The Bride [Chapter 11]


When Jojo saw that Addie might be tipsy or maybe drunk, he tried to take advantage of her body. But she wouldn’t give in, even though she wanted sex so badly. She wouldn’t let him devour her the way he wanted.

They were still on the verandah, and it had started getting cold. Wrapping her arms around her middle, Addie fought with every ounce of will she possessed and pushed him off.

Still it raged, almost suffocating her with his violence. He was revealing himself. And Addie thought if this didn’t happen tonight, and if she really liked him enough to date him, she would have ended up dating a violent man. It wasn’t the alcohol. It was who he was, a violent young man who would have devoured her if she wasn’t strong enough to counter his wills.

“Are you guys okay?” Ida asked from the window.

“I am cold, I need some sleep.” Addie said as she got up and walked into the house, leaving Jojo sitting there alone and frustrated.

Her eyes widened when she saw that Tag was naked. A fine naked man whom she would have loved to be with. If It was Tag who tried to touch her a few moments ago on the verandah, she would have given in. She lustfully stared at his naked body for a moment and walked into her bedroom.

There was a time Addie would have wanted a twosome with Tag. She would have boldly said it to his face, but she didn’t want this life anymore.

That night she tried to masturbate, to touch herself and imagine a man like Tag riding on her. But it didn’t come forth. She slept off and the next morning, when she woke, they had gone.

When Addie searched the kitchen and the sitting room and couldn’t find Ida, she walked to Ida’s bedroom and saw her packing her bags.

“Where to?” She asked.

“London. I thought I told you I would be going to train new interns today?”

“No. You never discussed it.” Addie yawned and then sat by the bedside.

“Well, I am leaving for London to train.” Ida said as she threw her perfumes into the box.

“For how long?”

“Two weeks or more. Depends on…”

“I would want you to lend me some money please. I will pay you back.”

“Are you kidding? You and I know that you’re richer than me. Your boss or your boyfriend or whatever gave you thousands of dollars or millions rather, to keep for his mom. You don’t know his mom, you don’t know if he is still alive or not, but you wanna just save the money and come get the small one I heve!”

“Why are you talking like this? I have money, but I fixed it because I thought more would be coming from my work. I never  knew that the club would be shut down.”

“I don’t have money.”

“I don’t get it. You and I are staying in a house that Donald paid for the rents for over a year now. You and I don’t have to think over food because I bought all the food in this house. Now you think I am saving my money to come spend yours?”

“I never said that…”

“But that is what you mean, damn it!”

“You’re yelling Addie, it hasn’t gotten to this extent.”

“Because I am not working anymore, you think you can just talk to me as you want right? Don’t  worry o.” Addie said and walked away to her room. She locked herself.

Ida knocked on the door for several moments, but she didn’t say a word.

Ida counted out $19 and placed it on Addie’s bedroom door step.

“I am leaving. Leaving some money here for you. I will call you when I get to London, I am in a hurry, I don’t wanna miss my flight.” She said hastily and walked away.

“I don’t want your money anymore.” Addie muttered, but to herself. She didn’t want to call  Donald. She knew he would send her money immediately if she did.

She regretted fixing all the money she had. More bills were piling up and she didn’t know what to do. She was at her wit end. When she opened the door and saw that Ida had dropped some money at her doorstep, she took it immediately and counted it.

“Thanks bitch…” she muttered and rushed to the kitchen. Ida had cleaned the kitchen before leaving. She was good at keeping the house clean and tidied. It was the way she was badmouthed that Addie didn’t like.

There was a half carton of milk, two eggs and some rapidly wilting lettuce. There was a can of diced tomatoes on the kitchen cabinet. A bowl of half eaten Cheerios that Ida had before rushing to have her bath.

She tasted the Cheerios and spat it out immediately. She hated Cheerios, cornflakes and cereals. The doorbell rang and she sighed. The landlord was here again for the bills, she thought.

When she opened the door and saw that it wasn’t the landlord, but Tag, her heart sank.

“Ida isn’t home. Didn’t she tell you? She left for London this morning.” She said.

“I know. I didn’t come to see Ida. I came to see you.” He said with a soft smile.

“I hope everything is fine?” She asked and stared in delighted surprise.

“Yes. Don’t you want me to visit you?” He asked. Tag’s gaze dropped from her elegant body to her perfect backside.

He reluctantly raised his eyes and walked into the sitting room.

Addie stood hands on hips, trying hard not to smile too wide. She was melting inside of her.

“Do you want coffee or something?” She asked.

“No. I am still filled from our last night’s party.” He paused and then said, “Ida mentioned that you needed a job. Are you still searching?”

“Yes. Yes. I am still in need of a job. I lost my job some months ago and it’s been really hectic. The bills and all that are piling up and I am freaking out already.”

“Can we hang out?”

“Hell no!”

“Why?” He asked, looking surprise. He didn’t expect such response from her. Ida gave him a different impression of Addie.

“You’re asking me on a date?”

“No. I want us to hang out aren’t you bored in here? You don’t have to look so alarmed, I am not asking you out on a date. It’s simply a hangout.”

“You’re too handsome. And you’re rich. I want to hangout with someone plain, not a Nigerian man.”

“What?” He asked, shocked, a smile at the corner of his mouth.

“Yeah.” She said as she switch on the TV with a remote control.

“What kind of a man do you wanna hang out with?” He asked.

“More like stable. Someone with roots. Someone with common sense and honor. Someone with a fair skin and a brown hair.”

“You’re obviously as crazy as a coot. Ida never told me.”

“What else did Ida tell you about me?”

“Nothing.” He shrugged with a smile. “Nothing. You’re her best friend. She won’t say bad things about her best friend.”

Addie wiped a trickle of sweat from her hairline as she and Tag talked and laughed for a while. She watched as Tag talked about Nigeria like it was paradise. She still wondered why he was there with her when Ida wasn’t around.