Love In the Time Of Buhari [Chapter 9]


After Nneoma had gone, Editi knew she would be so lonely. And no matter how often Akwang called, she still felt lonely and bored.

Her sister Annie was never going to be comfortable with the idea of bringing in Abas without Jaja, the eye.

“If you’re planning on getting Abas to live with you, then you need an eye,” Annie said over the phone as Editi called her to get her own opinion.

“Okay, no problem. I will get an eye today. Call the installer to bring it home.”

“Okay, I will come with him right now.”

“Are you not working today?” she asked.

“I am off today.”


“When will you bring in Abas?” Annie asked.

“After I have installed the eye of course, I don’t want anyone to have an idea about the eye. Only you and Mama,” Editi said.

Not long, Adamu the installer and Annie arrived Editi’s house. Adamu was almost a dwarf. He had a masculine body that looked like he was a weightlifter.

“Where is the installer?” Editi asked in amazement as she opened the door after the doorbell rang for a while.

“He is here,” Annie said as she pointed to Adamu who was already used to people demeaning him for his stature.

Editi looked down, and when she saw that he was a dwarf, she wondered how he was going to reach the ceiling and install the eye.

“Madam, no worry yasef, I get ladder wey long well, well. I don do this job for years now, so no worry,” Adamu said as if he’d already read Editi’s mind.

Annie smiled at Adamu’s confidence.

“Okay, come in, let me see the eye,” she said as she led the way to the sitting room. She couldn’t take her eyes off Adamu. She imagined if he had a wife. She imagined how he made love to her, and how he drove if he had a car.

Adamu brought out a small carton from a bag, jumped off slowly from the chair and handed it to Editi.

“Madam, this one na digital. Na Samsung, exclusively intelligent and clear. It is magnetic to the wall, and it has three other parts that can be placed at three different places in your house. Unlike the last one wey your sister come buy from my hand,” he said confidently as Editi nodded in approval.

“This is good. How much is this one? But it doesn’t have weight like Jaja,” Editi said as she stared at it.

“Madam leave that one o, na old one be that. This one na new one. Created in 2016. It has so many features the other one don’t have,” he added Standard English to his last words.

“I hope it won’t spoil fast like the other one my sister bought?” Editi asked, still admiring it.

“No. This one no be like that one. This one get features. E small pass that one, nobody go quick see am, na micro,” he said.

They talked about the price, and finally settled at a particular price. Adamu installed one eye in the bathroom, and the three others, he installed them in her matrimonial room, the guest room and the kitchen.

She wasn’t going to tell anyone of the eye. It was just what she wanted so she can know what is happening in her home when she wasn’t around.

“Madam, anytime wey you wan see everything wey dey happen, remove am for where I fix am, plug am for were you dey connect your flash for your laptop or your phone, then watch am like movie,” Adamu said boldly.

Editi nodded and after everything was done, Adamu left.

“So, what name do you call this one now?” Annie asked.

Editi thought for a while. “Maybe Akure.”

Annie laughed, “Daddy’s native name?”

Editi sighed, let me just get that off, “I’ll call it Buhari.”

“Why Buhari?” Annie asked in amazement.

“Because Buhari just came into my mouth.”

Annie chuckled, “Why not call it Jaja again? Or maybe Mirable or Agnes or something?”

“No, I prefer Buhari. No Jaja or any other name,” Editi said as she began walking around the house, staring at the camera. They were not easily seen, but she could see them and they could see her.

“What about your neighbor friend?” Annie asked.

“She left for London with her husband this morning.”

Annie placed her two hands on her head. “Oh how sweet, I want to marry such a man, a man who would be taking me around the world.”

“He is an old man. Obviously older than her,” Editi said.

“But does it really matter?” Annie asked, “Old or not, as far as I’m happy then I won’t be bothered,” she added.

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