Marriage Perfect [Chapter 14]


Sana pushed him away and walked away. He ran after her and held her hands, “Please, just wait and listen to me,” he said forcefully. Her eyes were teary and heavy with tears she wouldn’t let go.

“Let me say the truth,” he knelt down beside her, holding her hands tight. She covered her face with the wrapper, ashamed that he might see the tears in her eyes. But he knew she was crying.

“I knew you won’t be able to conceive.”

“Who told you I won’t be able to conceive? Doctor Winifred?” she asked.

“No. Late Doctor Dede, my late personal doctor. He told me two months after our marriage ceremony. He said there was no need going for family planning. I didn’t want to let you have a clue of it when you told me that Melin, your former manager wants to take you for a traditional family planning. Since we didn’t want a baby so soon. He told me we can only have a baby through a surrogate. I really wanted babies…but…I…” he broke down.

Sana stared at him, her eyes wandering all over his face.

“All I want is babies with Kadiaka, but I won’t have to tell her that,” he said and stood to his feet. “You’ll accompany me to Inomi and I will marry her, so she would bear me children.”

She lowered herself to the floor and wept bitterly. But he held her, her cry breaking his heart.


Kadiaka had a small wedding with Andy at Inomi. It was unusual, everyone had expected that it was going to be an extravagant wedding.

He’d demolished Kadiaka’s mother’s house and built a mansion on it.

And he’d established her financially. She’d gone into gold business too.

Few months before she had her baby, Sana had visited Andy at his office. Andy finished the last piece of bacon and looked over at her. She was beautifully dressed in her pants and Swiss jacket.

“I have missed making love to you Sana,” he said.

She giggled. “You’re enjoying your new Wife, I’m the old one. I can wait until you’ve had a fill of her,” she said.

“I’m already tired of her,” he sighed. “She wants to keep me away from you, that little girl!” he exclaimed. Sana laughed.

“She is a small girl, but she will get used to it.”

“Immediately she has my child, I’m sending her out of my edifice. No woman gives me peace like you.”

“But she was your peace,” Sana retorted.

“I thought so too.”

Sana shrugged, “It could be pregnancy hormones. I have heard about how it makes women misbehave,” she said.

He didn’t say anything, not a single word. He walked up to her, trying not to create too much emotions.

“Kadiaka drowned me with what I don’t have an idea about. I suddenly just stopped loving her. My therapist calls it obsession. I was just a fool. Not like I regret that she is going to be the mother of my child. I only regret how I made her feel at first,” he said quietly to her.

“She is a young woman. You have to expect drama, don’t forget how we were when we got married newly– like cats and dogs,” she giggled.

“You were never rude to me, never insulted me over something that is meaningless.”

She adjusted herself backward and stood to her feet, “I am still queen of Najira,” She dusted her skirt. “I hope you would come to my bed tonight, I have missed the scent of your body,” she said softly.

He grabbed her suddenly and then began to kiss her.

The door suddenly opened. And without looking at who it was, Andy screamed, “Get the fuck out of here.” His eyes were still placed on Sana’s lips.

“You bastard!” Kadiaka yelled.

Andy’s eyes widened. No one has ever called him abusive names before.

Andy’s security men rushed in at the moment and Andy outrageously flew at her, but he was held back by his security men. “Boss, please be calm.”

“You’re cheating on me!” Kadiaka screamed.

“Take her away. After the child comes, take her to Inomi, and she should never come near me ever again,” he said angrily. The guards nodded and took Kadiaka away.

Sana stood to leave, but Andy held her hands and said, “My queen, we did crazy things together, yet…I ….I..”

“Don’t say further Andy. Pregnant women can be naughty like that.”

She kissed him on the lips.

“You won’t send her back to Inomi after she has your baby. She is your wife. Our Wife.”

She kissed him on the forehead and walked to the door, then paused and turned back to him, “I’ll be waiting for you in our bedroom tonight. You can come with someone if you want,” she said, and winked at him.

The End

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