Marriage Perfect [Chapter 3]


They arrived at a small bungalow. It was an uncompleted building that looked deserted.

Sana was already exhausted before she got there.

“Please sit here,” one of the women said and she pointed at a long dirty bench. Sana looked at it snobbishly. Telania understood her boss’ reason for staring, so she took a handkerchief and covered a small space on the bench.

“You can sit here,” she said, pointing at where the handkerchief was.

Sana sighed and turned to her, “I am here to get a surrogate mom for I and Andy’s children. She will be everything I’m not to them,” she said softly.

“Don’t you want to bear him children on your own?” Telania asked, bewildered.

Sana shook her head, “My marriage will be at stake if I dare get pregnant. Andy loves my body, he brought up this idea of surrogacy, I think I like it. I want to surprise him with a surrogate mom on his upcoming birthday. At least, the girl could stay with us until the baby comes.”

“My God! This is so strange. It’s the strangest thing I have ever heard.”

“Well, it isn’t to me. Andy wants children. I know he wants children. We have to plan ahead for his heir or heiress.”

“This is crazy,” Telania muttered with a soft chuckle.

“The girl is a virgin. Has never been touched by any man. She is just the kind of girl I want. She is his spec. Slender, fair skin, beautiful face. And she is just twenty-four,” Sana said with a proper expression of delight.

The women ushered in a fair skin young girl from the house. They held her hands toward where Sana was sitting as if she was being taken to her groom.

“That’s her. Beautiful like the sun! I just hope Andy will want to have our child with her,” she said smiling.

“She is beautiful,” Telania whispered.

“Good afternoon ma,” the girl greeted shrilly. She was beautiful, and Sana held her hands firmly.

“What’s your name?” Sana asked.

“Kadiaka Umuma,” the girl replied.

“I hope your mother has told you why we are taking you?” Sania asked, Kadiaka nodded.

“Good,” She swallowed and continued, “We are taking you away for like a year, and then we will pay you a good sum of money.”

Kadiaka nodded. She understood their reason for coming and so, she didn’t ask any questions.

They left Inomi without Kadiaka’s bags. Sana said her clothes were frayed and ugly. And the knapsack bag that the clothes were inside looked old and torn.

“We can’t go with this. Don’t worry, we will shop for cloths for you when we get to Ijala,” Sana said. She handed bundles of money to Kadiaka’s mother and they all strode back to the river and boarded a boat back.

Sana couldn’t take her eyes off Kadiaka. She had started imagining how she was going to unveil her to Andy on the night of his birthday. It was going to be a surprise.

She suddenly became scared of Andy falling in love with her. Dismissing that distasteful thought, she glanced at Kadiaka’s serene face.

“I will keep her at a seven star hotel until the birthday night,” she said.

Suddenly, her phone fell inside the water. She screamed. “Oh no!”

“Oh my God! Ma’am. Your phone!” Telania screamed.

Sana said sadly, “It’s okay. I will order for another one.”

“That’s iPhone 3Gs Supreme Gold Striker worth $3.4 million!”

Kadiaka covered her mouth in wonderment. She inhaled deeply and jumped into the water fearlessly.

Sana and Telania screamed.

“Oh no! Help her please I can’t swim!” Sana yelled.

But the speed boat man stopped abruptly. “ She is fine. I sabi am. Make una no worry unasef, she is fine.”

“Are you sure she isn’t running away?” Sana asked worried.

“No madam. E be like she dey go carry that phone.”

“What? The phone won’t be seen. She can’t find it!” Telania exclaimed.

“I’m freaking out already. What the heck is wrong with this young girl?” Sana asked in amazement.

Few minutes later, Kadiaka held the boat from the bottom breathing heavily. Sana and Telania helped her into the boat, fear written all over them. They were surprised to see the phone in her hand.

“Here! The phone!” she said breathing loudly.

Sana stared at her phone with her mouth wide open.

Kadiaka wiped the water from her face with her hands. The boatman started the boat and drove off speedily.

“It’s water-resistant,” Sana said as she collected the phone. “Thank you,” she added softly.

Sana and Telania stared at her in amazement until they got to Ijala, where they lodged her at her suite and shopped hundreds of clothes for her.

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