Stripping Off [Chapter 3]


She was lifted off her feet, held suspended by the force of his awakened passion, when abruptly, she seemed to be falling, stumbling, reaching out for something to grasp onto, reaching out for Kunle. 

“Kunle,” she whispered his name weakly. 

It almost seemed as though it was just the two of them in the hospital. 

“You’re weak,” he said to her. 

Kunle kissed her and held her. He moved his hands along her hips, the curve of her breasts, into her hair. Her body melted against his. Even as she was tired, she didn’t want to leave his arms. 

“it’s 8p.m, you have to go,” Kunle said. 

“What about you?” she asked, wiping the sweat from his face with her bare hands. 

“I have surgery tonight. A major surgery. The patient will be prepared for the theater at exactly 9p.m,” he looked at his wrist watch. “One hour from now.” 

“When are we seeing again?” she asked. 

“You can always check on me here. Or come to my house when you’re free. What do you do?” he asked. 

She sighed softly, “Nothing for now. I just finished university, waiting for service.” 

“I haven’t seen you all these while in the compound, did you just pack in?” he asked. 

“Yes. But I’m staying with my uncle,” she said.

“Okay then, dress up, let me drop you at a nearby junction, so that you can take a cab home. I won’t be joining you till midnight.” 

“Can we see at midnight?” she asked. 

He looked at her confused, not understanding her question clearly. 

“What for again?” he asked. 

“Just to kiss me and hold me in your arms,” she said. 

He chuckled. 

“I will be coming back at midnight,” he said. 

“I can still make it,” she retorted. “I can make it if you flash me when you come back to your house.”

She rushed a kiss on his lips, “Don’t worry, I know your flat.” 

Kunle exhaled. “Dress up let me drop you at the junction,” he said and started looking for where he’d disposed his trousers and his shirt. 

They finally found where their clothes were, and wore them back hurriedly. Both of them were sweaty and tired when they stepped onto the corridor. 

“You look like a piece of shit,” she said. 

“I know,” he chuckled. 

“Doctor Kunle Edmond, you just came?” a female nurse asked. She was rolling a trolley filled with towels and bedsheets.

“Oh no, nurse Juliet, I’ve been quite busy on my system. I just had to attend to a patient urgently. I will be back soon, let me see her off.” 

“Okay doctor, please don’t forget that Mrs Akhimien will be ready for the theater in an hour’s time.” 

“It’s okay. Please inform Doctors Uwem and Emma to get ready. I’ll be back in a jiffy,” he said hurriedly and walked away. Adebola walked calmly behind him. 

He dropped her at a junction and waited for her to take a taxi.

“Goodnight,” he said as she got into the taxi. 

“But we’re seeing again,” she said. 

Kunle rolled his eyes. “I’m not too sure. I will be tired by then,” he said and drove off. 


Adebola arrived home late. The landlord, who happened to be her husband to be, was sitting on the balcony with his three wives. 

“I don’t understand why you will bring us to sit outside here, because of this small girl Alhaji. She has just been betrothed to you, it’s not up to a year, if she can just follow other men, I think you should leave her. After all, we have beautiful and humble Muslim girls In Kano, who will never dishonor you this way,” Zara, Alhaji’s third wife said in Hausa accent. 

But Alhaji was mute. He placed his hands under his chin thoughtfully. 

“Will he listen to you? He wants a graduate and a young wife. We’re all too old for him,” Dangia, the second wife said mockingly. 

“Mijina,” Aminada, the most elderly wife called him softly, “Are you sure you’re ready for this girl? Is it not glaring enough that she isn’t ready to marry you? Now that you haven’t slept with her yet, or married her yet, I think you should let her go.”

“Never!” Alhaji exclaimed. “I paid her school fees for five good years. None of your children have agreed to go to school as her. And now, the only educated woman that I have in my life, who will help manage my finances, is who all of you are jealous of!” 

“Haba Mijina, we’re not jealous. What does she have that we don’t have,” Zara said. 

“You people are so insensitive! You can’t even think if she has been endangered. If I wait here for another one hour, I will go to the police to find out myself if my yarinya is safe.”  

“Good evening Alhaji,” Adebola’s voice came in softly from behind. 

Everyone turned and gazed at her surprisingly.

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