The Bride [Chapter 10]


The refrigerator held variety of drinks in it. New drinks that Ida had bought from the mall the previous evening.

There was a bowl of well prepared chicken salad fixed in the refrigerator: in the midst of the drinks.

“Oh wow. Birthday, birthday party is gonna be lit!” Addie said lyrically.

Ida exhaled, “I am almost done, almost, almost done…” She fanned herself with her hands.

“So, you and this Tag guy are having a serious thing already? Cool. I am happy for you.” Addie said as she settled on the dining chair.

Ida laughed, “He is just around for a while, you know these men.”

“Of course this one is different Ida. You’re always running after men who have money. Snatching people’s boyfriends those days in school. And you always ran to hide in my house back then. You never did all of these for  any man. This is my first time of seeing this wonder.”

Ida rolled her eyes. “What brought this topic now? I am a changed woman now. Since I left Naija, that shit got out of my body.”

Addie gave her a shrug.

When the doorbell rang, Ida whispered to Addie’s ears. “Tag and his friend are here.” She rushed to the door and then screamed excitedly, “surprise!”

Tag gave a beautiful smile as he walked into the sitting room that scented of a combination of salted caramel, food and something spicy.

His best friend Jojo hugged Ida tightly. A fine Caucasian man who had dark curly hair that Addie really admired, but he didn’t have the guts of Vincent her boss, he wasn’t even as huge as her ex Donald, so he wasn’t her spec anyways. He wasn’t the kind of man she would easily give in to. He was just a fine guy who wasn’t really attracted to her.

Tag smiled at the fabulous setting of food and candle light on the table. He wasn’t surprised, he knew that when Ida called and told him she had something important to discuss with him, it was more than that.

“This is cool baby, thank you.” He said to Ida and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. He kept smiling unconsciously as he held the knife on his cake and cut it, then he blew the candles. But the six candles on the cake went off except one, he used his hand and pressed through the burning lights, it didn’t hurt as everyone felt.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!” They all sang in unison and clapped their hands playfully.

“Thank you for this, I haven’t had a birthday in years. I am always either on air or somewhere in a lonely Country.” He said smilingly.

“You’re welcome baby.” Ida said and gave him a warm hug.

They quietly ate dinner together, and when they were done, they moved to the sitting room. Addie played some cool Nigerian music: Olamide, Tuface and Tiwa.

They danced all through. Sweating and twerking.

Addie couldn’t take her eyes off Tag Jalade as she nodded her head to every lyrically beat from the sound system.

“You’re pretty. So pretty.” Jojo whispered loudly into Addie’s ears. Addie smiled. “Thanks.” It was a simple compliment, but she saw lots of admiration in Jojo’s eyes.

“You’re American?” She asked.

“Yeah. Los Angeles precisely.” He said. Addie nodded and went on singing aloud, still admiring Tag in the arms of Ida.

Ida knew; she saw it in her friend’s eyes that there was some sort of feeling and admiration for her boyfriend Tag.

“My friend might want you to fuck her.” She whispered in Tag’s ears.

“What?” Tag asked, looking amazed. There was a smile at the corner of his mouth.

“Tag, won’t you like to have her too? Use her please. She needs a lot of sense, teach her a lesson.”

“I don’t understand, are you drunk already? the champagne hasn’t gone half of the bottle.

“I am not drunk. Addie seem to like you. She has been staring at you for so long. She once told me she would want to have you. Don’t you think it would be cool if you have her service your bed while I am away for training for two weeks? “ Ida said. Tag frantically looked around, he didn’t know what to say. Yes he liked Addie and was equally attracted to her, but he loved Ida more. He wondered if it was normal, or if Ida was just tempting him to know if he had a feeling for her best friend too.


Jojo and Addie had gone out to the verandah. They sat together with a glass of wine in their hands.

The sensual moans from the sitting room made Addie smile.

“You people are crazy, Nigerians.” Jojo said as he chuckled.

Addie nodded. “We have always been.” She retorted calmly as she gulped down the wine.

“I really do like you, and would want us to date.” He said.

“I have a boyfriend.” She said without thinking if it was the right thing to say or not. He grinned at her. “You serious?” He asked.


He was disappointed, but it didn’t show on his face. He held her hands and kissed it. “He must be a really lucky man to have you. It has always been my dream to have a black girl in my life. Never dated one.” Jojo said.


“Yeah. I wish and hope that one day i would get to have one.”

“You won’t make me feel guilty for not accepting your proposal?”

“No. No, not at all.” He shrugged. “We have many black girls in America. I hope to find one as beautiful as you and Ida. Tag says good things about her, and since you’re her best friend, I know that you’re kindhearted too.” He said. His expression went from frowning concern to careful neutrality.