Love In the Time Of Buhari [Chapter 8]


Nneoma picked up the soap and began washing her shoulders briskly, thinking longingly of a glass of wine, a new romance book and soft white sheets.

Tomorrow, her Jackson will be back home, and she would need new tactics to make love to him, so that he would long to come back home often. Then she could relax and think of how to get pregnant on her ovulation day which was forthcoming.

She had been consistent in taking the tesco folic acid she’d bought at the booth in the UK the last time she visited. And even her mother in-law had taken her and her Jackson to a native nurse who prepared some herbs and gave them to drink. It was bitter, and the woman said it was going to cleanse their body system and make them fertile again. Many months had passed, and she kept being anxious when her menstruation day was near.

She’d made up her mind never to go for check-ups or any traditional nurse anymore. She and Jackson had spent so much money running tests.

She felt relieved that Jackson was coming home, and it was another opportunity for her to make babies with her husband. This time, she was going to be careful not to get her ovulation date wrong. She’d set a timetable for her fertility days for the remaining months of the year.

She shook her head angrily as she thought of all she’d gone through to have a baby. She wasn’t going to let the memories get her at that period that Jackson was coming home. It had been five years, but she was trying hard to do just fine.

A muffled thump echoed through the apartment. She jumped, then froze, but she heard nothing else. It was probably the white neighbor’s dog knocking over her trash can again.  She sank back into the water.

The bathroom door swung open slowly. Her heart slammed into her chest, she couldn’t scream, couldn’t even breathe. Her gaze darted quickly around the room. Her fingers clutched the wet soap as the door creaked and she could perceive him from where she was.

“Baby!” she screamed excitedly as she saw Jackson. The soap slipped from her fingers and plopped into the water. She forced a huge gulping breath into her lungs and sank even lower.

“My joy,” Jackson said as he began to take off his clothes hurriedly.

“You said you were coming tomorrow.”

“Yeah,” he whispered loudly as he gently removed his trousers. He was fifty, yet his body seemed like a teenager’s. He was twenty years older than Nneoma.

Nneoma knew that Jackson was just too good with the romance aspect of love making, but the love making was usually too quick and boring. He wasn’t good in bed, and she wasn’t bothered about it anymore. All she wanted was a baby.

Her mother in-law had once told her that she wasn’t a complete wife without a child. And she had once almost asked if men who don’t satisfy their wives were complete men.

“Baby, I missed you so much,” he said as he sank into the bathtub and began to kiss her.

“You like the surprise?” he asked. She nodded smiling.

“We will be leaving for London tomorrow.”

“Why so urgent?” she asked.

“Because I want to dedicate this whole one month to you alone in a peaceful place.”

He kissed her. A wave of remembered desire streaked through her, making her legs feel like jelly. He made love to her.

All through that evening she’d left all messages unanswered, her mail unseen. Her cell phone was on silent. She had texted Editi immediately she stepped out of the bathroom that her husband was home, and that they were going to visit her the next morning before leaving for London.

She made dinner in a skinny panty and no brassiere on. She was sexy and she knew it.

Jackson was already tired. He’d slept off long after he’d made love to her in the bathroom. And Nneoma could hear his loud snore from the bedroom.

It was what inconvenienced her about Jackson– the snore. It was loud, and most nights, after they’d made love, Nneoma would carry one pillow to the next room.

When she was done cooking, she’d tried to wake him, but he was deeply asleep. He laid there like a carelessly dropped piece of cloth. Nneoma sighed and covered him with the duvet.

The next morning before they leave for the airport, she would introduce Jackson to her new friend Editi, and she would say to her, “Meet my darling husband,” and she would turn to Jackson and say, “Baby, meet my friend Editi, she and husband just moved in here.”

Editi would wonder, what an old man Nneoma married. But she would force a smile, she would be pleased and she would greet Jackson with honor and delight.

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