Marriage Perfect [Chapter 6]


“Your brother Na’di called me last weekend,” Mumadi said huskily as he sipped his tea.

“We don’t talk that much. How is he?” Andy asked as he looked at the clock on the wall.

“He is fine. He wants to contest for elections, and he is planning to come see you.”

Andy chuckled. “Why does he want to go into politics? My family isn’t too good with politics. We know how to invest our money to grow. We believe in gold mining. Our father refused visits from presidents of other countries. Anything that had to with politics, he despised them. I am like that too,” Andy said as he sipped his tea.

Mumadi nodded.

“It has never been in history that your father, the late king Naji was friends with any of these politicians. He dined with kings and royalties, never saw him approve of any presidential visit to the palace.”

“My father’s only problem was women,” Andy retorted.

Mumadi laughed. “But we have continued from there. Or can you do without women?”

“Ah! I think that’s the only thing I got from my father. I love women,” Andy said, beating his chest.

“You remember when you visited Kikale and then we strolled around one evening. We met a girl called Mialina, you almost took her to your hotel room, only to discover she was your sister. Blood sister!” Mumadi laughed so hard, Andy almost choked while laughing.

“You reminded me of something I have tried so hard to forget,” Andy laughed coughing.

“And you know, I saw how she panicked when she called you by your name, ‘Brother Andiama!’ and you were even shocked.”

“I wondered!” Andy said. “Only family members knew that name,” he added.

“Your father had too many children from too many women.”

“A hundred and fifty-two children from sixty-three wives. He had twenty concubines. His burial program was like a Bible! About a hundred and twelve pages.”

“And you see. he was happy.”

“Very happy. My father was dying, yet he couldn’t stop asking that his youngest wife should kiss his grey hairs.”

Mumadi laughed uncontrollably, his laugh echoing through the walls of the house.

They ate breakfast together, and after a few moments, one of the guards whispered into Andy’s ears, “Boss lady is ready for hospital.”

“Oh my!” Andy exclaimed and wiped his mouth.

“We need to see a doctor this morning for my wife. I told you she had a fever,” he said and stood to his feet.

“The guards will take you to the chalet and you’ll choose the women you would want,” he said.

Mumadi nodded. “My regards to her.”

Andy hurried away and in few minutes he was ready.

When he appeared at the sitting room, his heart trembled at the sight of Kadiaka. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a white shirt. Her sandals was flat and simple. Her hair was beautifully wrapped and curled. He’d been watching her long before she noticed him.

“Good morning Sa, “ she said in a local accent.

“Good morning Beautiful,” Andy said as he touched her face. When he saw that she was uncomfortable, he took his hands off her and asked, “Where is my wife?”

“She is coming,” she replied innocently.

He walked out and took the car keys from Jimmy the chief driver.

He drove by himself along with Kadiaka and Sana who was sitting in front. Sana directed him to the hospital and when they arrived, the nurses led them to Dr. Winifred’s office.

“She has been waiting for you,” the nurse said smiling, as she opened the door for them to walk in.

“Oh your royal highnesses,” Dr. Winifred said happily, in a British accent. “You’re welcome, please sit.”

She turned to Sana, “It’s been quite a long time Sana, I was excited to speak with you the other day,” she added.

Sana smiled. “Doctor Wini, meet my husband Andy. The king of Najira.”

“I am privileged to meet you sir. I watch you on national television. I am glad to render my services to you sir,” Dr. Winifred said elegantly.

Andy nodded, she barely heard his reply, it was so quiet. He liked her, and he’d already thought of having sex with her before he leaves for Singapore.

“So, why are we here?” Dr. Winifred asked.

Sana cleared her throat, “Meet Kadiaka, she is going to be our surrogate.”

“Oh nice,” Dr. Winifred commended and sat up.

“Okay. Before we start anything, we have to undergo several tests to be sure you’re in good condition to go through this,” she said, staring at Kadiaka.

Kadiaka nodded, yet the doctor’s words instigated a train of thought that instantly perturbed her. She knew that a syringe was going to be used, and she didn’t like the idea at all. But she was mute, as she listened carefully to doctor Winifred.

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