Stripping Off [Chapter 13]


When she got to the house, she sat on the staircase and wept softly for long moments before she got up again and walked down to her bedroom. 

“You’re back?” Zara asked. She nodded weakly and walked pass her to her bedroom.

When Alhaji heard that she was home, he went to see how she was doing. She laid there as he walked in, without saying a word. After one more quick glance at her, he said, “That doctor said it’s just malaria, you will be fine.” Then he walked away. 

But Adebola’s mind had gone far. She got up gently and went to the dining room, and stood before Alhaji, “I’m pregnant,” she said weakly and fainted. Alhaji screamed, “Zara? Amina! Come, help me! Call that doctor!” 

Bimi ran helter skelter to Kunle’s apartment. She rang his doorbell several times, but he wasn’t around to open the door.

She ran back and said, breathing helplessly, “He is not around.” 

Bimi and Ahmed carried her gently to the car, while Ahmed and Alhaji drove to the hospital. 

“Are you sure she isn’t possessed. You see how that girl behaves a times? It is only possessed girls that faint like that o,” Zara said, and shrugged. But Aminada and Dangia stared at her mutely. 

When Alhaji arrived the hospital, Adebola was admitted immediately by another doctor. Alhaji insisted on seeing Doctor Kunle, and when the nurses told him that he wasn’t on seat, he felt disappointed. 

Adebola was in the hospital for two days, unknown to Kunle, until he visited the hospital amidst his heartbreak. 

“Doctor, the patient that was brought here two days ago was brought back,” a female nurse said, ” We discovered that she is pregnant.” 

“Take me to her ward,” Kunle said. 

As he arrived the ward and saw that it was Adebola, his heart almost exploded. 

Alhaji and Aminada were sitting comfortably on the couch at the middle of the room.

“Doctor, it’s been discovered that she is pregnant, you didn’t tell me that,” Alhaji said. 

“Well sir, as you can see, she is pregnant,” Kunle said calmly as he stared at Adebola. 

“Allah!” Aminada exclaimed. 

“She is my wife-to-be, and I have never slept with her before. She was betrothed to me a virgin, I groomed her.” 

Kunle stared at him shockingly as he walked gently to the bed Adebola lay and sat by her. Realizing how much he’d hurt her with his words the last time.

She opened her eyes, as if she perceived his scent and knew that he was around. 

“I want to say something,” Adebola said weakly. 

“Except you want to tell us how you got pregnant!” Alhaji retorted angrily. 

“Screaming won’t help Alhaji. I am an adult, I fell in love and I gave my virginity to someone whom my heart found worthy,” Adebola said softly as she tried to sit up. Kunle helped sit her up perfectly and supported her back with a pillow. 

Alhaji looked at her in shock, wondering if she was really addressing him that way. 

“I was nine years old when my parents died in a plane crash,” Adebola began. “My mother was pregnant when she died.”

She looked straight into Kunle’s eyes as she spoke calmly.

“Alhaji Danjuma here used to be my father’s friend and business partner. He adopted me, and sent me to boarding school. I lived with my godmother, sister Lawrencia Akwa. She passed away last year. Then after my secondary school, I had admission over three consecutive times but couldn’t go to the university because I couldn’t afford to train myself. I then remembered that my father had a friend who was buoyant enough to sponsor me in school. I visited Alhaji in Lagos. He told me he would send me to school on the condition that I married him. I didn’t know why I accepted,” she shrugged gently.

“Maybe because I really wanted to go to school. Maybe because I wanted to be educated enough to sue my father’s lawyer who refused to handover his wills to me because he thought I wasn’t of age. And when I got to the age, he’d died. I was my father’s next-of-kin, I know I am. Then I began to see that Alhaji was taking my father’s companies. The biscuit factory, the juice company and the rest. He told me that my father told him to handle them until I was legally married to him, that it was what the lawyer who’d died had told him too. I really wanted my father’s legacy to move on,” she cried softly. 

Panic stole the moment, as Aminada gasped at Alhaji. “Ah, so you gave us an entirely different story about Adebisi’s will and property? When you took over his companies, you told us he willed them to you as his best friend.” 

“I was lying,” Alhaji said. “Adebisi your father never gave me any of his companies. He only gave me one small house at Abeokuta which I sold. Even the house we are currently living, he built it a year before he died, it’s in your name,” Alhaji said shamefully, like he was being forced to speak. 

Kunle and Adebola stared at him in amazement. 

“Alhaji!” Aminada screamed as she placed her two hands on her head.

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