Stripping Off [Chapter 15]


Her eyes grew very wide, as though a sublime ocean of feeling resided in each. 

Staring into Kunle’s bewitching gaze now, Adebola remembered the quiet, yet explosive excitement that had erupted inside her that very first day when their eyes met. He had packed from his old apartment, to his own house. The one he’d bought with his hard-earned money. He was proud when Adebola told him that she didn’t let Alhaji and his wife’s leave the house. They were permitted to stay there without paying rent. But she took over the entire compound and every other tenant’s rent would be paid into her account from then, henceforth. 

Kunle had known that his path would irrevocably be tangled up with hers. Moving her into his new house, his desire had been to bring her in as his legally married wife. He would call his parents and inform them of Adebola, and they would get married before the baby comes. He wasn’t going to wed her with a protruded belly, it wasn’t what he ever wanted. He would wed her in one month’s time. 

He wanted to give her space, to give her, her own bedroom, so that she could have enough time to think of what to do with her father’s businesses. But the truth of it was, he was trying hard to resist her, and no distance was great enough to keep his desire in check–not when his whole body was consumed by the frustrating need to touch her on a daily basis. 

“Your house is so beautiful,” she said, as she walked around, admiring everything in it. 

“Thank you,” his lips formed a smile, “It’s our house, not mine alone,” he said.

She replied with a gentle nod and a smile and kept walking around. 

Finding herself in a neat and orderly bedroom, where not so much as a loose thread on the dulled gold counterpane disrupted its perfectly symmetry, Adebola knew her wild emotions were the exact opposite. With her limbs entwined with Kunle’s, she knew she was exactly where she yearned to be; where she was meant to be. 

It was joy unparalleled to have the freedom to slide her hands down that strong, lean back with its taut, well developed muscles and silky skin, to feel that amazing well-defined mouth of his tasting her lips as though he was a man near desperate for air. And when that same voracious mouth turned its attention to her tingling, aching breasts, her passion-filled moans permeated the surrounding silence like something wild, suddenly released after imprisonment. She could scream as loud as she wanted, they were in their house and nobody would hear her. 

How had she survived without this utterly necessary intimacy with Kunle? She’d wondered if it would have been the same with another man. Would she have been so madly in-love with someone else who couldn’t have been Kunle? 

“I feel so vulnerable when you’re around me,” she admitted softly, her voice a broken whisper as she allowed herself be kissed by him. 

His mercurial glance blazed down at her. 

“You own every part of me, every single part of me,” he said, his rich voice threaded with unconstrained passion. 

“I’m sorry I yelled at you, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” 

For a long, unsettling moment, she sensed him grow still, and his gaze seemed to excavate deep inside her soul. He kissed her so hard that her lips became reddish and moist.

He wasn’t gentle, he didn’t even remember that she was carrying his child. His uncontrolled hunger reached out to her and filled the wild, empty spaces in her own longing, so that when he took her with one long penetrating thrust, everything inside her softened willingly in answer. 

It was like the first heated touches when they’d been together had always elicited this raw, elemental explosion of need and then, when that had been assuaged, would come with tender, quieter, yet equally fulfilling counterpart of their loving. 

The profound, soul searching glare from her eyes possessed him with as much hunger and need as his body did, and she couldn’t hold back the ocean-tide of feeling that seemed to gather strength inside her until there was nowhere else for it to go. Instead, it got caught up in a passionate eddy that made her release a cry of wonder and indescribable pleasure as it reached its zenith. 

Kissing her tears away, he drove hard into her body and finally fell against her, his breathing harsh and his forehead lightly sheened with sweat. 


Alhaji and his family were shocked to know that Kunle owned the pregnancy, and that they were getting married in few weeks.  They stared at them wondrously as they handed an invitation card to them. 

It was just three months ago that Adebola had come to stay with him after she’d graduated, and it was only a few times that he’d heard she went out. He didn’t understand how she was suddenly pregnant with a man who used to be his tenant. 

He stared at them, gasping. He looked at Adebola, and then Kunle, and the look of affection softened the harsh planes of his face. 

He wouldn’t have been good enough for her. And Kunle Edmund was just the kind of man he wished Aisha her first daughter would marry. 



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