was strategically down, though, depriving her of his response. All she could look at was his mouth. She found herself staring. He had sensual lips for a man, perfectly shaped. Lips that made a woman remember his kiss and want to return for more. And she took a full measure of his legs to his feet. And no matter how hard she tried to hate him for trying to use her, she still saw herself wanting to fall into his arms. She drew in a shallow breath and looked away not sure what to do anymore.

“I am going into my bedroom.” She took her clothes, covered her body with it and walked away.