Marriage Perfect [Chapter 2]


Andy made love to her on his office desk, and she dusted her dress afterwards and walked out with her manager Telania who was standing by the doorpost.

“Call the driver and tell him to get ready to take me to Inomi, I want to see my clients from Russia,” Sana said.

“Yes ma’am,” Telania replied as she dialed the number immediately. “Hello Jimmy, Madam is set to leave for Inomi, prepare the car and alert the drivers who would be on her convoy.”

“No convoy,” Sana said waving her hands, “Just me and you are heading to Inomi,” she said.

“Yes ma’am,” Telania replied innocently and placed the phone back to her ears, “No convoy Jimmy,” she said. Beads of sweat popped out on her forehead as she walked hastily behind Sana.

As soon as she got to the first floor via the elevator, heading to the exit, men in security uniform ran towards her, she paused and said to them, “I will handle this, stay back.”

But one of the security men said insistently, “Ma’am, the boss says we should never let you go anywhere without us.”

“I am the boss!” she said meanly and turned to Telania, “Let’s go girl.”

Telania walked as fast as she could, behind her, and as soon as they got into the car, Sana ordered Jimmy, “Drive to Inomi, I want to see someone.”

“Madam, na riverine area  be that. Boat dey wey go carry you enter the main island. Inomi na Island.”

“I’m aware Jimmy, someone will pick me up.”

“Okay madam,” Jimmy said slowly and drove off.

When they got to the waterside, Telania alighted first, her high heel shoes sunk into the deep, muddy sands by the water. She held the door firmly for Sana to come down.

“Thank you,” Sana said and then turned to Jimmy, “Wait here,” she said.

There were women and children by the riverside, selling shrimps, octopus and different types of fishes.

Two women dressed in black flowing gown had Ankara yashmak tied around their heads.

“Ma’am,” they both prostrated. They were older women with wrinkles all over their hands.

“We booked a boat that will take us to the Island. It is over there,” one of the women said in a strange accent pointing at somewhere.

“I hope it’s a speed boat?” Sana asked.

“Yes, better one,” the other woman said.

“How many people can it contain?” Sana asked.


“Good, let’s go,” Sana ordered. The two old women led the way, while Sana and Telania walked behind them.

Telania had wondered where they were going to this time. She’d worked with Sana for over two years and she’d accompanied her to many countries. Sana had once asked her if she needed a man to be with. She nodded shyly and said, “I haven’t been laid for years ma’am.”

“Give him your spec,” she winked at Luigi, the Italian friend of hers who takes her around Rome and Italy whenever she visited. “Give her whatever kind of man she wants. He should satisfy her, I will pay any amount he wants. I hope Pompeii has good men with fresh skins like the men from Najira?”

Luigi laughed, “We have good looking men in Tuscany and Amalfi coast. I will just show her pictures and she can make a choice,” he said.

“Don’t show me pictures, I just need someone who is good in bed,” Telania said innocently.

“Fine, I will ask around then,” he said.

And the guy he finally got for her was Giovanni from Venice. Telania hated the way he breathed so loudly and noisily. After they had sex once, she slept off and thought he wasn’t so good.


They were on the speed boat heading to the island when Sana said, “This island reminds of me of my father, he was a fisherman. A great fisherman. I watched him drown at the small river in our village at Nkan. I was seven year old then.”

“So sorry ma’am,” one of the women said.

Sana waved her away; “It doesn’t hurt anymore. Time took away the pains. I can only remember and talk about the scenario, but the feeling is no more the same,” she said in a soft tone.

When they were close to the island, one of the women said, “We are here.”

Sana held Telania’s hands firmly and said, “You’ll soon find out why we are here.”

Telania smiled and nodded like a child. She was Sana’s age mate and amongst the few women who have worked for her for a long time. Her last manager Melin had started having sex with Andy. She’d approved of the relationship after Andy announced he could have a taste of her if Sana lets him. And when she did, she’d started acting authoritatively. Few weeks after she started being laid by Andy, she was sacked.

As they got down from the boat, the women led them to a small narrow road that led to a small village.

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