Stripping Off [Chapter 14]


Aminada flared up, “You lied to us. You wanted to take advantage of this girl, with her own property. I am sure that it’s because of you our children haven’t made it in life. You wanted to eat your own cake and have it. You wanted to marry many wives and be wealthy with someone’s hard work and sweat. I am disappointed in you. You sent your children to expensive universities in America, yet none of them made it through, that’s because Allah doesn’t like injustice. You were greedy Mijina!”  Aminada stood to her feet and walked to the door, “I’m going back to our small house in Gwarimpa, you will meet me and my children there,” she walked out of the ward.

“How can you be that mean and wicked?”  Kunle asked. His heart was pained. 

Adebola had been mute for a moment. She got up from her bed, forgetting that she had a bag of drip connected to her hand. She removed the syringe, blood stains splashed on the walls and the bed, she almost flew at Alhaji. Kunle held her firmly and whispered “Our baby, don’t hurt the baby, please I beg you.’ 

“Get out of here! Get out!” she yelled at Alhaji. “I can’t believe I have been living as a slave in my own house, in my own father’s sweat,” she said, breathing heavily, her brain whirling with the implications of Alhaji’s words, her chest squeezing so tightly it hurt to breathe. 

How could he have done that to her? 

“Sir please stand up and leave please,” Kunle said, “You have to leave now! Nurse? Nurse?” he screamed. 

Two nurses appeared in the room, “Take this man out,” Kunle ordered. The nurses were about holding Alhaji’s hands when he gave the sign that he was going to walk out alone. He stood up and walked away gently, but looked grief-stricken. 

A memory seared Adebola’s brain. The image of her father and mother. She was with her nanny, when the announcement of the plane crash showed on the TV. Her nanny yelled and shouted, “Oga and madam dey that plane o.” 

“I’m sorry,” Kunle interrupted, “I’m sorry for all what is happening to you at this moment. It hurts to see you like this. You should have told me my love,” he said. But she looked at him and said no word. She was weak and tired. 

“I bought a house,” he broke the news, “at Maitama. It’s a small duplex, four bedroom. I was heartbroken, I bought it out of pains. I didn’t want to see you again.” 

She forced a smile, “I thought you said you were still saving?” 

“Yeah. The truth is, I bought the house long ago, I wanted to re-sell it because I discovered it was too big for me. I haven’t gotten a buyer. I was obsessed about it as at the time it was sold to me. I would have resold it and made a better money out of it,” he said calmly. 

Shs giggled, “I’m the business woman and not you,” she said calmly. 

He held her tight to himself, splashes of bloodstains all over their bodies. When the nurses came into the ward to check and clean the bloodstains, it was obvious that their Chief Medical Consultant was with his lover. 


After Adebola was well taken care of and discharged, Kunle drove her home. And as soon as she alighted from the car, Zara first saw her and alerted everyone else. 

She climbed the staircase gently with the help of Kunle whose hands were holding hers firmly. 

When she entered the sitting room, she saw that everyone had packed their bags. 

Alhaji came out with piles of files, ATM cards, bank deposit tellers and lots of documents she had no idea of. He handed them to her. She collected them, not able to carry them for too long, she dropped them on the floor. 

“Those are the files that have the records of all your father’s property. His signature is there. I have called all the branch managers of the companies for a meeting, but we haven’t fixed a date yet, until you’re ready and well. You will meet with the managers of the companies and sign a paper to show that you have finally taken over what is rightfully yours. We have six banks that we bank with and loaned cash to. The lawyers will be at the meeting to, and everything will be unfolded to you. Fix a date for the meeting,” he said. 

“Tomorrow,” she said, and then turned to Ahmed, “Pack everything of mine downstairs please, thank you.”

Kunle carried the files and piled them up in his hands. He whispered to her, “I’m taking these ones downstairs.” She nodded calmly. “I’m right behind you.”

She was about to leave when Dangia said, “Adebola, please we will like to talk you.” 

Adebola turned to her, she was too tired to stand, she sat down on the couch and listened to her. While Ahmed took her boxes and piles of shoes downstairs. 

“We’re sorry for what Mijina did to you. Allah! We had no idea that we were living on another person’s wealth and glory. We had no idea, and plus the fact that we used to fight and quarrel as women that we are. On behalf of Alhaji’s wives, I say we’re sorry please.”

They were about to go on their knees when Adebola screamed, “No! Don’t do that please, it’s not right. And by the way, why are you all packing?” she asked. 

“Alhaji said we should all evacuate to our old house in Gwarimpa,” Zara replied. 

Adebola nodded firmly and turned to Aminada, “Thank you for all what you’ve done for me. You’re a good woman,” she hugged her. The women gathered in a hug, as they suddenly. became emotional

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