Stripping Off [Chapter 7]


“I’ll be leaving for Adamawa today. There is an emergency meeting over there,” Alhaji said to Aminada. She was sitting on a bed in Alhaji’s bedroom, while he had just come out from the bathroom, a purple towel tied around him. 

“How long will you be gone for?” Aminada asked. 

“Seven days or more,” he replied. 

“That’s long. Have you told the other wives?” 

“No. But I will,” he said as he sprayed a body cologne on his body. 

“Let me help you pack. How many danshiki do you want?” she asked. 

“Just put five, three pairs of jeans and four t-shirts. And six condoms.” 

Aminada giggled, “The women in Adamawa will suffer in your hands” 

“You know how hard it is to stay in a place that you’re not used to without a woman. Except you would want us to travel together.”  

“No, you and I have traveled together too much. Travel with Dangia. You hardly travel with her,” she said. 

“It’s true. Then there is no need for the condoms,” he said. 

She searched through his wardrobe for some of his clothes, when she found a few of them, she folded them neatly into a box. 

When Alhaji announced that he was traveling, Adebola’s joy was obvious. She couldn’t stop smiling. 

“Look at this one smiling,” Zara said bitterly, “You think Mijina is traveling with you? Your Ibadan Ojuju no work for this one,” she stared harshly at her, and walked pass. 

Adebola was mute. Zara didn’t have an idea about why she was happy. Alhaji was traveling, and she was going to have enough time to spend with her lover. 

When Alhaji was set to leave with Dangia, he held Adebola’s face with his two hands and said, “Yarinya, after our wedding, we will go to America for a vacation, just the two of us.” Adebola gave a forceful smile. 

America was definitely not going to be fun with Alhaji, and she never wished that a day like that should come, except it was going to be with her secret lover, Kunle. 

The thoughts of him made her smile. 

“I have heard you sir. I am not jealous, enjoy the wife of your youth,” Adebola said calmly with a smile. 

When Alhaji finally left for the airport, Adebola began to chat with Kunle. 

He’d just finished attending to a patient when her message beeped on his phone. 

Adebola: Hi?

Kunle: Hello my love?

Adebola: My uncle is out of town today.

Kunle: Bad girl, this news gives you 

                  joy, I know. It gives me joy too

Adebola:  ? Who won’t derive joy in

                      having enough space to be 

                       with the man she loves?

Kunle:            TGIF! and I’m not on duty. I 

                        already assigned a doctor 

                        for tonight. But I’ll certainly

                         come out if there is an 


Adebola:          Okay. I’ll hang on here for 


Kunle:                I’ll give you a spare key 

                            when I come, in case you

                            will have to wait for me.

Adebola:             Cheers, my aunty is here.

She went offline, as soon as she saw Zara. 

“Madam phone presser! Always pressing phone! I don’t understand how a woman wakes up in the morning, and all she does is press her phone. If you don’t have work to do, go and learn how to pray with the children at Alhaji’s prayer room,”  Zara said in an oddly quiet but compelling voice. 

“Zara! I think you should leave her alone. I don’t want to have problem with Alhaji o for your sake o,” Aminada said from the dining room. 

Adebola got up from the couch and walked to her bedroom. She locked herself inside the bedroom, stopping any further disturbances. She packed a few of her sleep wears and undies into a small knapsack. She created another space in the bag and fixed her deodorants and her body cream. 

The cook knocked on the door softly, “Who?” Adebola asked loudly. 

“Madam na me Fatima the cook, dinner don ready,” she said shrilly. 

“I’m not hungry. Eat mine,” Adebola said, “And don’t knock on my door again,” she added softly. 

She slept off. The cool breeze from her window had pampered her to sleep. She woke up at about 9p.m and rushed to her phone. She’d missed two calls from Kunle. She rushed over her window and saw that his car was parked outside. She knew he was home. Her heart quickened as she hung her knapsack on her back and used the ladder by her window wall to go down. 

She climbed down carefully, until she got to the last floor. It was the only route she used to escape whenever she wanted to see Kunle. The ladder was fixed to the wall by the house builders in case of any situational emergency. And nobody had an idea that there was a ladder attached to at least, one bedroom of each house. 

Adebola was the only one who discovered it.  

Kunle was making fried chicken stew when the knock came in. 

He rushed to the door and when he opened it, he smiled lovingly at her, took her bag from her back, and hugged her. He smelt of curry and paprika pepper.

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