Marriage Perfect [Chapter 5]


“This is the last time, I will be doing this,” Sana said as she removed her clothes in the jacuzzi-J 470.

“It might not be. You’re not gonna die, are you?”

She fell on the bathtub and let water flow around her from under.

“You seem to be changing your mind towards things that gives me joy,” Andy said.

“It’s because we are having a child, things have to change.”

Andy settled on the water cistern.

“When are we set to see the gynecologist?”

“If you’re ready, we could see her tomorrow morning,” Sana said.

“Her?” he asked sternly. Sana nodded.

“She is British. She has been my gynecologist since I married you. You’ve never met her before. She is Miss Winifred.”

“Good to know. Call her and book an appointment because after tomorrow I won’t be chanced.”

“Where will you be going?” she asked.

“Singapore. I’ve got a client who wants us to do business together. We have to make money my queen.”

“You’ve made enough money Andy. You’re freaking rich. What else do you need money for? You own four private jets. You own companies, you own a Bugatti Veyron, you got me an Aston Martin last year on my birthday. You own a freaking Hennessey Venom worth £689,000. What the heck do you want money for?” she asked firmly, her voice echoing through the walls of the bathroom.

Andy stared her straight in the eye and said, “I want to build a house made with gold and gemstones. Set in an island only you and I could live. I want more money to travel round the world. I want more!”

“You have them.”

“I want more,” he laughed and added, “King Mumadi is waiting, hurry.”

“I won’t do it. You can send one of the maids. Damn your traditions and every freaking rule that follows it.”

“My mother didn’t break that rule Sana, you won’t.”

“That was your mother. I am Sana, not your mother.”

“You’re the Queen of Najira, forget that you live in Ijala and not in the village like the others. Forget that we told the guards, maids and security not to call us royal highness and majesty or whatsoever. The day I married you, you signed on to perform full term, the traditional rites of the Queen. So, you’ll not break it because you think you can. You will do as I say.”

He walked out of the bathroom and fell on the bed. “You’ll wear the sexiest of your nightwear, and go to Mumadi, and let him touch you. I will not want to hear a bad report from his visit to my empire. I am king, and so you’ll go there and strip for him to see, it’s his right!” His voice suddenly became thunderous and powerful.

Sana became bold and strong. She had her bathe and when she was done dressing up, she said to him in a low tone, “If I had known we would do this again and again, I wouldn’t have married you.”

Andy chuckled, “You just lied. You would have married me again and again. You don’t mean that.”

She was about to leave for King Mumadi’s room when he said, “Don’t go, I will send one of the maids.”

She paused and smiled.

“Thank you,” she said calmly and walked to the bed.

She didn’t say another word until he turned on the bed and said, “I won’t ask you to do things that will inconvenience you. She fell on him, kissed him and held him to herself.

“Tomorrow, we see Winifred the gynecologist,” she said to him.

“Are you anxious?” he asked.

“I think so. Almost seems like I’m the one who will carry the child.”

The room was quiet. They slept off in each other’s arms, and as soon as morning came, Andy brushed his mouth and hurried to the sitting room.

“Boss, King Mumadi is set to leave for the airport, I have called the pilot to get ready to fly him to Kialu,” his assistant said.

“Bring him to me, let’s talk,” Andy ordered.

When King Mumadi appeared in his regalia, Andy stood to his feet and said,

“You see why I don’t want all these stress? Ijala is already hot, then I will wear this again because I am king?” he asked in a funny way.

King Mumadi gave him a stern stare. He was an older man with long white beards.

“Najirans don’t break promises Andy. Why didn’t you satisfy my taste for one of your women last night?”

He sighed aloud, “My good friend Mumadi, I’m sorry. My wife had a headache, a severe one.” His Naijira accent became more revealing as he continued, “I have never been like this.” He sighed. “I could send the maids to come handle you. I have them in different shapes and sizes.”

Mumadi laughed. “Now you’re talking. I was so excited I was going to have the taste of the most beautiful woman in Najira.”

Andy’s lopsided smile lifted one corner of his mouth.

“The last thing she wanted was not being with you,” Andy said.

Sana stayed behind the door to eavesdrop on their conversation. She heard everything they said, so she smiled and thought her husband Andy was tricky indeed.

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