Stripping Off [Chapter 1]


Kunle couldn’t get the image of her lovely naked body out of his mind. Adebola; her name sounded like a sweet melody to his soul. He thought her to be flawless, he thought her to be a sex goddess. 

He’d fallen in love with her a long time before the fall. She’d slipped on the staircase, and he thought it was a severe case of accident.

“So sorry. I can help you please…” he said, as he carried her in his arms to his car, and then drove her to his hospital in Gwarimpa. 

“I never knew you were a doctor,” she said softly. 

“I am,” he said with a light smile, and lifted her arms gently to place the thermometer. His eyes couldn’t get off her cleavage, they were perfectly fixed on her chest like two fresh oranges, and Kunle wished they were meant for his eyes alone. 

The thermometer beeped, he took it off and stared at it for a second. “You have fever, I hope it’s not from the fall?” he asked. 

She shook her head calmly, “No, I have been feeling feverish for days now,” she said. 

“When last did you see your menses?”

She chuckled, “Don’t bother about that one Mr. Neighbor, I have been celibate for eight months now. No boyfriend. No sex. So, no possible pregnancy.” She stared at his eyes for a moment as if she was reading something on his face. “I like you,” she said teasingly, trying to keep her dignity. 

“Thank you,” Kunle replied with a smile. He knew he was madly in love with her, and had wanted to talk with her since the day she packed into the compound. She suddenly held his hand.

“I’m feeling feverish,” she said.

He felt her tremble, and as crazy as it sounded, he wanted to protect her, and give her injections that won’t make her feel pains. 

She held his head toward hers and he faced the truth. He saw the look of love, lust, emotions and horniness in her eyes. He had only wanted to touch her to lose himself, and secretly he’d known that all along. 

He was standing by his office table, while she laid straight on the stretcher-bed, but his eyes were on her. She grabbed him by his tie and kissed him passionately. 

“Make love to me please. I am lovesick, love starved…”

“We have to run a test on you,” he said. 

“No! I have told you what my problem is. I am sex starved, common!” she exclaimed painfully. 

He had tried to be professional where Adebola was concerned, but it was getting harder by the day. It was hard to walk out on her, her beauty, her eyes, wouldn’t let him. 

He stared out the window, at the scenery of passing cars for a while, before returning his gaze to her. She was beginning to sweat, and at the same time shiver. He wondered what he was going to do to her at the moment. She sat up, letting the loose curls on her hair fall back on her shoulders. Her beauty caught him again. He walked to his seat and settled on it disturbed. 

“You’re walking out on your patient,” she said in a girly manner. 

“Seriously? I thought you were sick for real,” he said. 

“But I am sick,” she said softly and stepped down from the stretcher-bed, walked to him and took his hands to her breast. “Touch here and feel how hot my body is.” 

Kunle removed his jacket, unfastened his tie, and rolled up his sleeves before delving into the stack of papers on his desk.

“I am busy now,” he said.

He could not seem to concentrate on his work; his mind was on her. She stood there, watching him as he swiveled his chair around, propped his foot on a stool and closed his eyes.

“Why do you want me to touch you?” he whispered aloud.

“Touch? Not touch,” she said calmly. “I want you to fuck me hard, drive me insane. Tear me apart and make me scream.” 

Kunle gave a soft laugh. “You’re crazy. In my office?” 

“What is wrong with making love to me here?”

She paused, cleared her throat and then added, “Okay, if you’re not comfortable here, maybe because your girlfriend might stumble on us. We can do it in the car.” 

“I don’t have any girlfriend,” Kunle retorted coolly. 

Adebola rolled her eyes, “That makes two of us. We shouldn’t argue about this anymore,” she said, as she sat gently on his laps. 

“The nurses… a patient might want to see me…” 

“Do you have sex with your patients too? The nurses?” 

He laughed out loud. ” I am not that kind of a person.” 

“Okay fine, you will be that kind of a person to me from now on.”

She took his chin to hers, “Kiss me,” she said. 

He chuckled. “I’m not comfortable doing this,” he said as he stood her up, stood to his feet and began to pace, swaying around for a moment. 

“Why are you panting like you’re about to be deflowered?” she asked. 

He raised his head slowly as realization hit him hard. 

“Come to me,” she said, as she began to strip off her dress. 

He mellowed at the sound of her voice and turned to look at her face again. Then he immediately averted his gaze when he saw that she was naked. Her round breast, her erect nipple, and the yellow panty she wore revealed the beauty of her skin. 

“Will you still make shakara for me?” she asked, winking at him. 

“Why are you doing this?” he asked, coats of sweat on his body. 

“Because I have been wanting this moment from the first day I saw you. Your huge body invites me. I want to hold it with my bare hands. I want your sweat to touch mine. I want to lick your skin. I want to give you a fellatio and hear you moan my name like it’s your soul’s music. I want to drive you insane, I want to watch you gasp for air.”

“I am a Yoruba man, sex can’t kill me. I won’t gasp for air,” Kunle said. 

“You will, when I lick your balls. I hope it won’t taste salty?” 

“And if I lick your skin, and shred those pubic hairs in between your legs, will it taste like honey or oreos on chocolate ice cream? ” 

She gave a little sigh and moved to him, seeking the magic of the lips that lingered so near her own. 

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