Marriage Perfect [Chapter 9]


She was still swimming when he disposed the last short stick of cigarette that remained. Then he pulled off his clothes, leaving his shorts, and dived into the water.

She was relaxing in the middle of the pool when he swum passed her.

They were in the water for about fifty minutes, then she got out of the water, and took a towel from the pool hanger. “I love water.”

“Nice, I hope you enjoyed here,” Andy said as he got out of the pool too.

“So much. It’s amazingly beautiful,” she yawned loudly. “I am famished.”

“It’s okay. Let me order meals from the cook. What do you wanna eat?”

“Rice and stew. Beef stew,” she said.

Andy called the cook and in a few hours, they could see the cook rolling down the food trolley toward them.

“Do you take whiskey?” Andy asked.

“Yes. My father used to give to me to taste,” she said and added, “Just to taste a little. But it burned my tongue.”

Andy laughed. “That was raw ethanol, not a refined whiskey.”

“Do you have it? I would love to have a taste of it.”

“After the meal, you’ll have it,” Andy said.

The cook got close, and when he got to them, he prostrated to Andy.

“It’s here sir,” he said calmly.

“Serve her,”   Andy said.

The cook looked confused.

“I thought the food was for you, I came with your plates and cutleries. Let me get her a plate,” he said and wanted to get away when Andy said, “Don’t bother about all that nonsense. Serve her with my plate.”

“Yes sir,” the cook said and dished the food into a plate and handed to her.

“Thank you,” she whispered to the cook.

“You can leave us,” Andy said.

After the meal, he said to her, “Let’s go hunting.”

“I love hunting!” she screamed.

“You love everything I love,” he said.

“Maybe,” she shrugged.

He carried her and placed her on the horse, then he climbed too. He nudged the horde forward, and she did the same to stay abreast of him. No matter how he tried to channel his thoughts into a different direction, they always came back to her. He had called her by an endearment when he thought she was scared on the horse. He had never used those words with anyone else, not even with Sana. He’d only referred to Sana as ‘my queen’ a lot of times and it was what he felt was right to call her.

He had wrestled with himself to keep from missing that tempting mouth that could slide down into a pout or curve upward in a dazzling smile.

He tightened his grip on the reins, reminding himself that she might be a mistress of deception, no matter how innocent she appeared. He wasn’t convinced that she could be that beautiful, yet innocent. He didn’t even believe she was a virgin.

When they got deeper into the forest, he said to her, “Are you okay?” She nodded with a smile.

“This is my forest. I own here. I come here whenever I want peace,” he said. She giggled.

“It’s really big. Do you know your way around this big place?” she asked.

“Yes I do. I am used to this place,” he replied.

“This place is another country entirely,” she added.

He tried to suppress the smile that played on his lips, but he wasn’t entirely successful. She was such an enchanting woman with a sense of humor and obvious knowledge of the things that interested him.

“All these leaves could cure sicknesses, my grandmother taught me. I recognize them all,” she said.

They reached a point and he came down from the horse first, and then took her down. He gazed down at her, his lips set in a tight line. She rushed to a tree and plucked the leaves. She smelt it and exhaled; “Idolo, it cures many things. My grandmother called it magician. It smells like curry leave. Will you have a taste of it?” she asked smiling.

He shook his head. “I have no idea what that is, what if you want to poison me?

She was aghast, “I can’t kill you my king. See, I am eating it,” she said, as she squeezed the leaves and put them in her mouth. She ate them carefully, “You see? It’s not poison.”

Andy just smiled. Then a few moments later, she held her stomach and began to cry softly; “Oh my stomach hurts, oh it hurts,” she cried.

Andy rushed to her, caught and held her gaze, “I told you not to eat that shit, you didn’t even wash it!” he exclaimed angrily.

Kadiaka choked and laughed at the same time. She’d tricked him and he fell for it.

“I tricked you!” she said and left his arms.

He held his heart, his gaze drilled into her. “Are you serious?” he asked looking shocked.

“Yes!” she exclaimed laughing.

His eyes swirled like molten lava. “I seriously don’t like that,” he warned.

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