Kissing Kenechukwu [Chapter 22]


They united.

Then they kissed.

Love birds.


Kenechukwu Almost tore the wispy black lace from her body, he became calm when he remembered that she was pregnant.

She lay before him completely naked, her protruded belly made her more beautiful, he could only stare.

Kenechukwu’s tongue teased and tormented her until she thought she would lose her mind. His hands stroked her sensitive inner thigh. She cried out as the feeling of sheer delight washed over her body. Nevertheless, Kenechukwu continued kissing her.

She reached for his belt, but he stood and began unfastening it with deliberate slowness as he gazed into her hungry, passion filled eyes. When he was completely naked, he joined her in bed. It was twelve midnight, and he didn’t care about where he packed his car.

The mattress dipped beneath his weight. She kissed his chest, his wide shoulders, his neck, and then hesitantly reached for his swollen sex. He moaned aloud as her touch.

“I am getting you a visa by month end, we are leaving for USA, you need rest.” He said. The words left his lips huskily.

A flicker of emotion passed over his face as he swept her thighs apart and entered her gently, filling her with himself. He closed his eyes against the agony of pleasure. He kissed her, his tongue caressed her breasts as he thrust evenly into her, cursing the satin folds that grasped him so tightly. Mmayen cried out as she reached the height of pleasure. She heard Kenechukwu gasp as he shuddered against her and filled her with a delicious warmth.

After several minutes their erratic heartbeats slowed and their breathing became normal. Kenechukwu raised himself up gently, moved beside her and gathered her in his arms. “ When do we have to go see your mom?” He asked.

“Anytime you’re ready.” She replied sleepily.

“Thank you for not getting rid of my baby.” He said and kissed her tenderly on the forehead. She looked surprised, “This baby was to be kept for a reason. For a memory of a man I love, of you Kenechukwu.”

“Thank you baby.”

“You’ve taught me that making love can be terrifically sweet. You’re a pro.” She said to him.
He laughed. “Well…”

“How is the firm? I missed talking at the court.”

He laughed. “I missed watching you talk. I missed everything about you.” He said.

They slept in each other’s arms till morning and when he woke up, he made her breakfast with the things he saw at her kitchen.

When he served her, she glared at him over the rim of her tea cup. She was propped on several pillows on her bed.

“Can my mom come here to see you?” He asked.

“What?” She asked in amazement.

“Yeah, I just texted her that I have found you, and you’re carrying my baby. She has been calling but I can’t pick the call, she wants to come, can I grant her the permission?” She reached up and stroked his cheeks, you’re such a talkative.

“I am not, I am just overwhelmed…” He said.

“Let me shower and look good, I heard your mom is incredibly fashionable.”

“Oh yeah.”

“I have to make her food.”

“There is nothing edible in your refrigerator, get your pert little fanny and belly in the shower and dress let’s go shopping for food items at the market.”

She laughed. “What about mama Nyesom? How is she?”

“Oh dear, she asked of you every passing day, and when she saw how sad I was on a daily basis, she would come to me and say, ‘Oga, she be your woman, my spirit dey sure.” Mmayen laughed. “You just murdered the pidgin English,” She said laughingly. He laughed too, it was the happiest moment of their lives and he wished she knew that he loved her more than she ever imagined.

“You have brought me peace again. I am so happy. I thank God for the day you came into my life.”

She raised her brow and pursed her lips, “You found me. You made me.”

“How did I get so lucky?”

She pressed her head against his shoulder. “I don’t know about you, but every night when I was a young boy, I looked upon a wishing star and said to it, ‘My woman should give me peace’, and then the stars sent you to me, you became my staff, but I wanted you to be more than that.” His phone rang and he looked at it, “My mother…”

“Tell her to come, Text her the directions.”

“Today, my favorite women will see each other for the first time.” He said.

Mmayen was loss for words.

The End

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