Runs [Chapter 24]


Body language they called it, but Sinem was gentle and commanding. She couldn’t take her eyes off his face, his strong brown neck, and his capable hands.

His words flowed easily over Akudo as she was still pinned to the wall, almost transfixed. He was such a vital man, so efficient, so self-contained. He suddenly didn’t look to her like the taxi driver that had carried her when she was stranded some months ago. It was the way he spoke calmly to her that made him so fascinating to her, so different.

“Tell me what I want to hear,” he said sensually.


“That you love me.”

She stood, hugging her pink shirt while his hands pinned her to the wall. She leisurely studied the man she knew she was head over heels in love with.

She could almost feel that sensual mouth brushing her earlobe as she stood waiting in the shadows. At that moment, she wanted him so badly. But she knew he wasn’t going to kiss her, or do strange things to her body like she had wished. He was a good man, the kind that didn’t take advantage of women because he was helping them.

“I want to go make some dresses,” she said enthusiastically. She wondered, just how long they were going to stand there and stare at each other’s eyes.

He liked her natural hair, dark and shiny. And he touched and stared at it like it was his first time of seeing it. She was different, innocent and beautiful. He’d wondered why she used a blonde hair in the first place. She was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen with a natural look that seemed artificial. It was too perfect.

It felt right standing before him in the darkness. It felt as if the most natural thing in the world would be to go inside her bedroom together and let their emotions have their way. In fact, she decided, everything at that moment was perfect. The brisk night air fanned her face.

“I want to go inside the house,” she said.

“Are you shy?” Sinem asked,

“Me? Why should I be shy?”

“Because you’re standing before a man that your heart beats for.”

She chuckled.

“Have you spoken with the lord to prove to you that I am the one?”

She took a deep breath. “Stay,” she said. “Stay here with me and let me ask God right now. I do not want to make mistakes anymore. I have given my life to Jesus, and I adore him. You made it so. Jesus knows I love you, and He would approve of my love for you.”

Dutifully, Sinem unlocked her door and looked around inside.

“Let’s go in and talk,” he said. They were standing in the entrance.

Suddenly, as if his mind had only just registered her words, a tide of emotions played across his features: surprise, indecision, finally, and amazingly, need.

He said absolutely nothing. But he barely had time to think before his hands came up and grasped her arms urgently, almost painfully.

Then before her heart could beat again, he pulled her to him and was crushing his lips to hers. The bursting forth of passion seemed to drain her of all emotions, all thought. She knew only a primitive urge to be possessed by him, and to possess him herself.

“You’re a pastor,” she muttered against his lips.

He broke off the kiss and laughed.

“What?” she asked.

“I lied,” he said, laughing.

“Why would you lie about being a pastor Sinem?” she asked. “I have always thought as much because I have never seen you preach on that podium.”

“Well, girls like you don’t like pastors at all, that’s why I lied,” he added lyrically. “I have been searching for my true love.”

“Oh my God, you liar!” she exclaimed. “Yeah, yeah! Who told you I would not have loved you?” she asked.

“Oh! So you love me? You now agree you love me?”

Akudo placed her arms across his back and gripped his shirt with her fingers, feeling his muscles ripple beneath her touch. The entire length of her body was pressed to his, molded to it, fitting perfectly. He felt as if they were already in bed, locked together as one, and yet it was just a kiss.

Sinem suddenly held her hand firmly, stopping her from going any further.

“We can’t do this. It’s sinful,” he said.

Akudo suddenly became sad.

“I know you don’t love me enough,” she muttered.

“It’s what you think. Love isn’t sex and kisses, it’s far beyond that. I love you very much. I loved you even when I knew who you were, but I covered up with my love for you,” he said softly. “Goodnight,” he added.

She let him go. Without warning, he dropped his hold and backed away.

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