Stripping Off [Chapter 11]


Adebola woke up to the rains. It was heavy, and loud. And she wished at that moment that she was with Kunle. Her phone beeped; he had sent her a message at that moment. ‘The rains are here my love. I miss you so much,’ the message read. 

She smiled weakly. Her head aching severely. It was as if the food she’d ate the previous night was running down her throat. She rushed to the toilet and vomited. She was having fever, and it was a severe one at that. 

Her stomach began to ache severely, and she cried so loud Aminada could hear her. 

The knock came hardly on the door, “Bola are you okay, open the door,” Aminada said. 

Adebola managed to walk to the door, as soon as she opened it, she fell on Aminada. 

“Help me! Help me please, Bola is dying!”  Aminada screamed. 

Everyone ran out from their rooms, including Zara’s eldest son Hakeem, who had just come home from Kaduna for holiday. 

Alhaji, who was making love to Zara, pushed her off and they both ran in a disorderly haste toward Adebola’s bedroom, almost half naked. 

“She just fainted Alhaji, she just fainted,” Aminada said, panting. Zara rushed to the bathroom and took water in a bucket and poured on her. Adebola exhaled immediately and widened her eyes. 

“We have a doctor who lives in the next block, should we take her to him?” Dangia said, breathing heavily. 

“Bimi, hurry! Go and call the doctor!” Zara yelled at one of the maids.

Bimi ran as fast as she could to Kunle’s apartment. The rain had drained her. She pressed the doorbell uncountable times. Kunle thought it was Adebola who had come. He looked through his door hole, and when he saw that it was someone else, he asked, looking amazed, “Who are you?” 

“Doctor abeg no vex, my madam just faint this night. Dem sey make I call you.”

“Call me? Who is your madam?” 

“Oga landlord wife,” she said hastily. 

“Okay, hold on a bit,” he said and rushed to where his First Aid box. He wore a jean and an unbuttoned T-shirt and hurried out of the house. He’d forgotten to carry his umbrella. 

When he got to the Alhaji’s house, everyone got a bit relieved. 

“He is here, he is here,” Zara said as she knelt down and fanned Adebola with a newspaper.

“Oh Allah!” Alhaji exclaimed painfully.

When Kunle saw that it was Adebola who was on the floor, his heart leapt in his chest, sending adrenaline pumping through him. Rain water dripping down his body. 

“What happened to her?” he asked, looking bewildered as he removed his stethoscope and placed it on her chest. He hurriedly carried her in his arms and said hastily, “We have to take her to the hospital, someone will have to follow me.” 

“I go come,” Aminada said hastily. 

“Let me come with her too,” Alhaji said.

They all walked hastily behind Kunle who was carrying Adebola in his arms without feeling her weight. He carried her in the rain, he didn’t care if he was drenched. He put her carefully in his car and rushed to the driver’s seat. 

“Sir please you can drive if you can, let your wife join us,” he said. Aminada hurried into the car, and placed Adebola’s head on her laps. Kunle drove off speedily. 

When he got to the hospital, he carried her again in his arms and ran into the hospital,

“Wait here please ma,” he said to Aminada. The nurses ran after him, as he carried her to his personal private ward and placed her carefully on the bed.

“Call me the laboratory scientist on duty immediately!” he said as he pulled off his wet shirt and flung it to the floor. 

The laboratory scientist inserted a syringe in her veins and took her blood.

“I’m done sir,” he said. 

“I need the result now!” he exclaimed. 

The girl who came to inform him of Adebola’s ill health had referred to her as ‘landlord’s wife’. Kunle wondered if she made a mistake or something. 

“My love, please let nothing happen to you,” he whispered into her ears.

Her body was wet. The rain had drenched her completely. He’d made provisions for her to be changed immediately.

A few minutes later, the laboratory attendant came back, handed a paper to him and left. He hurriedly went through it and his pulse hammered like a piston when he saw the result. His throat grew tight. He felt tears pricking his eyes as he took a long breath and tried to make his voice sound calm. 

He closed his eyes and held her hands tight. She opened her eyes weakly, and when she saw him, she hugged him tight to herself. Her wet body made him a bit cold. 

“You’re pregnant,” he said to her softly. She covered her mouth with her hand, bewildered. 

“I don’t believe it,” she said softly.

“I can’t believe it too.” There was a slight tremor in his voice. 

“Please don’t tell Alhaji,” she said. 

“I won’t,” he said calmly and kissed her forehead. He knew her so well. He knew that she was afraid. He knew every nuance, every tiny breath she took and what it meant.

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