Marriage Perfect [Chapter 13]


It was a day of many frustrations. Sana woke up very early the next morning, still unable to get her mind off what Kadiaka said to her.

She suddenly realized that Andy was a strange alluring man. There was absolutely nothing she could do to save her marriage. She would have beaten up Kadiaka, but it was a taboo in Najira to lay hands on a pregnant woman. She sobbed softly.

It was pointless lying there. She rose, showered and dressed in a black leggings and an oversized bright green shirt that came down practically to her knees. Then she covered her whole body with a wrapper.

She found her way along the paths to Andy’s private mansion. She’d expected to find Kadiaka and Andy having tea or eating something, but the dining table was empty, and even Kadiaka and Andy were nowhere to be seen, although a fresh pot of tea sat on a hot plate. She poured some into an empty coffee cup and sipped gradually.

It was heartache and pains that made Sana wander through the entire house. This was Andy’s private edifice. It was a charming old place. It had the normal structure of an old rich British building–the sharp contrasts between light and shadow and massive solidity of walls, doors and heavy, dark ceiling beams. There was an integrity in materials used in making the furniture. Smooth, adobe and clear, polished pine, natural wool rugs and bright tiles. It was the house she’d built with him too. She traveled with him around the world to get contractors for the house, and as she stared at the dining table, the staircases and each corner of the house, it brought back memories that she’d wished she could forget. The memories of love. He’d made love to her in all those places, and she knew that no man would replace him even if she decided to leave for her hometown.

When she reached his bedroom, she could hear loud sexual moans from Andy and Kadiaka.

She knew that Kadiaka was going to enjoy every bit of him. He was a romantic king who would do anything for the woman he loved.

She wiped a tear and walked back to the sitting room. She sat there for hours and as soon as she heard their voices and footsteps walking down the staircase, she knew he’d satisfied her enough, just like he’d always done to her.

When Kadiaka saw Sana sitting on the long couch, she felt her heart skip.

“No fears, I am not here to hurt you. I have come to have words with my husband,” Sana said.

Andy turned to Kadiaka and said, “Go back upstairs.”

Kadiaka walked hastily upstairs and he watched her as she climbed the stairs steadily.

He took a gentle walk to Sana. He looked so handsome that morning, she could forgive him almost anything. He was dressed casually in jeans and a gray and yellow shirt rolled up at the sleeves. He looked younger somehow. She glanced at him, nodded and smiled.

“My king,” she stood to her feet.

He kissed her softly on the lips. In her mind’s eye she couldn’t help imagining him on her.

“Did you sleep well?” he asked, holding her face with his two hands.

“No woman would sleep well, knowing that her husband is in the arms of another woman,” she said boldly.

He gave her a smile.

“I love her,” he said.

“I know you do,” she responded.

“And I will go to Inomi to see her people by next weekend.”

She removed his hands from her face, and settled on the chair.

“Hmm, you’re bringing another wife. A Najian breaks his promise for the first time.”

He held her hands and knelt before her.

“My father married many wives, yet, my mother was his only love.”

“You’re a king, you break rules if you want. I built this kingdom with you Andy,” she said.

“That hasn’t changed because I want Kadiaka. It hasn’t stopped you from being queen. You’re still queen. The only woman recognized to be my wife in the book of record of Najian royal history.”

Sana stood to her feet and clapped. “You didn’t want babies, you changed your mind,” she said.

“Because someone came into my life in just one day and changed that mindset,” he held her face, “You’re still the love of my life Sana.”

“And she?”

“She…she is…”he stuttered, then swallowed.

“Don’t say further. I don’t blame you Andy, I spoilt you.”

She smiled painfully. “Go marry her at Inomi and bring your wife home, I have my own life to live,” she said and walked away.

“Wait!” Andy said. She paused and he walked hastily to her and kissed her deeply

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