Marriage Perfect [Chapter 12]


He took his hand away from her shoulder. He could have done much more to tear down her defenses completely, but guilt was already lying heavily on his shoulders. He didn’t know how he was going to tell Sana that he has fallen in love with the young girl she’d brought home to be a surrogate. He had maneuvered her, and he wished she was going to take it lightly with him and Kadiaka.

Few days later, Kadiaka was in her bedroom when the female guard knocked on her bedroom door, “Madam wants to see you Kadiaka.”

Kadiaka stood rooted on the bed. Fear welled up in her chest.

When she got to the sitting room, she prostrated to Sana who was eating chopped strawberries and bananas.

“Yes ma’am, you sent for me,” she said calmly.

Sana rose to her full height. Her eyes were distant and cold. “The king likes you, he told me one night. Follow me,” she said and walked pass her. Her heart melted, she walked hastily behind her.

Sana led the way to her bedroom and settled on the bed.  “Another IVF will be conducted next month. You’ll be meeting with Doctor Winifred.”

Kadiaka nodded calmly.

“Has the  king slept with you yet?” Sana asked. The question came as a blow to Kadiaka’s face.

She was silent for a while before she replied, “No.”

Sana nodded, “You can go.”

Kadiaka couldn’t help her guilty conscience. She didn’t know why she had to lie. She went to her bedroom and laid quietly, waiting for Andy to come back home.

A month later, Andy, Sana and Kadiaka went to see doctor Winifred, They conducted a test on all three of them , and as soon as Doctor Winifred saw Kadiaka, she said, “You have really changed.”

Kadiaka smiled at her.

Andy made love to her almost every day and he’d wondered why there would be no changes in her. She’d started adding weight and becoming chubby.

The laboratory scientist came in with a test result and handed it carefully to Doctor Winifred, “Thank you Johnny,” she said and read through the test result.

“Wow!” she exclaimed.

“One of you is pregnant,” she said.

Sana and Kadiaka sat up anxiously.

“It’s you Kadiaka,” Doctor Winifred said.

Kadiaka covered her face with her hands.

Andy’s face was filled with joy as he smiled at Kadiaka.

Sana smiled too. She was happy that finally she was going to have her own child.

Andy ordered that Kadiaka be taken to his private mansion, and when Sana asked why, he said to her, “She is carrying my baby.”

“It’s my baby too. You can’t move her to your private mansion like that without my approval!”

Andy laughed, “Your approval? Your child, really?”

“Yes, our child. My child,” she said and walked away from his office, slamming the door.

Sana started ordering for the most expensive baby cot and clothes for the baby. She’d already started imagining lying on the bed with the baby.

“I think you should chase the girl away immediately after she is delivered of your baby. She is becoming a nuisance, I heard the king now goes out with her,” Telania said.

“Andy is only excited about being a father, that’s all. He has never even slept with her,” she said.

“Is that what they told you?” Telania asked.

“No. Why do you think so?”

“Because from the gist I am hearing, that girl has been sleeping in his private mansion with him since.”

“That’s not true.”

Telania shrugged. “Boss, we are the ones who get the truth and not rumors. I think you should find out more about what is happening between this Inomi village girl with the King,” Telania said.

Sana sat there in her office chair, thinking  about what Telania had just said.

“I will make enquiries about this today,” she said.

She couldn’t concentrate that day. Everything Telania said was in her head. She rushed back home and drove straight to the private mansion. She stepped down from the car and asked Jimmy to wait.

Kadiaka was sitting on the veranda when she saw Sana walking up to her. She stood to her feet immediately Sana got to the veranda.

“Sit,” Sana ordered.

Kadiaka sat down on the edge of a chair and concentrated on what she wanted to say, and how she would say it.

“You’re pregnant Kadiaka. Is this pregnancy through surrogacy or…?” Sana asked in a shaky tone, as if she was about to cry.

Kadiaka shook her head. “The king and I have been making love for almost a month now since the IVF failed. I am pregnant for the king,” she said innocently, but boldly.

Sana sat there for moments. Then she just giggled and walked away.

Kadiaka watched as she entered the car and Jimmy drove off.

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