Kissing Kenechukwu [Chapter 21]


Mmayen was afraid to tell her mother about her pregnancy. She didn’t want to break her heart with the news. But they talked on phone almost everyday.

She’d changed her lines; and even her body had started changing too. She ate meals at every three hours and always craved for unsweetened Yoghurt.

And on this day, she felt like eating cold Stone ice cream. She drove herself to the one near her house, and as she stood by the counter and made her order, she was became impatient. She wanted the ice cream seller to be as fast as possible. She was afraid it might not get to her. She wanted to devour everything in minutes. It was obvious that she was pregnant, her belly had started protruding.

She felt as skittish as a coon with a pack of hounds on his scent when he called her name. It was sudden. It was abrupt.

She knew it was him, she wanted to just fall down there and wish the ground could swallow her up.

“Mmayen…” He called her again with all boldness and shock.

She turned slowly to him and when she saw that it was Kenechukwu, and he saw that she was pregnant, he wanted to hold her hands. She dodged him, took the ice cream In her hands and rushed out of the ice cream place.

He ran after her. His instincts told him it was his baby she was carrying and that he shouldn’t let her go.

She slammed her car door and he held the window and screamed, breathing heavily, “I beg you in the name of God, listen to me. I have been in your other apartment, I go there everyday to look for you. I have searched everywhere for you baby, please listen to me.” He said panting.

But she ignored him and acted like he wasn’t saying anything to her. She reversed and drove him. He rushed to his car and drove speedily after her.

She didn’t know he was behind her, she drove straight to her house and he packed at a corner watched her. He stepped down from the car and walked down to her house.

She knocked at the gate softly. And when he realized that it was just her who lived in the apartment, he attempted jumping the fence. He was scared that people might call him a thief. But he dared jump the fence. He hid when he heard footsteps walking toward the entrance door. And she opened the door, he timed her and grabbed the door firmly. She screamed, thinking that it was an attacker.

“Please don’t shout, don’t shout, it’s me, it’s me baby….” Kenechukwu said breathing heavily.

Her heart fell and she almost fainted when she realized she was holding him.

“Get your hands off me!” She screamed. And Kenechukwu was afraid not to hurt her or the baby, so he took his hands gently off her.

“I am going to call the police and tell them that you intruded my privacy.” She said as she walked into her sitting room.

“I haven’t done anything to you. You’re the one who rained insults on me and resigned, leaving cases at the firm for unprofessional lawyers to handle.”

“You hurt me! You broke my heart, you messed me up!” She screamed.

“You’re the one who messed me up. You’re now acting a victim, you broke me!” He looked at her belly with love in his eyes. “That’s mine, please don’t deny it.” He pleaded.

She fell back gently and began to sob like a child. Kenechukwu knelt in between her legs and began touched her face. “You’re heartless, You could have the mind to stay without me for good four months. You got me insane, I wasn’t myself anymore.” He continued creating the magic of touching her face, even when the waves of passion had subsided. Before long, Mmayen was once again caught up in intense pleasure.

“How many months is this?” He asked, rubbing his hands softly on her belly.

“fourteen weeks.” She said softly, wiping the tears in her eyes.

He laughed out so loud and joyously, “I can’t believe I am going to be a father. Oh my God!” He exclaimed. Mmayen smiled.

“Sarafina came to see me.” She broke the news.


“She gave me 5million naira to stay away from you, and I thought I would never see you again, and that you would never come back or want to be with me again.” She gulped.

“She is just stupid to have done that…”

“I had to get the money because I was broke. I needed to gather up my life again. And when I realized that you didn’t engage her I was so bittered.”

He sighed, “She hacked my account. She and her mother are fraudulent people.” He held her face together and whispered, “I will pay her back the money today. I’m gonna call my account officer and he will make the transactions today. I still have her account number.” He kissed her forehead, “I missed you, you’re my everything. I lost a part of me when you were no more in my life. I cried like a child before my mom and my sister, and they all thought I had gone insane.” He paused, “ I had gone insane for you. You alone are everything that a million women are not. Just you baby.”

Mmayen smiled tearily as he hugged him tight to herself.

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