Marriage Perfect [Chapter 4]


Kadiaka had the best spa experience. Sana had ordered Telania to go shop perfumes, shoes and lingerie for her at the mall. And each passing day at the seven star hotel, she was glowing and becoming more beautiful.

On the night of Andy’s birthday, Sana called Snuzzy, her personal makeup artiste to handle Kadiaka’s face.

“I thought you said she is supposed to be a surrogate mom? Why is she wearing a makeup and all that ma’am? This isn’t supposed to be about the looks,”  Telania said to Sana.

“Because Andy is obsessed with beautiful things. Ugly woman can’t carry our baby. Andy loves beautiful women.”

Telania exhaled sharply. “It’s okay ma’am. It’s just that I was worried. This is your home, no woman should be…”

“Tela, don’t continue with that crap! I am not with the usual Najira women’s marriage mentality. I pay women to come be with my husband because he likes it. He enjoys being with other women too, even if he doesn’t like them. I am Sana, I am me. I don’t pretend. It’s selfish to want to keep a man all to yourself.”

“Does he let you be with other men when you want to?” Telania asked boldly.

Sana took one more look at her and said, “Anytime I want it, he lets his boys be with me,” Sana said proudly.

Telania bit her lips to stop herself from saying what she thought would be offensive to her boss.

The birthday dinner for Andy began and it was the gathering of the affluent. Wealthy men from Najira and other foreign countries were present.

A king gifted him a diamond crypto and a Princess from Alankita who used to be his secret admirer, gifted him an iPhone 3G Kings Button which was worth $2.4million.

Andy smiled when Sana, and the two maids Obiageli and Imia unwrapped the gifts and showed to him. He smiled at them carelessly, “Oh nice,” he said casually like the gifts were common and cheap.

“You can go,” Sana said, “We will unwrap the rest by tomorrow.”

The maids stood to their feet and prostrated before they left.

Andy stared at Obiageli’s buttocks as she walked out of the sitting room.

“Don’t stare at her, you won’t have her tonight. And you won’t have any of these women again,” Sana said softly.

Andy giggled, “Okay, I won’t stare, just that I enjoyed her the last time.”

“No Andiama, no, you won’t say such a thing anymore to me,” she said meanly.

“What has changed?” he asked in amazement.

“A new thing is about to emerge. But first,” she lifted one finger, “I have a gift for you,” she said and moved closer to him. She carried a wrapped gift from amongst the gifts and handed to him.

“Good one, no stripper tonight as gift,” he whispered amused. She chuckled.

“Old things are about to pass away,” she said.

He unwrapped the gift slowly and when he could see what it was, he laughed sensually. “Creed Pure White cologne. God bless Henry Creed, he found the best perfume in the world,” he said delightedly.

“Creed has created a legacy of unrivalled scents treasured by perfume connoisseurs and all admirers of quality, style and panache. Over the centuries, the Creed family has produced over 200 perfumes all testifying to a unique creative spirit that has been passed, together with a keen inherited nose, from father to son through seven generations,” he reeled off.

“It was your father’s favorite perfume,” she said.

“Don’t remind me of my father. Some of his favorite things bore me.”

“Lies! Andiama.”

“Call me Andy. That name sickens me.”

“Everything your father loved, you love them too. Even his kind of women.”

“Don’t remind me, I beg of you,” he said.

“One more gift, and we are off to bed,” she said. She hurried out and then came back with Kadiaka.

Kadiaka lifted the hem of her dress above her shoes to step down from the stairs towards the white portico that framed the entrance. When Andy saw her, he stood to his feet immediately. He was mesmerized by her beauty. Sana smiled at him as she left Kadiaka standing and then walked toward Andy.

“I got you a surrogate mom. Her name is Kadiaka from Inomi Island,” she said joyously.

Andy stared at Sana. “Nice. She is gorgeous,” he added.

“Let me take her away for now,” Sana and took Kadiaka away. In no time, she came back to Andy.

“I don’t understand you anymore Sana,” he said, calling her by her name.

“What don’t you understand? That you don’t need a surrogate anymore? That girl is a virgin, I chose her to carry our baby. She is clean.”

“Listen, I don’t know about her virginity and all that shitty lies she told you about herself. Virgins died along with my father many years ago. You shouldn’t do things as important as this, without my consent ever again.”

She looked up to see amusement on his face, but this time, it had a softer edge. He wasn’t serious, just teasing her a little.

“I would have wondered!” she exclaimed.

“Come here, I’ve got good news for you,” he said as he grabbed. “King Mumadi is in the executive room, and of course I would want you to render your services to him,” he said.

“What?” she asked suspiciously.

“The tradition my queen. Whenever I visit him in Kialu, he gives to me the most beautiful of his daughters,” he said. “The last time I visited, he gave me his most beautiful wives. Her name was Naomi, my kind of woman. If not that I had promised that you would be my only wife, I would have married that Naomi woman. But a Najian man, doesn’t break promises,” he said authoritatively.

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