Marriage Perfect [Chapter 8]


Leaning back against the luxurious upholstery, Kadiaka let a smile steal onto her lips like the sun peeping from behind a cloud. She was just adorable, she was surprisingly contented. And even when she had everything at her disposal, she refused to misuse it.

Andy was saying things to her that made her smile.

“Come sit on my laps, I want to have a feel of your body. It’s beautiful,” Andy said.

Her smile seemed to come naturally, with hardly any reticence at all.

“I know you like me, I see the way you look at me a times. It makes me shy,” she said. “Does Madam know that you like me?” she asked.

Andy shook his head, “I don’t know. But she knows I can decide to like anyone if I want to.”

“Anyone? Not me.”

“Anyone could be you Kadiaka,” he said boldly.  She nodded, unable to say anything. Her heart fell when he stood to his feet and moved gently toward her. “Look at this fine girl, trying to get my heart.”

Kadiaka became afraid. “No Sa,” she whispered.  But he held her to himself.

“I won’t hurt you,” he whispered and stood still as he hugged her firmly like she was lost and now found.


The midday sun cast stark shadows, as Sana managed to leave the house that day. She wasn’t feeling to well, and she’d gone to meet Dr. Winifred.

“It’s the birth control,” Doctor Winifred shook her head, “It has damaged your system,” she added.

Sana’s heart sank, she sat up from the bed and stared shockingly at Doctor Winifred. “What can be done?” she asked.

“I have to refer you to a gynecologist here in Ijala. It’s hard Sana, I’m really sorry,” she paused and added, “Where did you do the birth control? Certainly not here.”

Sana lowered her head shamefully, “My former manager took me to a woman in Ishiakande.”

“Native?” Doctor Winifred asked, she nodded.

“Oh Sana, you’re educated for God’s sake. Why would you let just anyone mislead you? “

“I thought she was right.”

“You didn’t even get a consent from a gynecologist, now your womb is damaged.”

“You can help, can’t you?” she asked softly.

Doctor Winifred stared at her for long moments.

“The deed has been done already. I can only refer you to a gynecologist who would help you cleanse your body system while you treat yourself medically in our fertility center.”

“The doctor at Ishiakande, can he help get my womb back?”

“I don’t know about that Sana, I can’t say.”

Doctor Winifred took a paper and a pen from the cabinet beside her and wrote something on it. “His name is Doctor Rivers Sam, he is a good doctor and he will handle you with care.” She handed her the paper and she collected it calmly.

“Thank you Wini,” she said, as a drop of tear fell from her eyes.

“Don’t cry Sana,” Doctor Winifred stood up and held her, comforting her. “I’m glad you’ve gotten a surrogate already, so, we can gladly try our best to understand how her body works next month.”

“Thank you,” Sana wiped away the tear and stood to her feet.


Kadiaka was swimming in the pool, and Andy watched her from his bedroom.  He called one of his body guards to call her to his private mansion. He took a stroll there on his horse.

When she arrived, he slipped his arm through hers. “I’m afraid Sa,” she said. “I have never been in a place this beautiful and quiet. I can only hear sounds from the birds.”

“Yes, this is my mansion. I alone can be here, no one else,” he said huskily.

“But I am here,” she said.

“Because you’re special. And we’re about to do a special thing here.”

He turned to the guard and said, “You can go. I will send for you when I need you.”

He walked into his $100,000,0000 mansion that had the most beautiful swimming pool anyone has ever seen.

“Wow!” Kadiaka exclaimed as he opened the door that led to the poolside.

“Oh my! This is where I want to be Sa, the pool is beautiful. I hope it’s deep?” she asked excitedly.

“It’s deep. Deep, deep like the ocean. I hope you can swim? It’s not like the one at the family house.”

“I swim like a fish. I grew up by the seaside. I can swim in any water at all,” she said in Inoni accent as she tried to pull off her shoes.

She jumped into the water abruptly and dived deep down.

He settled by the pool and took a stick of his Kent Tobacco. He lit it with a lighter and inhaled deeply, then exhaled.

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