Marriage Perfect [Chapter 1]


Sana glanced around to make sure she wasn’t overheard. She looked stricken. “I was in a hurry; I forgot to wear my panty.”

She was in her husband’s office, the tallest skyscraper in Najira. It was built by Andy, Sana’s husband. One of the wealthiest young men in Najira.

Sana settled on his laps. He smiled and sighed at the same time. “Have you seen how pointed my breast has turned out to be since I started using the pushup bra you bought for me from Dubai?” she asked, “This thing happens to be the style now.”

She glanced down at her glittering Prada blue tube dress. It was tight, short and strapless. She had bought it in San Francisco the last time she went on holidays. Her sleek skin was beautiful in the dress and men couldn’t take their eyes off her stainless shiny dark skin. She used to be the youngest of King Naji’s wives. Immediately her husband died, the chief shared his young wives amongst his sons and brothers.

Sana was just twenty years of age. And she’d fallen in love with Andy, her husband’s son the first day she was taken to the palace to be groomed for the king.

She was beautiful, and even if the king was too sick to touch her, he’d kissed her once and said to her, “You’re the most beautiful woman I have set my eyes on.”

Sana smiled. And that was the last time she had ever done something close to intimacy with the late king.

Andy had started making love to her long before his father died. He deflowered her few hours after he confessed his love to her.

Even if his father was recognized as the wealthiest king in Najira, he was far richer. And the citizens wondered if all his money came from the gold mining company. Najigold was one of the most reputable and recognized companies in the world. He hobnobbed with the affluent and he was one of the top young men who belonged to the billionaires club in Najira. He’d bought lands in other countries and had started mining diamonds, amethyst, topaz and other gemstones.

His late mother owned these businesses and he was her only son, and the only one who inherited all her wealth and a few of his late father’s wealth.

He owned luxury houses and jewelry companies in India, Dubai and America. Even though everyone thought he owned the jewelry companies, he had set them up in Sana’s name.

Sana stared into his eyes and all she saw was a god in her small young husband. He was thirty, young looking, dark and smallish. He was a small fine man, 5 feet 4 inches in height, hairy, yet powerful and feared.

“Do you like my dress?” Sana asked him.

“Yeah I do. You look gorgeous in it my queen,” he said. “Today, I own you all to myself, I won’t share you with any of those men at Papa’s casino.”

She chuckled.

“Those men go insane when they see you. They think you’re a normal woman.”

He laughed and then took her face to his, “You’re my queen, my bitch, my whore. You’re the only woman I love.”

In a while, he caught the scent of her perfume. “Look at how I’ve spoilt you, you now scent almost a million naira DKNY golden delicious,” he sniffed. “Sexy!” he added.

She knew that if her perfume wasn’t going to drive him insane, then her dress would, but both did. When she had first walked into the office, his eyes had almost popped out. The dress clung to her body like a second skin, revealing each and every curve. It’s what Andy dies for–her curves. She was taller than him, yet, they were of the same size in bed when he made love to her. He was so mad over her body shape that they’d planned to have babies via a surrogate mother.

The sequins were made together in a way that made her look as though she was wearing the skin of some reptile, which was even more provoking. Her hair was long and bouncy–hair she’d bought from India the week she’d gone to inspect her company.

He removed his clothes and began to kiss her generously. Then he held her tight to himself. “You like tempting me, bad girl. Now see what you’ve caused,” he said, touching her breasts.

“You remember that girl you kissed at a party in Egypt?”

“The girl who looked like an Egyptian doll?”

Sana chuckled aloud. “You remember how she moaned when you made love to her that evening at Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza and she screamed so loud I had to cover her mouth with my panty?”

They both laughed and fell on each other.

“You’re a big bitch San,” Andy teased, laughing. Sana laughed too. She always laughed so hard, each time she remembered the scenarios that happened on each trip she and Andy made to other countries.

“I’m gonna scream like her today,” she said.

“No baby please, this is my office, I can come to your office space and do same if you want.”

He kissed her on the lips.

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