Love In the Time Of Buhari [Chapter 10]


A week later, Editi was excited about the new week. Akwang was going to be home in two days, and she was exited about it.

Nneoma had called several times, telling her about how London was cold, and how Jackson snored and got tired too quick most of the times. She sent her pictures of herself and Jackson in shopping malls and in the train, and Editi would just mutter, ‘I’m happy for you Nne.’

Editi visited her mother that afternoon. She’d gone to pluck spinach from her farm to make special soup for her husband.

When her mother saw her at the gate, she kept the tray of beans on the verandah pavement and ran toward her, her wrapper almost loosening, but she didnt care, it was almost seven months since her daughter married, and she’d not set her eyes on her. They only talked on the phone, and most times, she always advised her against keeping single girls as friends.

“Edigirl,” Her mother called her gently.

“Mama,” Editi replied weakly.

“You look tired. So tired. I hope you’re alright?” She asked.

“I’m fine mama” Editi replied.

Her mother paused, stared at her face for a few seconds and began to dance, lifting one leg up and putting the other down, “Jesus has blessed me!” Her mother exclaimed happily.

“Mama, what is that?” Editi asked in amazement.

Her mother dragged her ears to herself and said, “You’re expecting a child my daughter.” Then she danced again.
Editi stared at her, bewildered.

“No o, I haven’t noticed.”

Her mother laughed cheerfully, “If you doubt me, come let me run a pregnancy test on you.” She said, as she held her hands to her bedroom.

Her mother’s bedroom smelt of old books and wrappers. She settled gently on the bed, as if she was now aware that she was pregnant, so she had to be careful not to hurt the baby.

“I haven’t felt any signs of pregnancy.” She said.

“Well, that is because you’re not anxious anymore. Anxiety is bad. But trust me, you’re pregnant. It’s making your skin glow.” Her mother said as she searched through her wrappers for a pregnancy test strip.

“Mama what are you looking for?” Editi asked.

“Test strip.”

“You store them at home? What for?” She asked.

“Your sister. I test her monthly. I do not want shame.” She said with determination in her tone.

She finally found the test strip and asked Editi to pee in a small container that looked deserted. She reluctantly pulled out her panty and squatted, putting the container under her.

“Hmm…your pee smells, it’s a good sign that you’re pregnant.” Her mother said.

She inserted the test strip into the urine for a while, then took it out and stared at it steadily. The first line showed. It took a while for the second one to show, then it turned out from faint red to deep red. She knelt down and began to scream, “Chisosi ooooo, you have done it! I am going to have a grandchild and make shakara like my mates.” She began to dance again. Editi couldn’t believe it, she got the test strip from her mother, took a picture of it and saved it in her phone. She was going to send it to Akwang and tell him they were expecting a baby. He would be excited, She wasn’t sure if she was going to tell Nneoma try . She didn’t want to hurt her at all.


Akwang arrived home quite late that day.

“We couldn’t board on time.” He said tiredly as he hugged Editi, he smelt of sweats and cologne. “You need a shower, I’ve got good news for you.” Editi said as she took his bags. Abas walked In, “Oga welcome.” She prostrated.

Akwang was surprise to see her. “How are you Abas?” He asked.

“Oga fine.” She said.

Editi had wanted to give the bags to Abas to take to their bedroom, but she’d remembered the rule she’d given to her. Her matrimonial bedroom was out of bounds, and Abas wasn’t allowed to go near it. Editi held the bag firmly and whispered to her, “Go set dinner, we’ll join you soon.”

While Akwang was in the shower, having his bathe and scrubbing his body, humming songs he didn’t even understand, Editi joined him. She took his wet hands and placed on her belly. “I am pregnant.” She said softly. Akwang widened his eyes in amazement, water rushing down his face and his entire body. “I couldn’t wait to tell you during dinner, I am so excited.”

“Oh my God! I am going to be a father!” Akwang exclaimed.” He kissed her belly and said to it, “My little baby, daddy loves you so much.” There was joy in his tone. And he couldn’t just wait to drive Editi for her first antenatal class.

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