Oty’s Autopsy [Chapter 6]


Omodot’s face twisted into fury when Oto bluntly said she wasn’t drinking from the cup.

“I don’t understand. What is this all about?” she asked confused.

“It’s about you and I. About a family tradition that must be done right here and now.”

“What is the essence?” she asked.

“Oty, please don’t ask me questions,” he replied angrily as he handed the cup to her.

“Drink from this and tie that sheet, let’s begin.”

“What will happen after I have drank from the cup?”

“I will make love to you right here in this space.

Oto threw the sheet to the floor and flew down the front steps. Omodot placed the cup on the floor and ran after her. She came to an abrupt halt when she saw that there was no possibility of her escaping. The whole place was guarded with long fences. It smelt horribly like an old slaughter hall.

“You can’t possibly do this to me,” Omodot said, breathing helplessly.

“I am never going to drink from that cup, it’s barbaric,” she said panicking and breathing heavily.

“It’s not barbaric my love. Have you forgotten who I am? I am born again, the son of God. I can’t be involved or seen doing barbaric things,” he said convincingly. His voice was hoarse and he had difficulty getting the words out.

“What is as terrible as tying a white sheet around my loins in an empty hall that smells like sadness! You can’t convince me to take that stuff in that cup.”

Omodot became wild as he dragged Oto firmly by the hand and placed her on his shoulders. He walked strongly and firmly back to the hall as he tore her dress apart and forcefully tied the white sheet around her. He took off his clothes and stood naked, then he grabbed her to himself.

“I am not gonna hurt you, this is for you and I,” he said hoarsely as he drank from the cup and gave to her. She was crying softly as she took the cup with a shaky hand.

“Drink it my love, I drank it too. It’s not gonna hurt you,” he said as he held her softly. She was easily convinced by the softness in his eyes. She tasted it a bit, and when she saw that it was an ordinary sweetened wine, she gulped it down slowly.

“You’re now my true wife,” he said as he held her gently and dispensed the white sheet from her. “Just love me, and I will make you very happy,” he said.

It took a few minutes for Oto to come to herself. She was sitting on the cold tile of that empty hall, filled with thoughts.

Suddenly, she wanted him so desperately as he wanted her. She raised her head from his chest and kissed him long and slowly. The kiss became passionate, and so was their lovemaking. They moved as one, wildly, gloriously, until they were both spent.

She was still trying to catch her breath when he said; “Tomorrow I will surprise you for taking this oath for me.”

There was silence, as she only stared at his shiny eyes that sparkled in the dark.

“You and I will be married tomorrow. I am so happy. Finally, I am going to be a married man. He cupped her face and kissed her softly. Her smile was radiant after the kiss. There was something deeply satisfying about having a man like Omodot in her life.


The wedding began quite early. Expensive cars took over the whole church premises. Omodot had insisted the wedding was going to take place in his church. Oto couldn’t agree less. She wasn’t much of a devoted member in her church. She wasn’t like Diana her best friend, who was in every department in her church.

Diana was uncomfortable with the kind of men who were in the marriage train. Her spirit wasn’t settled, but she smiled pretentiously because it was her best friend’s wedding. The men in suit; their eyes were covered with expensive dark sunshades, all men dressed in expensive black suits, and smelt of designers perfumes.

“What a wedding! I heard the groom didn’t price the traditional marriage list he was given by the bride’s family,” a woman said, shrugging.

“My daughter must marry a rich man in this life,” another woman said. They were all seated at the church women’s group.

Dollars were sprayed on the couple as they danced. Gunshots, music, and lots of food and drinks suffused the reception. Her mother stood proudly, with a long feathered fascinator in the crowd. She was proud to know that other women wished their daughters were as lucky as hers.

Omodot had presented a car gift to his wife; it was a pink Range Rover.

Everyone talked about the extravagant wedding of Oto and Omodot afterwards.

Despite the fact that Diana had seen Oto’s marriage to be a precarious one, she still prayed that her friend was safe in the hands of a strange husband. The Holy Spirit gave her a negative message about Omodot and his rich friends, something she didn’t really understand.

Oto and Omodot had spent their honeymoon at Corfu Island in Greece.

Omodot supresed a smile when he saw that Oto was naked, standing in the shower. Omodot made a harrumphing sound as he kept staring at her.

After an interval’s silence, Oto said, looking at him, “Join me baby.”

Omodot smiled benignly. He cocked his head to one side as he pulled his trouser to his feet. Her eyes blazed. He walked gently into the shower and looked into her face, trying to gauge her feeling.

“I love you,” he said fiercely. Then he cupped her chin to bring her eyes to meet his. She seemed fragile, and that didn’t surprise him

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