Love In the Time Of Buhari [Chapter 7]


Akwang left for work the next morning. He kissed Editi goodbye as he walked down to board.

It had been so refreshing for Editi to go back home and meet Nneoma at the frontage of her house.

“I have been knocking since. I used the doorbell thrice and thought it wasn’t working.”

“I’m so sorry, I went to see off my husband at the airport.”

“Oh!” she sighed, “I absolutely forgot you mentioned it to me yesterday.” She folded her arms across her chest.

“Let’s go in and have a few bottles of wine,” Editi said.

“Whew!” Nneoma exclaimed. “We think so alike, I was about saying that we drive to the bar down the street to have a few bottles. I wasn’t sure you’d like the idea.”

Editi laughed, “You know, I used to find it difficult to just go into a bar to have alcoholic drinks with a female friend…”

“Why?” Nneoma cut in.

“What will people say? They might think we are wayward. And look,” she pointed at her wedding band. “We have rings on our fingers.”

Nneoma was bewildered. “What? You still think like that?” she sighed. “You still think of the silly things people will say about your life and the things people will say about you?” she shrugged. “Wake up Editi, humans don’t have anything good to say about anyone. Love yourself and please yourself first.”

“Oh, I see,” Editi said calmly with a smile.

Editi clicked the door open and walked into the house. The house welcomed them with the scent of vanilla essence.

“Hmm this house smells nice like a bakery,” Nneoma said as she walked around the sitting room, admiring and touching the wedding pictures on the wall.  “You were such a beautiful bride,” she commended.

“Thank you,” Editi replied as she walked gently to the refrigerator and took a bottle of wine from it. “Carlo Rossi?” she asked.

Nnenna nodded casually, “It’s fine by me, I hope it’s the sweet rose?”

“Yeah. It is,” she said calmly.

Editi went into the kitchen rinsed two wine glasses, placed them on a tray and carried them carefully to the sitting room.

Nneoma took the TV remote control and began to surf channels. “DSTV has nice channels.”

“Yeah,” Editi replied as she opened the wine. She handed it to Nneoma,

“Pour yours,” she said. Nneoma held the wine bottle and when she was about pouring it into a glass cup, her phone rang.

“Sh…My husband,” she said to Editi as she placed her phone to her ears as if she was trying to eavesdrop on a conversation.

“Hey honey,” she said in a sweet tone.

“How is my joy?” Jackson’s voice was masculine and bold.

“I’m not fine,” she said.

“I know, do you need money or something?” he asked.

“I don’t need money. You have given enough of that. I need you Jackson Bolanle! I need you so bad. Come home and get me pregnant before your mom rains brimstones on me this time.”


“Don’t honey me!” she cried out. “I am sex-starved, I need you. I am tired of the luxuries you’ve given to me. The cars, the big mansion, the millions, I am tired of them all. I need you to give me a child Jackson Bolanle.”

Editi stared at her pitifully. She’d wanted to give her a sign to be quiet.

“I will be coming home tomorrow,” he said immediately.

Nneoma wiped her eyes like there were tears in them.

“Are you sure baby? How long will you be staying?” she asked.

“Let me come home first, when I come, we will be going for a short vacation in London.”

Nneoma screamed excitedly.

“I have a new friend who keeps me company at home now. She is our new neighbor.”

“Oh, that’s great,” he said. “See you tomorrow and get your passports ready. I love you,” he added.

“I love you too honey,” she said excitedly and hung up. “Let’s drink to good news!” she yelled happily.

“My husband is coming home tomorrow,” she said as she gulped down the red wine.

“Oh yeah!” Editi exclaimed happily.

“So, we will be leaving for London for a vacation”

“Oh wow! I am so happy for you Nne, you deserve it.”

“Yeah I know I deserve it,” she held her hands, “You will be so lonely. Yours is better, your husband stays for just two weeks. So no worries at all.”

Editi rolled her eyes, “Two weeks that almost seem like two months.”

“You see? You can’t be in my shoes, so, don’t always console me when I am sad about being lonely,” she laughed, “What do you want from London?”

Editi sighed. “Just get me anything. Anything at all.”

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